Scam letter(s) from Laurine Jane Chasey to Greg (USA)

Letter 1

How are you? I hope this email finds you in the best of charm and happy greetings.I am sure that we can begin to write more to each other. Tell me, have ever been married before? What do you do for fun on your free time? What line of work do you do for a living? As for me,i am a teacher in English with the African Association Of International Christian Schools(AAICS).I love adventures,movies,dining out,dancing.Best of all i love to cook and entertain friends and family.There are so many things i like to do so i hope you have all the energy for us to do things together.

I would love to express to you the features of the man of my desire..I need to trust him,only him and i need him to trust me,only me,with no others involved,even relatives or friends.I'm sure that family relations are the personal question of two,and nobody else has a right to disturb the family life with their advices or suggestions.Two people create a family and it's up to only them how to grow it and which kind of soil and water to use.Then i guess that if two people really love each other and respect one another's opinion,if they are equal in rights and responsibilities they will find a way out from any situation.Do you agree? Ask me about anything you want,i'll be glad to answer....And i also want to know more about you,i'm really interested.

Do you like flowers?As for me i love them,i just love the beauty of nature,and flowers are the best expression of it for me,do you love children?.The flowers of life,aren't they?..I am really out here in search of the man that is loving,caring,truthful.thoughtful and understanding in all,he must take me for who i am,and i really want to be treated the way he would want to be treated i hate cheats,and really ready to do anything in my power for him if he shows me true love.........Please write back and tell me more about yourself.take care and have a nice day..

Good-bye Jane Laurine Chasey.
Letter 2
Hello Greg,

My names are Laurine Jane Chasey,i was born on may 2nd May 1982,by an American dad and a Netherland mum..We lived in the United States,till my dad died of cancer when i was after his burial mum decided to go back to Netherland and she took me along.I attended my high school in Netherland,then when i was 14,i had to join my dad's brother in the United States in 1996 after spending 6yrs in Netherland.So when i got to the US i lived with him in Virginia,where i went for a teaching programme,to learn how to when i finished i started by teaching kids in my neighborhood.When my uncle died in the US,i had to go back to my mum in Netherland cos i had no other place to go. I travel alot especially to Africa countries to teach the less privileged kids in sub Sahara Africa as a voluntary teacher with the African Association Of International Christian Schools(AAICS).

I have traveled to Mali,Senegal,Ghana,Algeria,and Togo to teach kids who cant afford school fees.My mum passed away last two years in Netherland,leaving me all alone in this lonely world and since then i have been trying everything within my power to serve humanity.Due to the nature of work i do,i was transfered from Netherland to Benin Republic last year,where i teach English language to French speaking kids/people..

I am in Benin Republic presently and will be getting my vacation approval form soon and with that i can be able to travel wherever i want to...So my life revolves around impacting knowledge to little kids,but it doesn't prevent me from having time for myself and i like reading,watching movies and cooking.If u really want me,i think its important u know all this,pls if there is anything u would like to know about me don't hesitate to ask me and if u think u like me,just let me know.Am a passionate lady,so don't break my heart.I have to tell you,that life has been very rough for me,cos i don't have any relation left in this planet.I would like to meet a man who is ready for fun filled affair based on trust, devotion,mutual understanding,honest,open minded,having sense of humor,intelligent,like to travel,looking for a fun filled relationship...I hope the distance will not be a problem?...

Sincerely Yours. Jane Laurine Chasey.
Letter 3
Hello Greg t is so nice to read from you again,your email made me smile and i was so excited.Am happy you told me more about yourself in your previous email,i still want to know you better and to see if we have a connection together.I have tried my best to forget about all that happened in my past but it seems to come back to my memory,all i want is to start a family of my own and be a good wife and loving mother to my kids(undecided) so i can forget about all that happened and then start a new life...

All i want in a physical intimate relationship,nothing than love and affection,i don't care about age,looks cos all of that is deceitful,all i want is a real love,i want a man that will take me as his soulmate.A man i can trust and i want him to be honest to me at all times no matter the circumstances.He has to be caring,loving,sincere,honest and family oriented.I do not want an affair,i want a relationship and it will be best if we get to talk on phone as well,i don't have a phone of my own and i will be pleased if you send your phone number in your next email so i can call and talk to you,it will be fun to hear your voice.

I will tell you more about myself like,my height is 5'6,i weigh 121,i was born on May 2nd 1982 and my measurements are 32-24-32''.I want you to know i am a down to earth,honest lady,i will always tell you the truth and i promise never to lie to you as we get to know each other.My past relationship was great and i loved the romances and love that i shared with my ex boy friend before his death,my ex died of ulcer 8months ago and since then i've not dated any other,i decided to join the date site cos it worked for one of my friends and she is living happily with her man in Canada.I want you to please tell me about your past relationships and experience,i need to know all alot about you as i did tell about myself...

Bye for now and take care,

Me. Jane Laurine Chasey.
Letter 4

Hello Greg,

Am glad you enjoy my photos,and i promise to send some more photos to you..I want you to know am still single,cos most of the men are after me for just sex,but i don't want that alone.I want someone that will love,and accept me for who i am,sex is something that is inevitable in a relationship,and i sincerely want you to know i like sex also,but it has been a long time i made love,since after the death of my ex,i have been waiting for the right person to come my way before i can open my legs...I just don't want to have sex with anyone,but someone that i have feelings for..

I want you to know i don't have any plans for my vacation,and it will be coming up soon...I promise to let you know when my vacation comes,so we can plan something out if you still want us to meet face to face.Your age doesn't bother me at all,and if we ever fall in love,then that makes everything better for both of us,since we are both looking for the same thing...You can ask whatever questions,but i wouldn't want you to over step your boundary....

Bye for now,and i await your response.


Jane Laurine Chasey.
Letter 5
Hi Greg, It is always good to read from you,but this email you sent to me really put alot of smiles on my face,cos i love all you said to me,and can't wait to be in your arms finally.You also addressed me as Mrs. Laurine Ferguson,and that made me cry tears of joy,cos i have never met a loving man like you in my life.You seem to have it all,both sexually,emotionally,and otherwise..Greg i think of you so much,and my life will continue to be incomplete till the date we finally meet.I know am a poor lady working for the less privileged kids for free,but i believe my future will be better when we finally meet,and start to live a new life together. I enjoyed talking to you on the phone,and your voice was so sweet,and nice also,am sorry about the phone connection,and i hope we talk better,and longer when next i call,it is so expensive calling from here to oversea,but i really wanted to hear your voice,cos i was always fantasizing about it.I want you to know i have a very soft lips,and my ex boy friend used to tell me my lips was as soft as feather...He was so romantic,and i miss him so much,but am glad to have someone like you in my life now,and i hope you'll never hurt me,cos am scared of getting hurt...I want you to feel free,and discuss anything with me,but some things are better off said,when we finally meet face to face... It is early Friday morning,and i will be taking my bath after sending this email to you,cos i need to get to work early,so i can get some things done before the kids start coming into the class.I honestly want you to know i woke up this morning thinking about you,and what was on my mind was to have somebody like you close to me cuddling and nibble on me cos i will be complete having a man that is very affectionate and have a high sex drive that can give me multiple orgasm.To tell you much about what i i like when it come to making love.I like my pussy to be eating deeply,then you will be using your tongue to lash my clit cos my pussy will climax so fast and it will be gushing like a waterfall,i hope you will not be take me for a spoilt girl,cos i believe that life is full of fun and we need to catch the very best of fun so that we can live better part of life dear.What i will like to do to you most is by sucking you all night long till you explode inside my mouth and i will swallow ur cum cos i want to be real nasty with you on bed and i hope you can make love to me till i loose my brain and i want you to know that i have a stubborn nut inside my pussy and i will see if you are ready to get it loose lol,i just wish i can see you real soon so that we can get this love making pop up all day and night,i just have to stop here cos my nipple is real hard and my pussy is pumping for your dick so fast.I will love to try some new things with you on bed as well. I want you to know am flexible with my vacation,but will let you know when the time comes,it is close though...I love pizza,and Italian food,i also love Chinese food,and i look forward to the day we'll cook together in the same kitchen...I love movies,and will enjoy watching with you someday.. I will have to stop here for now,and will send you photos later. Jane. Jane Laurine Chasey.
Letter 6
Hello Greg, It is so nice to read from you,and i want you to know i enjoyed speaking to you on the phone.I will be very happy to be your wife in the near future,and am glad you love the last email i sent to you,i want you to know am very sorry for not replying to your email earlier,cos i have been so busy with work,and it hasn't been easy for me,i had to call,and talk to you on the phone,cos i knew you would be so upset,and worried about me..It is early Saturday morning down here,but i couldn't get enough sleep,cos you are always in my thoughts,and i want to reply you before i get back to bed. I will definitely open my legs for you when we finally meet in the near future..Am glad you are honest to me with your feelings,and am delighted you love me sincerely,well i honestly want you to know my feelings for you are true,and i promise never to hurt you.I don't like porn movies,cos i don't watch them.I got the photos you sent to me,and i want you to know i love them so much,and can't wait to be with you finally.I already saved your photos on my computer,so i can view them whenever i want.. We might be miles away for now,i might not get to see you smile or hear you laugh or even watch you sleep,but Darling,you know that the true test of love is distance,for it's said that distance brings people closer together and am sure we'll be so fond of each other if we finally meet face to face. I know that even if i have to shed a tear every day until you we meet face to face,i will.If i have to hide myself from the world,i will.I will do anything i can just to make sure that when we finally meet you'll know my love is pure and true. It is true that you're always on my mind and in everything i do,i always think,'what if you were right here watching me,would i still do things right?..You have captivated the whole of me and i just want to be close to you to tell you how much i feel about you. Baby,i love you ever so much,and the last thing i want to do is hurt you.I try my best to prove it to you.The best way that i can think of is to finally meet you in person...I hope that when we do,all your doubts,worries and troubles will fly out the window-no more insecurities!I love you so very much,Baby..I give myself to you-mind,heart and soul. Hugs and Butterfly Kisses.. Me. Jane Laurine Chasey.
Letter 7
Hi Sweetheart, I always thought that dreams were just dreams,but you made them all come true and even better,you built new dreams with me.I can not thank you enough for being more than perfect because you showed me that even all the things that seem wrong are actually opportunities to work at them together and bring us closer together.No matter how far you are and no matter what you do,i always want you to know how much you mean to me,and how much i truly love and appreciate you and how much i will always be yours forever. I love you so much and wish i could be there to hug and kiss you all day and all night long but for now this love letter will have to be my message but know that you are a big part of me and i think of you all the time.I love you,and i've loved you before i was born,because i believe i was made for you,and will be yours for all eternity. Love, Me. Jane Laurine Chasey.
Letter 8
Hi Sweetheart,

It is so nice to read from you again,and i want you to know i enjoyed your email so much.Greg your words that you say to me are so strong,and i can't wait to be with you face to face.I want to be your wife,and love forever,cos i an see we are meant for each other,and distance shouldn't be a barrier for us,honey i want you to know my feelings for you is true,and am sure we'll never regret spending real time together.

You are the only one who can make me happy with your love and affection.Since i have met you,i have noticed that life is worth living.I live mine for you.You have stolen me from me.Alone i can be lost.So,do not let the distance between us become larger.Each day is more wonderful than the previous one as i know that i will see you. A heart truly in love never loses hope but always believes in the promise of love,no matter how long the time and how far the distance.There are so many ways i want to tell you that i really love you,my sweetheart.My feelings for you are true and pure like a virgin.Remember one thing...I love you and i will always love you.Loving you is something i love to do honey... Bye for now,

Jane Laurine Chasey.
Letter 9

Each night before i sleep your sweet voice echoes through my mind.As i rest my head on my pillow a smile seeps through my soul,knowing that you,and you alone have made me whole.Without you i would simply be surviving,but with you i am living life to the fullest.Because of your love my spirit has been rejuvenated.

The simplest pleasures in life bring me so much joy that it is hard to find the words to describe them.A walk in the park becomes a reality based metaphor,it is our journey together hand in hand forever more.

Even in our moods,regardless of the irritations of daily life we manage to make each other smile through emails.The sound of your voice on phone rings through my ears and touches my heart.The difference between you and i are very few,yet they are there.But we accept those differences,embracing them because they are part of something we love about one another.

It isn't about looks,nor money but the simplicity in life that we find so attractive.Knowing we could survive anywhere as long as we will be together.Love is not a job,love simply is.Unconditional love is what i offer you,and with you i receive the same.You are my heart of hearts,my soul mate,friend,lover and partner for life.I will love you forever and a day.Thank you for being there,loving me and knowing what my true heart wants.

Love always,

Me. Jane Laurine Chasey.
Letter 10
Hello My Love,

It was so nice to speak with you on the phone and i want you to know i enjoyed speaking to you on the phone,i can't wait to be in your arms finally.Love always,and i will be sending email about the trip,and cost. Jane Laurine Chasey.
Letter 11
My Dearie, I love you so much and all that you say to me interests me,it makes me want to reach out to you the more...I want you to know i think about you and how wonderful you'll be in person,am sure we'll love each other once we set our eyes on one another....Greg you are all i think about and am sure about meeting you and spending forever with you cos i wouldn't be traveling miles to meet you if you aren't the right person for me....You are all i want,you are all i think about,you are all i see in my dreams and sincerely you are all i want to spend my years with forever... Greg you have no choice than to accept me into your life cos you feel the same way about me and am sure about you,i know it sounds so weird but i trust you more than myself and that is the reason i want to meet you in the US where we can express our love personally...I will be emailing you about what the travel agent said shortly... Me. Jane Laurine Chasey.
Letter 12

How are you doing my dear?I hope you are fine and also in good health and i hope you are taking good care of your self my love,cause i miss you so much everyday of my life and i can not wait to be with you my dearie and rest in you lovely arms.

I want you to know that i met the traveling agent this morning but i could not write to tell you all he said earlier cos i was packing my things from work,the travel agent said it will cost us $1600 DELTA AIRLINE from(Benin Republic) to fly over there to you in Akron/Canton,OH (CAK), but he told me that i could get a cheaper one from a neighboring country which is Lagos,Nigeria and is closer to me about 45mins drive from where i am which will cost us $1300 to get the flight booked for the flights that will be leaving next weekend weekend,Friday MAY 29TH.He also made me to know that as soon as i make my payment i will collect my ticket and know my departure time.

Honey i want you to know that the fastest and easiest way for you to send the money to me is through Money Gram money transfer,and you will send me all the information you use in sending the money and i will go and pick the money and buy my ticket ok?.I just want you to go to a Money Gram outlet and send the money to this information i will give to you below,so i will pay for my ticket soon.Dear if possible by you i want you to know that i have up to $200 and all we need is just $1100 to book my flight.

First name--Kelechi
Last name---Emmanuel
Address------6 Bauchi Road
state-------Plateau State
Text question--what is money for
Answer------flight ticket.

That is the name of the agent so i will have to go to the bank with him so in his name i will use to collect the money to booked for my ticket i will go together with him to get the money in the bank and get the rest of my own money as well to complete and get my flight booked my love.

Then when you send it you can send me the information you use in sending the money.informations likes Reference Number,your full name and address and your telephone number so that i will use it to pick up the money ok so you send it to my box so i will go and pick it up.i want you to know that i cant really wait to be in your lovely arms.

Bye for now and kisses to you,

Me. Jane Laurine Chasey.
Letter 13
Hello Greg, It is so nice to read from you again,and i want you to know i have been thinking of you all day,and night.Honey i want you to know i want to be with you face to face cos you make me so happy through emails,and i can't wait to see your face for real soon. Honey my flight is supposed to leave on the 29th to the US,and my plans is to stay with you,and i believe you wouldn't want me to return,so am not sure of returning back to Africa after we meet.Sweetheart,i just wanted to let you know,how much i love all that you are and will be.Without a doubt you keep me together and for the first time in my life i have something to believe in.You truly are my love,my soul mate,and my best friend.You've seen me at my worst and still take me as i am.I thank God for you every day because i know you are heaven sent,you are my angel. The weeks will be a test,but nothing will keep me from loving you or from being by your side.I love you more than you could even know.You are my world. Hugs and Kisses.. Jane. Jane Laurine Chasey.
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