Scam letter(s) from Maria Domracheva to Rick (USA)

Letter 1

I am glad to receive the letter! But, I am seted by a question what for to you my surname?? Excuse if it will seem to you impudent.. How there at you an affair? My growth of 173 sm, my eyes of black color! My hair 32 see. And why it interests you? If we are going to have attitudes I would like romanticism. I very romantic person! We would give the friend the friend many tendernesses. To you to like when the girl is gentle with you? It is pleasant for me to receive from you a compliment! Your letters kindle fire in my heart all more and more with each your letter, I understand that we are necessary each other! And our meeting not was casually on the Internet! I think, that you think as. Still I would like to tell, that if we shall decide to meet you. That to you is necessary to arrive to me. I think, that you understand, that trip to you it will be expensive me to cost. I have written to you it, that would know all beforehand! What do you think of it? Still it was pleasant for me to receive from you two letters!! You are right on the Internet there are such people which which are necessary only money. To me are not necessary money for me the love is necessary only! I hope you you understand me. To have love and to be loved it is dream almost all girls! It is awful that someone plays on feelings of people. To play on feelings of people it it is very bad! What do you think of it? I think, that I have answered all your questions and now I with impatience shall wait from you for the letter! With love Maria!
Letter 2

Hi my dear!
Today I have visited the Internet of cafe and has received your letter. It is the very large pleasure for me to receive your letters. At me all is good.
Each morning, when I rise after dream I think of you my honey. I lie down evening to sleep and too have idea about You. I am very happy, that you understand me. This large happiness, that we have found each other my prince.
I want to speak you my love, that I have a small problem with payment of the Internet. The business that soon expires term of my service the Internet of cafe. And I can not write to you, if I do not pay the Internet service the Internet of cafe. Unfortunately I can not pay it from the monthly wages. I want to help the mum, that she could e in hospital. My mum has problems with health, she will require urgent treatment this month. She can not begin treatment from - behind lack of money, it can have complication with health. If you have an opportunity to help me please make it for me. I shall be very grateful to you. It will be very difficult for me to interrupt our communication.
I am compelled to search urgently for money to correspond with you, with mine favourite by the man.
I very much want to remain in contact to you my love. If I do not find money, I shall write to you with the help of correct mail. If you can help me, please send to me it with the help of western union. www.
For me it is very a shame to ask you about money, but I can return them to you the next month.
I need in 100 USD. Love.
Sincerely yours Maria!!!!!
Letter 3

Greetings my dear There can be this letter will too serious. But this main thing about what I would like to talk to you. The meeting is a necessary step. Sense of acquaintance - a meeting and that after it will be. And without it our dialogue is not meaningful. I would not like to consider, that our dialogue was knowingly. Really we shall not find a way to be together? The Problem of money always is, we always happen are limited in means and we can not do that would be desirable us. At us in Russia it is especially appreciable. Even conceiving acquaintance to you, I assumed that the financial party of our meeting will be your contribution. But also I understood, that there can be not all so smoothly. I am ready to make much for our meeting. And you are ready? Your help is necessary for this purpose for me. The meeting is big business. And the main question which I wished to set to you. Consider it and do not answer hasty. Whether you are ready to begin business of our meeting?
Letter 4

I am glad to receive from you the letter!!
How at you an affair? I'm fine!! It is pleasant for me to know that my letters bring to you pleasure.. I would want that you have sent me too still the photos.. I think of us much. And I thought of our meeting much. The meeting is necessary for our attitudes. We have correspondence of more month. And I have learned much about you. We became better to know each other. What do you think? I have the big interest to you. You very much to like me. Your letters bring to me happiness. Your words kindle fire and hope for real love in my soul. But you so are far also me from it to become sadly. This big distance between us oppresss me. I want that we were close to each other. That we could take a walk together, talk about us, test your touch and your look. I want to test our feelings. What do you think of it? I love you! I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Kisses and love.
Yours Maria!
Letter 5

Wedding in our country passes very colourfully. Always many people gather and is very cheerful. Everyone gathers in the morning and goes to register a marriage then all procession goes on character where, a drink wine and have fun. We in Russia have tradition, the groom should transfer the bride through the long bridge on hands. You can make it? Along toward evening all visitors are included into restaurant where there passe the basic part of wedding. Music plays, everyone dances. Very vigorously. At night the groom and the bride are borrowed in love. It is the first matrimonial night. I would like to have wedding soon!!!!!!!!!
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