Scam letter(s) from Julia Kuzminykh to Jose (Mexico)

Letter 1
Dear mine...
I am glad to receive from you the letter...
I do not want that you hurted...
I favourite mine dream to see you!!!
You very good person...
To me what data have told is necessary to send!!
I need for trip 13000 dollars for travel agency
I send them to you:
Den Namen - Yuliya
Der Nachname - Kuzminykh
Das Land - Russland
Die Stadt - Tscheboksary
This all that is necessary for remittance...
Favourite mine if you will send money in the near future that I can already begin official registration of papers...
And after you will send money I can arrive to you in 1.5 weeks... Also I can to see at last that you!!!
You my dream...
You to me become very dear!!!
Yours Yuliya!!!!
Letter 2
Dear mine...
I perfectly understand you!!!
But also you should understand me!!!
I would like be near to the man which to love me!!
And which I shall love!!
I have told to you that I wish to be with you...
But you of that that are afraid!!!
And as at once has told that I do not have money for a trip...
As we live not as rich people...
Dear I you should think!!!
And to solve.....
If you can give money for a trip that I necessarily in due course I shall give you all of money...
Very much it is not pleasant to me to ask from you the help...
I do not want that you played with me and with my feelings...
I wish to love on the present... As the normal woman...
Understand it please....
Yours Yuliya!
Letter 3
Hello my dear...
I am glad to receive from you the letter..
How your business?
I am glad that we with you become every day more close and more close...
I would like to be with you... I have already precisely solved it...
I write to you every day with hope that we shall meet you!!!
I have already told to my mum that I very strongly wish you to see...
As today I learned in travelling agency in how many to me the trip to you will manage..
To me have told that all will manage to me in 800 euro.
And I as have told that I do not have money and has told about you..
That you from other country. To me have told that there is such system: Western Union.
There you can send money...
Dear wash all documents 1.5 weeks will be made out...
And then I can arrive to you...
Tell at you is in city Western Union?
In due course I can give you all of money...
I think you did not expect such succession of events.
I am valid ene?aiia in relation to you!!
It is necessary for me that you were a number with me!!!
I shall wait for your answer my darling!!!!
Yours Yuliya!
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