Letter(s) from Irina Grankova to Alejandro (Italy)

Letter 1

Hi Dear Alejandro,

It will be a day to remember if events follow that unite the spirit and the soul and become one. A life time of searching for that special individual that is just right for you and makes you complete. Some say it only happens in novels but I believe that true happiness is fate and when a chance meeting makes your heart beat faster then I believe that you have found a union that is worth nurturing and exploring to make it unique and everlasting... We all have flaws but with understanding and love we can overcome many hurdles and learn to love each other even more. I have an abundant of love to share and give to you. Will you be sincere and kind and prepared to receive all that I have to give to you? My love is genuine and warm and I will do all in my power to please you provided you can be patient with me until I have learned how to please you. To give is to receive, for it is in giving that we truly express all our emotions and desires so that we can become better people.

Beauty is all around us. I believe that the most beautiful thing is life is the heart, because it is the one thing that makes us who we really are. The body and the mind can be beautiful but with a sad heart these things cannot work collectively to make a unique loving and happy individual. I am drawn to you, it is fate or a cosmic force; it is strong and yet loving, calling us to together to share in life’s mystery and explore the possibility of eternal happiness. Do you feel it? Can you see the many possibilities that lie ahead? Search your heart, for it will never lie to you. Does it beat faster and are you also thinking about what the future has in store for us.

I am happy to explore this union and see what promises the future holds for us, if this is mutual and I suspect it is, as I always listen to my heart, then I believe that we are on the right track and happiness is only a moment away. Let’s correspond and begin to know each other better, write me on my e-mail: Cutebaby@ua.fm

Regards, Irina.

Letter 2

Hi dear Alejandro,

It's good to hear from you again. Thank you for your letter and photos. I was very glad to read some news from you. I am very sorry, that a lot of girls are cheating here, but I also want you to know, that a lot of men here are only looking for sex and also none of them want to have serious relations. But I don't want to talk about our bad experience, if you are not against. I send you only my own photos, I don't think, that they are unreal or wonderful. I think, that I am attractive, but without some unreal traits, about which you've wrote.

I am a girl with a strong character, independent, social, intelligent and very adaptable. As every person on this earth I have my own aims and goals for life . I listen to what people say and do all my best to make things happen. I will work very hard when I have to reach a goal and being flexible helps me to be kind and thoughtful with others while I complete my goal. I take great pride in my appearance as I feel a girl should always look her best so her man will always find her attractive and desirable.

Let me tell you about myself, I am 26 years old, I was born on the the East of Ukraine in Stakhanov. My city is very small and without some beautiful sights. What about your? Is it big? I live in an apartment with my mother and cat Anfisa. I graduated from Pedagogical University five years ago and I work as a teacher at the kindergarten. My greatest desire in life is to find the right man, settle down and raise children. I love to work and look after my home as I feel it is the one place where you can relax and be at peace. I balance my work with my social and personal needs to be happy. Though, there are times when I have to leave some of my commitments to accomplish others.

When I find my man, and something in my heart tells me that you are someone special for me, I will fight for your affection and your love. Those girls will have to find another man as I have already found my special guy. My philosophy is this: Life is a special journey where we meet by fate and all that happen later depends on the choices we make. The challenges we have on this journey are designed to strengthen our character and make us understand ourselves even better. So come with me on my special journey and I promise you a lifetime of love, happiness and peace. I will be very glad to see you in real life and to communicate with you, I will meet you here. But I want us to know each other better, before we arrange our meeting.

And I think sincerity is very important in relationships and that is why I want to be absolutely sincere with you from the very beginning and I want you to know that I don't know English and I have to use the service of a translation agency. But I am going to learn English soon. But I think that the language of love doesn't need to be translated...
It is understandable for everyone... Don't you think so?

I'm honored with your attention and I think that we have a good start and I hope our union is a start of love, happiness and beautiful adventures. I would like you to tell me more about your desires and future goals? I am waiting for your replay. Take care!

Sincerely your,