Scam letter(s) from Daria Pustovalova to Edwin (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Edwin.
I have come to the Internet of Cafe after work. At us today her was much, clients which wanted to buy gifts to the wives. It so is fine when love shows so a lot of care to you. Is not that so my dear Edwin? I am very glad, that I have got acquainted with you. Earlier I thought that I can find the man of the dream in the Internet, it seemed to me, that it is incredible. But on the other hand it is very fascinating novel when you find love for so much kilometers from the country in which live. My dear Edwin you seem to me very decent person with whom I and dreamed to connect my life. It seems to me that from us the remarkable family, and careful people will turn out. Together we can give the big future to our children. I argued on it much and it seems to me, that I cannot find not whom better for a role of the father of my children. You very careful and frank the man which knows a life, you can learn much not only children, but also me. I do not want to lose such person, as you. I would not search rich for the man with which I could all life will fail on a sofa and not that to not do. I very vigorous girl who cannot play the fool, I always conducted very active kind of a life. Today I came in into a tour agency that how many will learn to cost arrival to you. I very much want to see you my dear, will be fast at me holiday on work. It will be on June, 29, he will proceed the whole month, you represent as me it would be pleasant to lead this holiday with you Edwin. I want to lose one day of my holiday, to lead him from the beginning up to the end with you. This holiday is given to us only once a year, therefore if we now shall not take advantage of this happy chance we should meet only the next year. I present our meeting frequently as we could tell at last in eyes each other about our feelings to each other. It seems to me that there is no not that more perfectly than to lead these days with you together. We could suit a celebratory supper, I very well prepare, I already about it spoke you. I could prepare for your favourite dish, you in fact have favourite dish? It would be so romantically, you agree with me my dear? That concerning my campaign in a tour agency, they have told to me, that for my arrival to you I should have in stock the visa, the passport for travel abroad and roundtrip tickets. Passport for travel abroad it will cost 107 euro as it will do only 2 working days on this it costs so much. Also it will be necessary visa she she for me will make will cost 228 euro to be done of 12-16 working days and the air ticket it to cost 852 euro total to me it will be necessary there will be for my travel 1187 euro I think that it not so dearly for our happiness. Also I learned concerning that as to you to send your money to you it is necessary to use bank system the western union as it very conveniently quickly and reliably. To send me your money my full data will be necessary and you also should leave to me your full data.My full data: Dariya Pustovalova,
the country Russia,
city Kazan street Kozlovo of 40 apartments 56, I think that we should not tighten with our meeting as time of us does not wait and while you will have affairs I can to make out all necessary for my travel. I hope that you understand me. You can help with this sum this week so that I already could start to make out all? And soon we already shall together and are happy. Write to me soon I with impatience I wait your letter.
Big to you a kiss.
Sincerely yours Dasha.
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