Scam letter(s) from Maria Confecta to Karsten (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello dear friend Karsten!!!
How are you?
I hope that we will communicate because I want communicate with you. I think that you are interesting person. Now I want tell about me. My name is Maria. You can name me also Masha and Mashenka. I like name Masha most of all. Because I have got used that all call me this name.
It's the widespread Russian name. I think that this one of the most beautiful Russian names. Do you like my name? I hope. I was born in Nizhni Novgorod and I live in Nizhni Novgorod. Nizhni Novgorod is located in the Central Russia about 400 km from Moscow. It's the big city. About 1.400.000 person lives to Nizhni Novgorod. It's the third on size city in Russia. I am proud of my city. Therefore it has rich tradition. I was born on May, 17, 1975. I am 30 old. I think that this age is good for the girl. Because I am still young but I have already life experience. Because I have lived 30 years :) But I would like that you have shared with me your life experience. I am sure that you have the greater life experience than me. My height is 170 sm, my weight is 55 kg. I have a harmonous figure because I like sports. I support my figure. I have light blue eyes and blond hair. I am the quiet person. Because I think that it will be better if to solve all problems peaceful and easy. Because I'm a sensitive person. I like pleasant and silent music. I like to look also sensitive films. I have some the best girlfriends. I spend the most part of my time together with them. I have good sense of humour, I like to laugh at jokes. I am the cheerful person as my girlfriends. I have no harmful habits, I do not drink also I do not smoke. Because I think that the girl should not have harmful habits. Also there is one more reason. My parents are doctors. Therefore I know about harm which brings nicotine and alcohol. My mum is the children's doctor. My daddy is the ambulance surgeon. I am the only child in family. I would like to have a brother or a sister but I think that already late. My parents could not have one more child because they I have many work. It is a pity.. But I have got used now. Also I have relatives in Germany. The cousin of my mum has got acquainted with German man many years ago when German man worked in Russia. They have grown fond each other and they have left to live for Germany. I visited Germany some times, and I plan to visit Germany in May. I'll take holiday in May for travel. My uncle will finance my travel to Germany. Therefore I would like to find out you better, I like you and I hope we will see each other in May in Germany. Do you would like it?
I prepare tasty meal. Because my mum and my grandmother learned me to prepare tasty meal. I studied itself also. Therefore I prepare various meal. We prepare meal with mum in turn. If you tried my meal I sure that you like it :) Do you ate the Russian food?
Do you saw the Russian nature? I think that you will like the Russian nature. We have a beautiful woods. I like especially Russian nature in the winter. My grandmother lives in village. I visit her sometimes ..
I like to visit grandmother in the winter. I like to walk on a winter wood on a snow. It's fine! I was in other countries never. Therefore I do not know what there is a nature in other countries. But I am sure that each country has the beautiful nature. I work much. Therefore I hope that I shall have an opportunity to look the beautiful nature in other countries sometime.
I work a lawyer in small legal consultation. We have few clients. But we have very heavy work. Because all people are different. Therefore I should explain many things long. But I like my work. I receive good experience on work. I hope that I will work in good legal consultation or big firm soon. Because I am ready to work much that I have achieved success during my life! I have make to myself this purpose! I should reach this purpose!
I do not have computer of a house. Therefore I should go to Internet - cafe. I have a computer on my work. But this computer not access in a Internet. Therefore I will go to Internet - cafe and I will write to you the letters. I have read about acquaintance in the Internet in magazine. I saw also it on the TV. Therefore I have decided to address to the Internet. And we have got acquainted with you. I want find my loving person. I search for serious relation. Because I want to spend my life with this person. I hope that you see my serious intentions.
And I hope that you have serious intentions too.
I send to you about this letter my photo. I hope much that you like my photo. I am in a village at my grandmother. I hope that you will write to me soon! I wait your letter very much! Masha.
P.S. I wait more yours photo.
Letter 2

Hello my dear friend Karsten!
How are you doing? I hope all is ok! I'm fine! I am glad, we have continued our communication.
I am in a good mood. And you?
I thought about my life today. I had not a true love never. Of course,
I had feelings to some people. Because each person has feelings to other person. It is essence of the person. Sometimes I thought that my feelings are love. But I was convinced that it's not so. Because I am sure the true love is forever. I want to find my true love. Because the love helps to live. The love makes people rather happy! Do you agree with me? I think love there is the finest feeling on a planet!
This my assumption. Because I don't had love never. I can grow fond only once in a life. And I will like all life. I am sure when I will find this person I present to him all my love. I would like to grow fond of the person really. But I have no in my environment such person. When I have read in magazine and I have seen on the TV about acquaintance in the Internet I began to use the Internet. I saw advertising this site. We have got acquainted thanking this site.
The Internet unites millions people. I hope I meet my unique person.
There can be you there is this person? But I think it early that so to think. Because we just have begun our acquaintance. And we should get acquainted closer.
I want that my favourite person was kind and sympathetic, he had good sense of humour, he is courageous and tender. I want to feel like with this person as for a stone wall. I want that this person concerned responsible to creation of family and to love. I want to have the true happiness with this person. I started communication with you hoping you there is this person. I hope you will justify my hopes if we shall have feelings. Time will show.. Whether we shall communicate also I think we shall understand we approach each other. Do you think also? I did not communicate in the Internet never. Whether therefore I do not know it is possible to find love in the Internet. But I heard that people get acquainted and marry. It means really.
You appreciate what qualities in the girl most of all? You hope to find in love in the Internet?
Now I want to tell a little about my qualities. My main quality is fidelity. I know when I shall be with my loved person I shall be true.
I shall give all my love to this person. My heart will belong to this person. But I should find my favourite person. Because I want to have love. And I want to be happy.. My dream is full mutual understanding and full trust between in love. In love should understand each other.
In love should be a single whole. What do you think about it?
We just have got acquainted. We have no any feelings to each other.
But I want to communicate with you. Because I am sure you there is an interesting person. And we get to know each other better. I wait your letter soon! Masha.
P.S. I have made this photo yesterday specially for you. Do you like my photo?
Letter 3

Hello dear Karsten!!
Thank you very much for your letter. I like to communicate with you. I wrote to you that I want to communicate with you because I hope you there is an interesting person. I was right. You are the interesting person! I wait your letter each time with impatience. Do you like to communicate with me? I hope what yes. We get to know each other with each letter more. I have told to myself and my search. What do you want to get to know about me still? I shall tell to you about mine hobbies. Because I have some hobbies. I think that will be interesting to you.
I like to read books. I like to read not only books but also the different literature. I like to read youth and female magazines, I like to read news. Do you like to read? I like to listen music. My favourite song now is My Immortal. Group Evanescence sings this song.
This song is touching and sensual. When I listen this song I have small tears on eyes.. Sometimes I listen to fate. I listened Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and still to some groups (I don't remember the name of these groups). Of course I listen classics. It's the best music on a planet. This music will forever immortal. This music will live eternally. I like to go to cinema. I try to go to cinema on all interesting films. I also like to look cinema of a house. Because I have no opportunity to go at cinema every day. I watch TV usually in the evening. Because I come after work home. I also like to look telechannel Animal Planet and other programs about animals.
My hobby is preparation tasty meal. My mum learned me to prepare since the childhood. She spoke me always that I should is tasty to prepare because I should I shall is tasty to prepare for my future husband. I should not disappoint my husband. Therefore I am able to prepare very well. I wrote to you that I visit sometimes my grandmother. My grandmother also learns me to prepare tasty Russian meal. I think that any good girl should prepare tasty meal. We have such tradition in Russia.
I also like is tasty to eat :) I eat my meal always. I like to eat something sweet, for example ice-cream or a sweet pie. But I have a harmonous figure still. Because I go in for sports, I think. I want every Sunday on aerobics. I am engaged gymnastics of a house. I wake up every morning and I am engaged morning gymnastics. I want to have a harmonous figure. I went in for sports much in university years. When I studied in university I was engaged volleyball and basketball. I was very sports girl. I participated in different competitions. I loved still run. You do not think that I am too sports girl? :)
I sit in Internet - cafe now and I try to recollect still any my hobbies. In my opinion, I have recollected all my hobbies. Perhaps, I have forgotten something. If I shall recollect I shall write to you to following my letters. Tell to me about itself still something. Because I am sure you have told to me yet all. I would like to get to know more about you. Ok?
I was photographed with my cousin Irina yesterday. I send to you two photos. I hope you will like these photos.
Now I have gone home. I wait your letter soon! Masha.
Letter 4

Hello dear Karsten!!!
How are you? I hope you are fine!
I am glad that you have written me letter! I like your letter! Do you like my letters? I hope that is yes!
I have come to Internet - cafe with impatience. Because I knew that I shall come to Internet - cafe and I shall receive your letter! Your letters give to me big pleasure. I like to read your letters! We have written each other already some letters. We know each other better now. It's very good. Because we have interest to each other. And we continue our dialogue.
My favourite animal is the panther. This beautiful and flexible animal.
The panther reminds the predatory woman :))
I have told to you about myself and my hobbies. Thank you for letter about your childhood. Ok, I will tell you about my childhood too.
Because character of the person is formed already since the childhood.
Do you think also? The childhood this important time of a life for the person because the person is formed in the childhood. The person becomes the person in the childhood. I so think.
No I will tell you about my childhood. Always I was the inquisitive and mobile girl. I was interested in all! My parents brought up me well.
My parents paid much attention. Because I am the only child in family.
But I am not is spoilt. Because my parents don't have allowed that I was spoilt. I have learned to read early. I have learned to read in 4 years, to write to 5 years. My parents are intelligent people. I wrote to you that my parents are doctors. They have higher education.
Therefore they tried always that I began the clever girl. I went to a kindergarten. I remember I read fairy tales to other children. Because I was the unique girl which was able to read among children of my age.
I am not praised by it. But I am proud of my parents which have helped me to learn to read in such early age. I have gone in school when I had six years. I studied in school well always. Because I knew that I can achieve results in a life if I shall well study. I have wanted to begin the lawyer in the fifth class. I looked any film and I have seen interesting litigation. I liked as the lawyer spoke beautiful speeches. I have put to myself the purpose to become a lawyer. And I have achieved this purpose! My favourite school lessons were a history, a law and a literature. I also like physical culture. I have continued training in university. I have arrived on a faculty of law.
It is one of the most prestigious faculties to Nizhni Novgorod. There to arrive very difficultly. I prepared much and I had good knowledge,
therefore I have arrived on this faculty free-of-charge. I had fine student's years! It was fine time!
I have finished a faculty of law three years ago. I have found work at once. But I work in small legal consultation. And I would like the greater. Therefore I work much and I try, because I should find good work. I should provide financially myself. Because I have no the husband. And I should earn money itself. I know when I shall have the husband I shall give more time for family. And I shall work less. But now I should work much. Now you know about my childhood. I am glad we have dialogue. Because I like you! Now I have gone home. I try to come in Internet - cafe more often. And I am glad always when I see your letter. And I am upset if I do not see your letter.. Therefore I would like you to write to me always! My mood improves when I read your letter! I wait your next letter very much!! Masha.
P.S. I send to you two photos. I visited this summer my grandmother.
And I was photographed there. I have sent you in the first letter also a summer photo. Do you like this photo?
Letter 5

Hello dear Karsten!!
I have come to Internet- cafe with impatience! Internet-cafe delivers to me great pleasure!! Because I come in Internet-cafe and I see your letter. I am happy when I read your letter! Because I like to read your letters!
I did not write to you, I was sick some time, we had epidemic of a flu. Now I am healthy also I have come to Internet-cafe. I missed your letters!
I have told to you about my childhood in the previous letter. I have read your letter and I think that I shall write to you now. I am ready to tell much all! I shall tell to you about my parents now. These are the most dear people in a life each person! I love my parents!!!
My daddy is 58 years. I wrote to you that he works as the doctor first aid. My daddy is the good and quiet person. He can always find an best way from any situation. Because he does not give in a panic and he estimates objectively all circumstances. My daddy is the kind person.
My daddy is tall. Therefore I have tall growth likely.
I am the afterthought. I was born when my daddy was 28 years. My mum was 24 years. My mum is the surprising woman! She is ready the help all in any difficulty!! My mum is the kind and sensitive person! I look with mum different films frequently. And we start to cry together when we look tearful films.. I tell to mum all always. I consulted with mum when I have wanted to use Internet - acquaintances. Mother's advice is the most important advice for me! When I have got acquainted with you I have told to mum about you too. I have told about you all that I know. My mum concerns to you well. And my mum supports our communication. Because she knows that you are the good person! I have told to daddy about you too. And I the daddy is glad too that you are good person too. My parents have already trust to you. And they are sure that you don't will betray me never and you will not destroy my heart. I am sure too. I want it. My parents are intelligent people.
Therefore they want that I have found the good person.
My parents have got acquainted in medical institute to Nizhni Novgorod. They studied together. They have got married after four years of study. And they live together many years! It is an example for imitation! I want to have same strong and good relations sometime!
I hope you is too.
Also I want to tell to you about my German relatives. Once the sister of my mother has got acquainted with the German when he stayed in Russia. It was for a long time. Then they have got married and have left to live for Germany. They have good family. I visit Germany sometimes, I like Germany! My aunt living in Germany, has many relatives to Saint Petersburg, it is very beautiful city. I contacted my relatives and my uncle will send me of money for travel. I the uncle rich the man, he works as the chief of police in him city, and my aunt has some business. Also I have two cousins in Germany. My cousin also has business, and sister still studies. My cousin is 27 years old, my sister is 21 years old.
My uncle tried to send me of money from him bank account, but he cannot. The bank informed him, that he cannot send money to Russia.
Strange, I did not know it. I asked him pick up the money and to send me by Western Union. But he cannot, because he has special rules of the bank account, he can only send money to other bank account (wire),
or he should close the bank account and pick up cash. But he will not make it. I have told to him, that I communicate with you. He asked me to find out from you, can you help? He will send money to your bank account, do you agree? Then you will send to me cash for my travel to Germany and for our meeting with you. What do you think? I hope, you will help me! I want to see you!
I wrote to you about my work. Now I want to tell more in detail about my work. I wrote to you that I work in legal consultation. I work in small legal consultation. I am the legal adviser. I advise clients on questions of civil law. Because I am the expert on civil law. I have in day from several the person up to several tens clients day. Our legal consultation makes to many people of the discount. For example to pensioners and students. Therefore we have no good monetary income,
but it is normal money for Russia, I can spend much money for myself.
I am glad that I bring pleasure to people! Because I help to resolve many difficult questions! I am benevolent always on work and during a life. Tell to me more in detail about your work. I would like to know.. I have told you much about my work. I am sure we shall to communicate long time. In due course you find out a lot of new. I shall tell as I have spend my day. I shall tell as I had a rest. I wrote to you that I did not communicate on the Internet never. You are the first person. And I do not know as there is a correspondence of two people. And we are far apart! But I think we shall find a correct way of dialogue! And I think we have found already correct way of dialogue! Do you agree with me? I like to communicate with you very much!!! I wait your letter very-very much! Masha.
Letter 6

Hello dearest Karsten!!
How are you?
I am in Internet - cafe now. Thanks you for your fine and interesting letter! I am happy you have written to me the letter! It is fine! Your letters are very interesting! Thank you for you for a history of your family and your work. I like you so much! I feel my life became more interesting because I communicate with such interesting man as you! I communicate with you! Thanks you, you do my life interesting!
I am glad, that you will help me for our meeting. What have you found out in bank and Western Union today? I am waiting your news.
I met from my girlfriend now. I have told to my girlfriends about you.
My girlfriends have noticed happiness in my opinion. And I have told I have happiness because I communicate with very interesting the person.
I have told to you about my parents. These are the most dear people in human life. I have recollected I have not told to you about my girlfriend. These are people most dear to me after my parents. I want to tell to you about my best girlfriend.
I have 2 best girlfriends. My best girlfriend is Katya. We are always together. Because we work together. My second girlfriend is Nadya.
Nadya works as the economist. She is the manager of small firm. I send to you a photo with Katya and Nadya. Katya is at the left. I am in the middle :) Nadya is on the right. We are the best girlfriends. This photo is very ridiculous. We have made specially ridiculous photo. Do you like this photo?
We spend a free time usually together. When there is a good weather we walk. We go together to cinema. Tell to me about your friends. Friends help during a hard time always. I shall be glad to know your friends.
Because if we will sometime meet I sure I will be to get acquainted with your friends. Therefore I want to know better now. Tell me how you will spend free your time? I have told to you I like to walk from my girlfriend. I do not go to night clubs. I was last time in a night club many months back. I do not like a night club. Because ***** men start importune. I left from a night club at once. And I did not appear there. I am the serious girl. And I do not communicate from the man which want only use of girl.
We visit cafe sometimes. When there is a cold weather we go in cafe.
We like to drink hot coffee and there are tasty cakes. And we have long conversations on a life. Usual female conversations :) Now I spend my free time in a new fashion. I go to Internet - cafe and I write to you the letter. It give to me great pleasure!! I like you!
Now I have gone home. I hope you will like my letter and my photo. And I hope you like me. I wait your letter soon! I wait your letter with impatience! Masha.
Letter 7

Hello my dear Karsten!!
Thank you very much for your interesting letter!! I am glad always when I read your letters! Because you write very beautiful letters! I like you! And I feel attachment to you! Because we have correspondence already some time. And I have got used to you. You are the fine and kind person! I like you very-very much! I am happy we continue our correspondence. I would like to continue our correspondence always. I feel you are special to me!
I have read your lines about money transfer. I think that the best way will be Western Union. You will receive money to your account from my uncle and you will send money to Russia by Western Union. Ok? It will be the most simple and fast way.
My uncle need in these your bank account's details:
Your full name:
Your full address:
Bank address:
Routing/ABA/SWIFT (Bankleitzahl):
Also I informed you that I have relatives in Saint Petersburg, I will travel to Saint Petersburg before trip to Germany and I will buy the air ticket and to legalize papers for trip in Saint Petersburg therefore you can send money to my cousin. It's his data:
First Name: Denis
Sir name (Family Name): Michalev
Street: ul. Stremyannaya
House Nr or App. Nr.: 3
Zip code: 191014
Town: Saint-Petersburg
Country: Russia
My uncle will send money to you on Monday. I will write you before money transfer. My uncle worries that he should transfer money to unfamiliar man. Therefore I ask you, you can go to bank on Monday? My uncle will transfer money to you on Monday in the morning. Therefore you should go during lunch time to bank and pick up cash, and you should send cash on the Western Union at once. Ok? I will be happy, if you will make all quickly because I do not want that my uncle worried.
I have told to you much about me. You have told to me much too. We know each other well. And I trust you completely. I sure you don't will be destroy my heart. Because I cannot destroy your heart never.
You are dear to me! I hope I am dear to you too. Am I right? Nadya carried out me up to Internet - cafe now. Then she has gone home. I send to you a photo with Nadya. This photo made two days ago. I walked with Katya and Nadya. Nadya have taken the camera. We were on a stop and we waited a tram. Katya has photographed us. Do you like this photo? I wait your photos always.
I work 6 days in a week. It's difficult. But I have holiday of 40 days in a years. I will have holiday soon and I will travel to my relatives and to you.
I wrote to you we work with Katya together. Therefore we carry out a lot of time together. I tell to her all. She advises me much. Because I trust her completely. I trust also to my mum. Now I trust you. Of course, most people dear to me are Katya, my mum and Nadya. But I sure you will be close to me very much too. Because I trust you now. And I will trust you in due course as well as to mum and my girlfriends. You will most are dear to me the person. But we should communicate longer.
Because I know you still not for long. You become closer to me every day. And I want to communicate with you always! Excuse me, sometimes I do not write to you the letter every day. I have a lot of work. You understand, I am the lawyer. And I am very busy frequently. When I come in Internet - cafe I feel calmness and a relaxation. Because I communicate with you. I like to communicate with you. Our dialogue helps me. I become joyful and happy when I see your letter. I hope you understand me.
Now I will go home. I think of you frequently! I hope you think of me too. I will be waiting your letter very much! Masha!
Letter 8

Hello my darling Karsten!
How are you? I miss you too! I miss you very much!
I come back to home today, I had a trip to the grandmother, we had holidays in Russia. I have had a rest well. Now I will go home, I am tired very much. Tomorrow I will write you the long letter.
By the way, tomorrow go to bank at 14.00-15.00 in your time, ok? My uncle will transfer money to you! And write me at once as you will receive money, ok?
I will go to Internet-Cafe tomorrow in 13 or 14.00.
Your Masha.
Letter 9

Hello my darling Karsten!
My uncle informed me now, that he has transfer to you of money. The sum is 3507 Euro. You will receive money at 15.00 on your time, maybe earlier. When you will receive money, I hope you will send money to my cousin to Saint Petersburg at once. I am excited very much! We will see each other soon! I am happy! Now I hope all will going well. Write me at once as you can, ok? I miss you very much! I will be waiting your letter very much and I will write you more later, when I will receive your letter!
I kiss you!
Your Masha.
Letter 10

Now I called to my cousin to Saint Petersburg, he is sick and cannot go to bank, therefore send the data to his friend. Now everywhere in Russia is epidemic of a flu. The best friend of my cousin will receive money.
It's his data:
First name: Konstantin
Family name: Zaharov
Address: Pulkovskoe chaussee 63/1
City: Saint Petersburg
Zip Code: 196140
Country: Russia
I hope you will read this letter before you will go to bank!
Letter 11

I have received your message, I am glad, that you have received money to your account. Now I will wait, when you will send me the document from Western Union. Thanks you for your help, my darling, we will see each other soon!
I'm thinking of you and waiting your letter!
Letter 12

My dearest! I am in Internet-Cafe and I don't see any news from you.. What happened? I wait your letter very much!!!
Your Masha.
Letter 13

Yes, I received your letter! Thank you very much, my Karsten! Now I will inform my uncle, that everything is ok! Then I will write you again. Ok? I miss you and I am waiting our meeting with big impatient! I kiss you so much!!
Letter 14

My uncle informed me, that it has sent you still 5400 Euro. Can you go to bank tomorrow in the morning? When the bank opens tomorrow? My uncle sends this money for my relatives in St.-Petersburg. Please! Excuse me, likely it delivers to you difficulties.. But I hope you will help me once again.. I did not know, that my uncle has sent you of money.. Now I informed me.. Now he informed me. He has told, that you will receive money tomorrow early in the morning. Will you help me, my darling?
Your loving Masha.
Letter 15

It will be better, if you transfer money in the morning, but you can't.. It's a pity, but I understand. Can you take cash from your account in the morning? And you will send money to St.-Petersburg after your work. I trust you and I want, that you have my uncle's money in your hands, but not in your bank. Can you? I hope yes.. Ok, I will go to home, I want sleep.. I will go to Internet-Cafe in the morning tomorrow and I hope I will see good news.. I miss you very much!
Your loving Masha!
Letter 16

Hello my darling Karsten!
I am in Internet-Cafe, I read your letter and I am glad! Now your time is 10.30am, I hope you are in bank. I will not go to my job now, because I will be waiting you here in Internet-Cafe. I hope you will write mevery soon and everything going well!
Your loving Masha!
Letter 17

My Karsten!
I have received your letter, it's good news that you have money in your account. My uncle will not send more money to you, he sent all that he want. Thank you very much, my darling! I will travel to Germany on May, 20 or 22, maybe 25. Will you travel toLondon in these dates? I hope you will stay in Germany. Because I want to see you very much! Well, I will go to Internet-Cafe in the evening, send money to Konstantin Zaharov again, ok? I will be waiting very much!
Your Masha.
Letter 18

Hello my darling Karsten!
How are you? Are you busy? I hope you have free time and you can go to bank. Now I will be waiting you in Internet-Cafe and I hope you will write me soon!
Your Masha!
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