Letter(s) from Daria Pogostyuk to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello my dear new friend! My name is Dasha (or Dashenka :)), which means - "the winner" fromancient Greek. It's clear that there are hundreds or even thousands ofkilometers between us, but they don't cause a barrier for letters,right? I'm a young woman with simple demands.... I just want to behappy and to make my man happier every day, but for that I have tofind him. I want to make him happy and after this I can become happyfor myself. I'm alone for so much time already and it's beginning tofrighten me... if I'm a loser not to have a man in my life? Maybe nowit's my lucky chance to meet you! I want to find it out and you musthelp me with it. I don't know if it's just an occasion, one of many,that we met each other... or maybe it's a sign of destiny we can'tloose. Who knows? I know the answer - only time, so let's follow thishonest adviser and find out what the future has for both for us. I'mlooking for serious relations with my man who must become mysoul-mate, the closest person for me. I do want to find my second halfand build strong and happy family with him. I deserve to be happy,like every one in the world. You are free to ask anything you want toknow about me. I'll write everything you want in my next letter. I'llbe impatiently waiting for your answer, dear. My e-mail is: kykolka@bestdominique.com

Letter 2

Hello my dear Patrice! I was close to loose hope that you will write to me... I was feelingso alone here :( but not now when I read your letter :) I want you to know why I'm on Internet and why I refused to look formy husband in real life. All my efforts were unsuccessful and once Iheard that Internet provides such a chance for lonely hearts to meeteach other... more of that, I heard that many people finally madetheir dreams come true... I'm 25 and I'm single now. I was born on the 11th of November and I'mScorpio. I'm 1.69 m high and 53 kg. I have long blond hair and blueeyes. I live in Severodonetsk, this city is situated on the east ofUkraine. It is a small but beautiful city. I have a brother Anton orAntony :) He is already having his life settled down. He looks youngas well :) He lives with his wife in their own flat... our lives areseparated now :( But it's a normal process... family is a holy thingfor us :) I love my parents very much. I'm happy that they are stillalive, though my father has very big problems with his health. I'mafraid to loose him :( He is already retired and stays at home. Mymother is a wonderful woman, and I always try to value her as anexample for myself to follow... more of that I adore my parents'relations and wish to build my family on their model of marriage. Itseems that they are an ideal couple in the world. Speaking about my education, I got into problems there :( I wasstudying the clothes design... but then I got problems and I wasdispelled from the last course... do you imagine that? I learnthard... but because of one ... bad man I couldn't pass the last exam.He wanted to marry me or something... imagine that.. one of teachersfell in love with me and I refused him. He decided to revenge andharmed to my education and made it in this way so I could not comeback :( From my young years I noticed that I love children.. all of them! :)I'm ready to give all my tenderness to them.. as they are flowers oflife, am I right? :) Do you like children? So I'm a baby-sitter now.So I suppose I will be a very nice and caring mother. How did you like my photos? I hope that you will enjoy them:)
Best wishes from Dasha.

Letter 3

Good day to You, Dearest Patrice! Your letter brought me a lot of joy today:)I must say that your letteris a very pleasant surprise. I was looking forward to get your reply,i was thinking about you and wondering what you would write me in yournew letter:)My dear,thanks a lot for the nice and good words that youtold me about my photos! I appreciate this and your opinion is veryimportant for me :) I believe that you are honest with me, i feel it through yourletters... your words are sincere and intentions are expressed rightbasing on your heart desires. It's fabulous to realize that you and meare getting closer to each other more and more with each new letter.At last after so much time of being lonely, after all crushed hopes,after tears I cried, I found a man who I feel so good and comfortablewith , who understand me so well, who has the same life values i have.it makes me feel so happy! I also realize that I actually believe in love from the the firstsight. Do you belive in love at first sight,too? It's really amiraculous event which can happen with two people... one touch, onesight can just turn each other's life from up to down... and it willbe changed forever. Dear, I know that we speak different languages but this littleobstacle doesn't make us feel different to each other. I am notconcerned about language gap, I know that i can overcome it for theright man like you. I am willing to put my time and efforts to learnyour language. I want us to be able to understand each other andexpress our thoughts and feeling directly! A sensual kiss over your lips:) Yours Dasha

Letter 4

Hello,my dear Patrice! I came today to the agency to write you a letter but the manager ofthe agency told me that my account is over and I can't write lettersanymore,if I don't fill the account up. My dear,I'm very sorry forthis. I gave my last money today to write you a letter and to tell youabout it. :( My darling,I'm so upset now and I really don't know whatto do. Because my salary is not so big here (140$)so I can't pay forthe service now! I was trying to use the automatic translators in theInternet but honey it is really awful and it is really impossible toread the sentences. And I have no computer and Internet at home soagency - it is the only way now. I feel inside me that it is not the end of our story and that we haveall the chances to be together and to be happy. Honey,I'm so upset nowand I really don't know what to do. I want to cry now.... My dear,Iwanted to ask you if may be you could help me to pay for more severalletters? It would be the rescue for us now honey. Honey,please helpme! I really don't want to lose you. I miss you greatly! I'll be waiting for your news.
Only yours

Letter 5

Dear Mr Patrice,
We want to inform you that Ms Dasha has been using our serive in orderto correspond with you, but now unfortunately her account is empty andwe can't provide our spectrum of services to her. Dasha is very upsetbecause of this situation and hopes on your understanding. Though ifyou are interested in helping your lady, we can provide you with ourprice list and methods of payment. Dasha is truly hoping that you aresincerely interested in her,because she is interested in you verymuch. We provide our clients with Internet,computers,translatingservice,MSN. If you have another questions you can contact us usingthis number: +380980668969. Thanks for your attention. We collaborate with many people from all over the world and we'll beglad to collaborate with you also. Have a good day!
Sincerely yours,
executive manager
Vladimir Budinov.