Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Novchenko to Alton (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, dear Alton! Thank you so much for the interest in me, my dear! I have to tell you that I find you a very handsome man but I am sure you have heard it a lot from other women;) Well, dear, as for my English, I know it on the level of understanding only, but my grammar is very bad and I just have to go to the regional center to the Internet cafe when I have break to write you letters. I live in a very small town and there are not even Internet cafes here. I go to the regional center, receive your letters and write you mine from the Internet cafe, when I do not understand your letter, i pay for the translation of it, and as my grammar is not very well, I also pay for the correction of the mistakes in my letter to you. I do not have children. I have never been married. I do not have the passport. Here are some questions for you if you don't mind: 1. Have you travelled much, if so where to? What is your favourite place?
2. Where in the world would you most like to visit and why?
3. What qualities that I have made you reply to me?
4. If we ever met, what would you like us to do on our first date? I am a woman, family oriented and looking for my life partner. I am a tender, loving, romantic, faithful, caring, honest, kind, strong inside, cheerful, full of energy and love, open minded, sociable, well educated, intelligent woman without bad habits, with active life position, with a desire to be happy and reach goals with my loved man. I have sincere soul and soft heart and it is full of love and positive energies. I appreciate friendship between people very much because it doubles our joy and twice reduces our sadness. I think that a simple smile can make our lives better. I am very optimistic by nature; I enjoy every single day, love life and cherish every moment of it. Even simple things in life bring me joy. My friends say that I am easy going and very friendly person who is always ready to help in need by nature and it brings me real joy to make people why it is not a problem for me to adjust in any situation. It helps me a lot to find new friends and solve difficulties if they come into my life. I am also affectionate and have much love to give to people to who I am devoted. Generally I am very close and warm person. I have various interests which bring joy into my life. I enjoy living a healthy and active lifestyle. I love to read and enjoy the seaside, mountains and nature, sports, swimming in a warm blue sea, outdoor activities, exhibitions of painting, history of art, going to the theatre, museums, movies, concerts, going to dinner. I enjoy good conversation, candle light dinners and moonlit walks. I like music a lot especially the music that arouses excitement in my soul. Nina.
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Al! Thank you so much for the letter, my dear! I loved it! I am so lucky to meet such an interesting person in the Internet! Thank you for answering my questions, I loved them, I am glad to know you better now! What do you do for a living?
My family is short. Even when my parents are still alive, they are old people. They are pensioners. And I just have one brother, 2 years older than me (he is a married man, but they don't have any baby. He lives in Russia very far from us as he is a military man. We do not see him very often, I miss him very much. In fact, I have not seen him for 3 years already, we just write each other letters by post).
I attach a photo of me and my brother in the childhood. And for me, that's my only family, even when we don't have much relation, because, even when we live so far from us, we usually only talk by phone when I go to the post office and call him. I usually go one day at week (usually on the weekend) to visit my mother's home, but, she is always asking me about my life, about why I'm living alone, and of course, she only would like to see me happy, with my husband, my own family.... I have my birthday on the 24th of April, 1982. Also, I am very happy with the woman in which I have become at this age, and I do not have any bad habits. Also, my temperament is very constant each hour all the days and every day of the year:) I work as the teenager psychologist at school, I try purposely to live the ordinary life and I seek the man that will be comfortable with my life style. Oh and by the way, I live in Ukraine, in the east of it, in the small town of Starobelsk. Do you have brothers and sisters? Read above. Are your parents still living? yES, THEY ARE. Did you find anything interesting in my profile that caught your eye?
In fact I don't know which quality exact made me to reply to you.
You seemed to be an interesting person and for me it is very important when the person is intelligent. You seemed to me charming... ok we'll see what will come out of this)) I hope that my female intuition didn't let me down. How do you think? Is my age going to be a problem for you?
Oh, darling, how can I assure you that the difference in our age is not the most important thing? We are all programmed by society to think the gaps are wrong, and you'll suffer only at the beginning, torturing yourself with the question "is this right?" But our great love and understanding will over-rode those worries. You must understand that there's always prejudice against anything out of the norm. And your views are typical in such a situation, but I hope very-very much that we will take our years together. Will you share them with me? I know, I'm still young, but you'll be always young in your heart with me. I promise. We won't feel it's hanging over us. We'll just enjoy looking after each other, and when the time passes, we will sail off into the sunset for another chapter of our life together. So, AGE is irrelevant in a relationship. Would you consider moving to the US someday? I am sure I will be ready to move abroad if i find a beloved man there:)
How large is the town you live in? there are about 20000 people living here.
Do you have any pets? yes, I have got a dog.
What do your parents do for a living? They are retired and they keep a household in the village.
How far is the regional center from you and how do you get there? It takes about half an hour by bus to get there.
Do you have an automobile? No, I do not.
Do you know how to drive? No, I do not. Nina.
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Al! Did I tell you, my dear, how much i like receiving your letters and photos;)? I pay $8 for one letter to write and the same price is for each letter I receive from you. No, I work in the small town half an hour by bus form the regional centre. The regional centre is called Luhansk. I live about 900 km far from Kiev. It is not early to start making the passport, I just do not have money to pay for it:( Oh I think it would be fun. We would have to go to bed the night before very early because you would pick me up at 5am so we would watch what was left of the sunrise, then we would find some place to eat some breakfast, after our bellies were full, you would drive me into town and show me all around. We would do this until about noon 12, then we would eat lunch in a high rise, where we could see all around us from up above. You would then take me and we would go to a really nice park talk for a while to get to know each other better, wrestle a little on a blanket and then the fun would start: we would go get you car and head for the nice place in nature until it got to hot, then we would cool down on the lake (sea) We would probably be on top of a mountain somewhere where the weather would be perfect. there we would roll out a blanket watch the sunset cuddle and hold each other until the sun went down! You would whisper in my ear how pretty I am and you would tell me how much fun you are having with me and then we would go find a nice place for a dinner where it would be so romantic. it would drive me nuts. From there we would go dancing, yeah. Dancing. Did I tell you I can dance well I hope you can, too. After dancing we would go to relax and think about all that we had done that day then you would take me home, scoop me a bowl of Ice cream with caramel on top. We would enjoy desert and we would get ready for bed. You would tuck me in bed with a sweet kiss on my forehead and tell me you love me and how grateful you are to have me there with you and then you would turn the light off in the room for me and get right to business planning the next day that we would be spending together knowing that I was only there for a short time to visit you, would make sure we did it all and saw it all. So when I went home I could say I have been to the moon and back and brag to friends and family back home that would probably be a good first date for us? don't you think so? There are advantages in choosing an older man in the relationship. You skip the struggle to survive and become comfortable. Many young couples have to go through that period when their careers are just starting. At the same time they are starting a family too. It can be a stressful situation. Older men have already had their career stability and can offer me a comfortable life. I am comfortable with the age difference. If you can also feel comfortable in this issue, you have a good chance to have a happy marriage. You put a lot thought and passion into your e-mail and I appreciate every word. You are looking for the same wants and needs as I do in a long term relationship. You want a give and take relationship as I do, built on trust, passion, support, intimacy, and of course LOVE. I think we have a good start with having some of the same footings (ideals/values) in our search for that someone special that will make us whole. I do hope that you can be that someone special in my life. I want a relationship that will last until we are old and grey. Maybe it is a romantic thought, but I would like to see myself with someone walking hand and hand throughout my life......... as the connection grows and grows over a lifetime. A big kiss,
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Al! Thank you for the poem! It is very beautiful! I like the photos from your house, I would love to see it with my own eyes. I usually get up at 7 o'clock and I have my breakfast, then I go to work. I have my lunch at about 13.00 and the work is over at 18.00. Then I go back home, do some laundry, prepare a a dinner, read a book, watch TV and go to bed. I teach pupils the basis of psychology 4 hours per day and then I go to my office and pupils can come to me to share their problems and I try to help them.
It is not a high school, it is a secondary school.
Yes, i work in the same town I live in. I like to have a glass of champagne or white wine. Your letters always bring me comfort and warm my heart. Each letter brings me closer to you. My dear, it is my dream to see your smile early in the morning. I would hold you tight and never let you go. It would be nice to drink coffee in bed with you and caress and cuddle. I can only dream about you for now. I have to tell you, my dear, that i do not want you to be surprised or worried if one day there will be no answer from me. The matter is that I need money to pay for the correspondence with you, but also need to pay for the flat rent, for the food to eat something, for the clothes, so if I do not write you, it will mean that I have run out of money and I am not able to write you any more. But i will miss you very much I care for our correspondence a lot, my dear! i will never want to lose you! I need you very much, you are the best thing that happened with me here, in the Internet and I am very serious about you! With a kiss,
Letter 5
Hello, my dear Al! Thank you so much for the invitation, my dear! I would love to come to you, but it can only be a dream for me as i do not have the international passport even and I am not able to pay for it on my own:( I do not know the breed of the dog I have, it was a present. Many thanks for your very nice words in your last letter... and I would like to tell you that I very appreciate it... and very appreciate your kind and sweet feeling. I think that I am sharing with you many descriptions of love... we have many common ideas about it... let me tell you how I see the true love... Maybe I want to make you feel it in real life more better... maybe I want make you feel what is "hand with hand" meaning if I really take your hand in mine... I think that you will know at that time what I really mean... and what is the meaning of love... and I think it's not a long time.. I can't stay here and I know that is someone in this big world waiting in another part of the world... my patience is starting to be over...
and I am really thinking to meet you soon. It's the middle of the day and I was thinking about you, as usual. Your mail means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you for a long time and I honestly can't imagine how it will be once we met. I hope that there will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise and you surely have done that to me... All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given. I've truly been blessed by finding you and I hope that all our realistic dreams will come true. Thinking of you,
Letter 6
Hello, my dear Al! yes, there is a Western Union in my town. In general I don't know the details of this process but I'll find out. The only thing I know for sure is that I need a foreign passport. The matter is that here in Ukraine people need another passport for travelling abroad which differs from our civil one. So the first step we need to make is to organize a passport for me. It can be done in 2 months and it will cost $195 and if you want to hurry up the process(1 month) it will be about $250, and one more variant is $300 for two weeks; $380 - for one week and the shortest - one day - $450. So it is up to you to decide which variant to choose. I can not find out about anything more until we start making the passport at least. We have here secondary schools, till children are 16 years old, then they go to the collage or to the university. Pupils come when they are 6 years old and leave when they are 16 or 17 years old. Dear, I very appreciate your feeling about me... it's great, and I think no man can confess about his feeling if he really doesn't feel it... again, I appreciate it... And I would like to tell you that i am really happy if I know that my partner feel happiness... this is my own happiness... and this is my secret, if I can make smile my beloved face... Really I don't know what I want to write, I have a huge positive feeling to you... but when I start to write it, I am lost how can I write it... Perhaps, because there are really no words which can express what I have and how I feel... But be sure, that I see a good and shinny future for each other... not only for our same understanding and some common situations between each other... but also I speak about some nice feeling I have in this time.. maybe they call it love... but I think it is more than love...

I think no dictionaries have it till now. If you are serious about it, like i am, then you will need the following information in order to send me the money, using the Western Union System or the Money Gram one: Nina Nikolayeva, Starobelsk, Ukraine, 92700. With great hope,
Letter 7
Hello, my dear Al!
Honey, i went to the local Pedagogical university to get the education of the Psychologist.
Our schools do not have names, they just have numbers. I went to the secondary school number 1. It is a public school.
Nina is my full name.
Honey, it is too early to talk about the tickets, as I do not have the passport even, so i do not know what the name will appear there.
The translator I use is a girl.
Ok, all i can do now is to wait till you help me, I guess.
All my love and care,
Letter 8
Hello, my dear Al! Honey, I love the poem you devote to me, I have never been devoted any poems to me, it is really very pleasant. Honey, it is just that I have got all the necessary papers for the passport and it is very important to pay for it now. I know this is difficult and scary to try to have a relationship over such a distance, and to talk about love, desire and sensuality before we have met. I am grateful that you want to try and I hope that you are committed to finding your true love this way. What I want is to love and to be loved. I believe in destiny and I believe we can make happen what we want and desire in life. It takes persistence and courage. I am a very honest person and I always will be truthful with you and faithful to you. I believe for human relations to work it demands honesty. Relations among a man and a woman are so important, so sacred and so fragile that they survive only with honesty. I will be honest with you and true to you. I want our relationship to grow from honesty, love and communication to commitment, family, friend, lover and spouse. I want our relationship to include children, a merry and safe family life, and a warm and cozy home. We need to know more about each other before we can commit to a life like this together, and we need to meet, but I am hopeful. I have such dreams for us and I hope that you share in my dreams. I hope that you can dream of yourself in my life, standing together forever, and sharing each others hopes, accomplishments and, yes, even our sorrows. I want to have a full life with you. I have said this before but I want you to know that I am very family orientated and that is why I am writing to you. I love children and a family life very much. I believe my dream is similar to yours; that of having two or more children, living in love and harmony, and creating a cozy home life for our sweet family. I am not perfect, but I will strive to give you and be for you what you want and desire. I am polite and I will not shout at you, I am tender and will accept with admiration your love and help, I am sensitive and will share with you my thoughts and desires, I am responsible and will keep my promises and fulfill my duties to you, and I am honest and I will always tell you the truth and I will put you above all else and have no other. This is who I am and this is what I will do for you by my side. I will at all times cherish who you are in the inside, your character, and who you are to me. I have a saying that I wish for us. "I love you not because I need you, but rather I need you because I love you." I hope that this can be said for the both of us. Honey, in my country it is not the same, at first you have to make the passport and the they need the copy of the passport to start making the visa. No, i went to the school in the village where my parents live now, but I teach now at the secondary school number 13. I mean that i can not stay here all alone, I need you very much! As for my mom's attitude I want you to calm down. My mom is absolutely modern person and she considers me to be a grown up who is able to make own decisions. For her it is much more important how I would feel with this or that person and if I am happy with you it makes no difference where you live and what is your nationality or color of skin. She wants me to find a man who will love, respect and care about me- these are the most important things for her. If the atmosphere of love will reign in our house why should she worry? She will be only happy for us!! I know a lot about the USA, I do not think how I live with you in the USA, it does not matter, I am sure everything will be great when we are together. Love you,
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