Scam letter(s) from Angie Carson to Jelle (Netherlands)

Letter 1
How was your night?, hope it was fine, and peaceful.
Well mine was ok, kinda too long, because i was feeling alone again.
And most times i will wanna come open the computer just to talk to you.
But i had to calm things down, and pray that it's day break again.
Well just a lil something from me...Hope you like it. Because you're a beautiful person,
I wanted to send something beautiful to you.
Because you always fill my world
with laughter and happiness,
I wanted to send something bright to you.
Because our friendship is true,
I wanted to send some pink roses to you.
It's not much,
but I hope this greeting will do.
In my own special way,
I just wanted to let you know that
you're in my thoughts today,
and I'm sending some good
wishes your way. Angie.
Letter 2
Hi sweets, Hope you had a peaceful night.And got the rest you "really" needed..LOL. Anyways mine was good. And err headed for a long day already..
But can't wait till evening to talk to you.
And how's work with you going today ?. Hope fine, and not stressful :D. Have a great day.. Angie
Letter 3
Hello Jelle, Am sorry to hear that, but i guess it's part of the sacrifices you gotta make for the company..:D
Any ways you really must be busy, guess my day's the opposite of yours, coz am back now, and you're not. Hope the day's going well.
Kisses, from me. see you soon, got a number from the hotel you could reach me on.
So am gonna hear your voice ;). Thanks for the bunny, it's really cute, Angie
Letter 4

Hey Jelle, Sorry about my delayed response, just woke up. I got a number from the hotel already,
and it's a mobile fixed CDMA.
Anyways, am told it could receive international calls.
+23480 887 710 94. am with the line at the moment, so you can ring
me right away. I'll be on msn later. Angie
Letter 5
Good morning sweets, How are you doing ?.. Hope your night was lovely..? it rained all night here
even till this morning, caught a lot of the cold, had much pains though, because
i didn't wear my PJs, well am getting better now. Guess you got a lot to do today..
well i just thought i wrote something to you to let you know
I just thought i should write you concerning how i feel about you , hope you understand it.....
I never thought I would find a Heart like yours within my reach
I'm waiting now so patiently for the lesson that Love will teach
I can see your Smile through the Laughter we share, and I know this is just a taste
The warmth I will feel from your gentle touch when we're finally face to face
You have captured my Heart so fast that I can hardly catch my breath
Drawing from a well of Love hidden so deep, preserved within myself
I desire the action of Passion bursting like the Beauty of a Flowers Bloom
The Stimulation that exists brought forth by Loves first Kiss engaged in a Candle Lit Room
It May, and if it should rain that day, we'll occupy a quiet space, just you, and me
The Temperature Range of your touch would warm me from the cold of the Rain, bringing sweet ecstasy The Gratification of physical Interlude, the warmth of ****** pouring down
A clouded Vision brought into focus, and satisfaction is the only sound
You are so special, and there are no words to describe how you make me feel
So hard to control the hidden urges I hold without neglecting what my Heart knows is real.
I hope u love the poem i wrote it just for u alone right now...Please email me soon to know you care me too.
kisses, Angie.
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