Letter(s) from Ekaterina Semeeva to Runar (Iceland)

Letter 1

Hello! Thank you for writing me soon, I was thrilled:) I wish I could know you better, I'll start from myself. I'm the girl that lives in my beautiful country Ukraine, the name of the city Sadovoe. I'm 22 years old. I live with my parents or they live with me:) I'm just kidding. Also I have older sister. She lives with us, but she is getting married soon.

I'm talented in many spheres, there are so many things I love to do. From playing piano to dancing, I'm a music lover:). Everybody says that I'm a very energetic girl, like energizer that shares energy with others. I have many ideas, dreams, goals... What else?I study in the University, I'll be Veterinary Doctor. As you have already understood I love animals. I dream about little dog - Yorkshire Terrier, I really like them. Also i participate in the Beauty Contests in my university, but it is only for fun:).

What else should i tell?My parents are very kind people. Our family is very friendly. They both work at the school, father - is a historian, mother - is a teacher of geography. They have known each other from school. She was a young lady that has come there after university for study course, and father was experienced teacher. I could say that it was love at first sight. Love wins the hearts of any ages! Oh,I'm so tired to be alone, I wish love come to my heart too.

There are a lot of things I can tell you about me... I wanna know more about you too. Tell me, please, I'll read it with great pleasure. See you, sweety:)

Letter 2

my love! Your letter is such full of love! I love it! I love everything you touch, everything you say, I love the way you express your feelings, even you one make this world much better.. You are so kind person! All my friends and of course my family see my happiness, they see that my eyes become brighter... you know who made it with me? I think you know:)

I wish I could support you, I would hold your hand till you were in Dentist, my love, I'm with you.. I want be with you in every moment of our life, whatever it is - happy time or troubles, lucks or trials. I wish you become the most happy person in the world, I want make you feel this way! You are giving me so much, all these feelings and emotions I have about us, they fill my life with sense... I will try to be for you the best. I'm just looking forward for our beautiful time together... look in your eyes, kiss your sweet lips... My Darling, I'm waiting for you... Only your's Marina...

hello my lovely, my perfect Runi! thank you fro this warm, full of love letter.. I slept so good after talking with you, you bring love and peace in my heart.. I dream about our future life together, about our family with little babies...I see the happiness of people who around us... I've never had these feelings before, now I have full of them! I'm really really happy, I want thank to you for everything you doing for me, for inspiring me to become better... Love is the answer of all questions I had..

Today it is Victory day in my country and I'm going to go to Parade in honour of Veterans... for showing them gratitude and respect, they have given us life...

My darling, I wish you a good day, with best emotions, you are always on my mind an din my heart... I send you my tenderness and love, your girl Marina..

Letter 3

hello my Darling, my sweet lovely Runi! Thank you for your call to me! It was really pleasure for me to hear you tender voice, I love it! Thank you for you letter, all things that you are write and tell me makes me feel happy.. it is the miracle of my life that I have found you here, my Darling, I still can't believe that all these happen with me!

Thank you so much for your desire of my own mobile phone, of course I also think that it is very important for us communicate through sweet messages...I really appreciate everything you are doing for me, I have never met men like you...

My dear Runi, here is my full name and address:

Marina Krasnoperova
Zaporozhskiy region
Kocubinskogo street 12/57

I want wake up and fall asleep with you my Darling, I want make this world better, brighter with you...we will lit up everything and everyone around us... You are such positive person! I love it!!! I'll be your the second part, I will follow you wherever you go. I'm tenderly kissing you..and embracing...Your Marina...

Letter 4

Hello my darling, I wish I could talk with you, cause I wanna hear your voice so much. Unfortunately I don't have my own mobile telephone, cause I'm just a student and it is impossible for me to buy it now, it is expensive. But my older sister has, so if you want we can have phone talk. I can use her mobile for talking with you. Just call me. Here is her number +380992440899. Can't wait for our conversation by the phone:)
Your Marina..

Letter 5

lovely sweet Runi! you are the best man all over the world! My darling, thank you for pictures, they are amazing, I can't believe that some day I will see these masterpieces, with you, you make me happy, thoughts of you inspire me... you are person I have never met before.. In our couple Angel is you , not me.. you are deserve the best in this life, I want you to be really happy, don't want to let anyone make you hurt!
Your letter brings me to life, you know When you are in Love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams. that is what I feel being with you... My love sorry for short message, i just have to go now, I'm kissing you with all my tenderness.. Your girl..