Letter(s) from Irina Grankova to Fergus (Ireland)

Letter 1

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Dear Sir Fergus,

It is with our regret we want to inform you that unfortunately your letter can not be translated because Miss Irina Grankova that used our service has no funds in her account. She has visited our company this morning and we informed her that we can not translate your letter. Miss Grankova has informed us of the serious intentions with you that has developed and she and wishes it to continue. At the moment she is she can not afford to pay for our service to continue correspondence with you. She is waiting that you could assist her in this difficult and desperate situation. Miss Irina has informed us that she will visit our company tomorrow with the hope that you could help her.

Sir Fergus, if you wish to continue your correspondence with Miss Grankova and are able to assist her with the payment of our services, we will be very pleased to provide you with any information that you wish. We are always glad to help you. We encourage our clients for their suggestions and cooperation that will be mutually beneficial.
Thank you for using our service.

Best regards
Director of "Language Link"
Tatyana Vasilevskaya.