Scam letter(s) from Kristina Yamanaeva to Jose (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hello from Russia and I send you a tender kiss! hihihi... To tell the truth I do not know why so have occurred, that on a site Meetic my country is USA... :-( Can there was any error??? To tell the truth I was surprised when you to me it have told... My pseudonym is kricoool!!! What's up? I thank you for your letter... To tell the truth I am a little lost, I at all do not know that to you to write to the answer... hihi... But ok, my name Kristina. You know, something comes to nothing to me mind... There are no thoughts, I worry and still it is time to me to come back to work... I once again thank you for your letter... What would you wish to learn about me? Ask, do not hesitate... I do not bite... hihi... I send you a couple of my photos that you could see with whom correspond. Tell to me that you think of my photos? I though like you a little? Good-bye! In expectation of your letter...
Letter 2
Ouuu... Hello, how you? I very much thank you for your letter which you have sent me... Usually you write To which time to me letters? I write to you at leisure from my work... But ok, I am valid did not expect that that you will answer me... I do not know why, but I always thought that that foreign people very borrowed, always have many affairs... Well you after all understand me about what I? Hihihi... Here today excellent day, I have slept much, my neigbour has called me to go with her on shops and to help to choose to her underwear! hihi... Lines why I write to you about it... hihihi... Likely I am very glad to see your letter.:-D Ohhh... Yes, I have forgotten to write I live in Novocheboksarsk (Russia). You know something about my city? You could look something on the Internet though I think that that you hardly will find something, as our city not so big! hihihi...:-D I dream of that to leave for a long time this city... Here there is nothing good... oh, you know, to me sometimes even happens terribly to go home after work... Though to me to reach it is not enough, but to me it is all the same terrible, especially in the winter when to darken begins early... That constantly seems to me that somebody leaves because of a corner and will start to threaten me on purpose to plunder me... Ok, what you can tell about yourself? What can you tell about the family? You know... Now I have recollected as I went to school... You remember school times? And I often recollect, because it there were the happiest times in my life... To us with children it was always cheerful... hihihi... You know, to me it would be very pleasant, if you sent me the photos... ok??!! :-) Well it is fine, already it is time to me to finish the letter... I need to go home to have time to check up examinations. Them much and consequently it was necessary to take work from me on the house... To me it will be very pleasant, if you answer me soon and will send me the photos... Your friend from Russia. Kristina Yamanaeva
Letter 3
What's up? ,I very much thank you for your letter. And you knew much!!! But knew today absolutely identical! :) Truths I should not collect these inquiries, copies... All documents will be made instead of me.... I should go to embassy of Mexico to Moscow... Well I not should and could use agency services..... I with the big impatience waited your letter, Hector....... And you know, I am very happy now... But one only disappoints me... I was disappointed tourist with agency... I went there today... Yes, I went... I thought that that I learn good news, but it has turned out absolutely on the contrary... :-( To me have told that that it is necessary to have visa, the passport for travel abroad, the insurance... And then I looked tickets... It shocked me... By my calculations I should have for all it 1300 Euro... ohhh... I do not know what to do... I also will need to go to Moscow and to live there 1 day before my flying away... You understand me, darling Hector??!! I do not know what to do... I do not know as I can find this money... I prepared money, but I did not know that I still will need to go to Moscow... And to live there... It is +400 more Euro... I have 5000 roubles... It to me would suffice to arrive to Moscow and to live there before flying away... And those 1100 Euro I cannot find... :-( More truly I at all do not know how to me to make it... I did a maximum to search these 400 Euro, but with that money I do not know what to do... can you give 1000 euros Hector, to I start to seem that that we cannot meet you... And today I should disappoint my girlfriend and my relatives... ohhh... What severe life..... But ok, I will finish the letter now... I hope that that you were not disappointed in that that our meeting will not be carried out also we with you we will not live together... :-( With love Kristina
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