Scam letter(s) from Alina Konovalova to Jan (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello!!! I was so delighted to receive your first letter! It is so interesting to find out that someone, who is so far away, wants to know me! I feel so happy because of that! You are the reason why I am happy!!! I want you to feel the same way!Do you share my feelings? I am a very optimistic person and I look very positive in my future, but now it feels a little bit awkward to seek for a way to tell everything about myself in a few words. But I will try my best to do it! As for my reasons why I am looking for a man in internet, they are very transparent. The reason is that I do not want to be alone in this world and by the way i am little bit tired of my loneliness! I really want to find a real man for me, who will understand and be like a stone wall for me. I want to love and to be loved!!! You may wonder why so young and nice lady is looking for her love in this world net? The truth is that I almost disappointed in men in my country. They have no time on their relationships. They work for themselves - they live for themselves. And I need someone to take care about me and whom I can devote myself to!I need to see a real man near me! Am i asking too much? As for me, well, my name is Alina, my surname is Konovalova. I'm 23. My Birthday is the 3d of January. I live in a small town in western Ukraine. It's called Irshava. It is not very remarkable, but for me it is the best place in the world because my parents live there. I have a lot of memories connected with it from my childhood. They will be always in my heart! Now I study in the Medical University, I am going to be a surgeon. I decided to choose this noble profession very young, when I was about ten. I always wanted to help people; it is so fascinating to know that I have somebody's life in my hands! My parents were not very happy about my choice, but they totally support me now. You see my parents are both teachers (my mom teaches English at school, and it's thanks to her that I am speaking with you this fluent, and my dad is a History teacher) and they wanted me to continue the teacher's dynasty in our family, like my sister did (she teachers Uktrainian and literatures) but I was not that much after teaching... They know that my future job is very important to me and give their moral support to all my initials. I have a sister; she is already married and has a son. We are really close with her. When I told her about my decision to seek for a soul mate in Internet, she said it was a good idea and wished me luck. I am so hopping to catch that luck! It is so complicated to find a real life companion nowadays but I am totally sure that I will succeed with your help:)!! So now you have a slight idea of me. I really want to tell you more!!! And I also die to know more about you, your goals and hopes. Everything! Please, write me about the type of woman you want to see near you. It is very interesting for me!!! Looking forward for your lovely letter. Alina
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