Scam letter(s) from Oksana Veselaia to Hector (Chile)

Letter 1
Hello! Nice to meet you! You know, I was always attracted by someextraordinary ways of making new acquaintances. Recently I learntabout one interesting way of finding second part in the Internet. Thematter is not that I can't find my man in my country, but that I'mlooking for him all over the world. No one knows where his second partmay be. Moreover, I'm an all-round person and I'm not afraid of the cultural gap. On the opposite, I find this rather appealing andinteresting. I think that our arguments of finding our partners abroadare coincided with each other. Anyway, as we are lucky to know each other, no one of us knowswhere this will lead. So, you have already made a favorable impressionon me and think that it is my turn to impress you. As you already might know, my name is Oxana or Ksenya, as you wish. I'm from Ukraine, from the town of Slavyanoserbsk. For you tounderstand - this is the Eastern part of Ukraine. I was born on the 28of August, 1983. I have never been married, though I had some romancesin past. Now I'm single and in anticipation to find my life'scompanion. Well, I think this is enough for the first time, tell me please aboutyour Internet experience, I mean in finding your life partner. Maybenot only in the Internet. truly yours, Oxana.
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend! Thank you for your letter. I appreciate your sincere interest in me. Ithink we both want to know each other better, so it will be wonderfulto know about your interests in life, maybe your bright sides. Willyou provide me with this information? Well, I will enlarge the general information about me. I think that Ihave an excellent job as I collide with beauty every day. I'm workingas a receptionist in a beauty salon. Beauty is more than skin-deep.Beauty is unique grace and confidence, a shining light that sparklesthrough the eyes and smile. It's not what you look like; it's what youproject. As for me, I like to take a good care of myself when it comesto beauty. I consider that woman should be an etalon of a beauty forher man. Well, I guess you liked my appearance and I'm gladthat my efforts were not a waste of time. :) A lot of people think that beauty is a strength, but I'm not agreewith this. I am a fair *** and need to get caress, endearment and tobe treated like a woman. For me, all this is what I'm looking for. I'mlooking for serious relations and I don't mind how far and where youlive. A cottage is a castle for those in love. Share my believes, if you can. Sincerely, Ksenya.
Letter 3
Hello, Thank you for the letter and for giving me the opportunity to know youbetter. You know, I enjoyed your last letter and my heart was near tosing. I think that our correspondence is a wonderful way to know eachother, so that while we will first meet, we will be like old friendsand only words of love will be left for us to speak. But now I offeryou to tell me everything you consider I should know. There is a thing you should know. I have a dream to learnEnglish well, but now I am not able to make it come true. On thisreason I use the services of the translation company. They help me totranslate our letters. I believe it haven't made you feel upset.Moreover, in addition I also don't have any computer skills as I'm notkeen on computer staff. You may consider this strange as we're livingin the world of new technologies, but I don't have my own computer andInternet access. I may agree with you that these are my problems, butI would love to solve them as soon as it will be possible for me. Well, I haven't told you about my family yet, right? I haveboth parents: mother and father, though my father is not so often athome. The reason is that he is always on earnings in the West part ofUkraine. I love them both, but it happen so that my father got in lovewith a woman in the West Ukraine and he spends a lot of time with her.At the same time he can't separate with my mother in the safe of me -that is what he says. He also says that he still loves my mother, butcan't leave another woman. This is the life. Maybe the reason is thatthey got married in the early age and maybe they haven't found thosepeople that they had to find. I mean their second half. That is whythis is the example of the family that I wouldn't like to have. I wantto create a strong and stable loving family, so that my husband wouldbe stable in his feelings and emotions, so that I won't repeat myparent's mistakes. this is the most hard for children to see ifparents don't treat with each other well, when they're torturingthemselves. I equally love my father and mother and don't want toloose nobody. I want my child not to experience the same. Well, dear, I think this is enough for now, I hope that I haven't madeyou tired. Feel free to write me about your family and about yourvision of it. Truly yours, Oxana.
Letter 4

Hello my dear, It was nice to get your letter. I enjoyed reading it very much. I havenoticed that you're a rather serious and intelligent man. Franklyspeaking I appreciate such traits in men. I'd like to tell you moreabout myself. Well, concerning my free time, I enjoy spending it withmy friends. Usually we gather together making some gossips (the usualthings for women, you know), drinking some tea but without cakes. (Itis rather important to keep fit and not to eat some *** food.) Also Iadore being outdoors. Can you imagine yourself with your friendssomewhere in the wild nature, siting on the grass or playing someoutdoor games? It looks really appealing to my heart. I also wouldlike to spend the time outdoors with my man. Imagine us alone,siting under a big oak on the grass, where the birds are singing, thebugs are buzzing and you can barely hear the sound of the wind. Only you and me.. and the nature around... Lovely scene, isn't it? Dear,tell me please of your visions of spending time together. It will bereally interesting for me to know. Can you deep in the past and remember the feelings someprecious person caused in you? I mean, when you begin to appreciateeach word the person telling you, each gaze, his interests arebecoming so interesting for you and you're coming to a conclusion thatyou have much in common with this special person? These are the divinemoments of communication with another person that seem to be soenjoyable for you! I've just thought - what if you're reading myletters and realizing that we have much in common? What if you beginto think - maybe this is the person I was looking for for so long? Youknow, I'm rather happy that I have you - the person with whom I canshare lots of things, my dearest secrets, hopes and preferences. And Ireally appreciate these particular feelings, considering we have muchin common. I have also something inside me, telling that we willfinally meet with each other face to face and will share theseparticular feelings with each other. What do you think? Answering your question, my full name is Veselaia Oxana. Well, I think enough for now, I will be rather grateful for yourquestions, if you have some for me. Feel free to ask. But beattentive, I also have lots of questions for you. ;) I'm sending youmy photo. Hope to get your reply soon. Fondly, Ksenya.
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