Scam Letter(s) from Melodie Spencer to Cetin (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hello Dear ,
Thanks so much for the email and i so much appreciate it so much... Yes i am really intrested in starting a good relationship with you, what about you?? Are you not ready?? So please try and get back to me if you want to start something with me... Also i am Kelly Jones , I am 28yrs of age and also i am a student who will become a graduate this year.. I am the only child of my parent and its sad that my parent are dead now , They died when i was 6yrs of age and ever since then i have been living alone... So tell me more about yourself... Like what you do for living?? Do you live alone?? Have you ever been married before?? Do you have any kids?? Have you ever cheated on a lady before??
I will be waiting to hear back from you soon Dear... Also i have attached some of my pictures to this mail and i sincerely hope you like them.
Kelly Jones.

Letter 2

I am a final year student who will become a graduate in few weeks from now in Nigeria down here... Because my Dad is from Sweden while my mum is from Nigeria and ever since they died , i have been living in Nigeria , So i have decided to come back to europe to look for a man to marry , So perhaps you could be the Man i want to marry and settle down with.

Bye for now and talk to you soon.
Kelly Jones

Letter 3

Hello My Dear Cetin,

Thanks so much for the wonderful email you have just sent to me today Cetin and i must confess to you that i always enjoy reading your cool emails to me and i am always excited when ever i get to read an email from you , Well Cetin , I can now understand you fully well and i am so happy to know more about your family... I thought you said you were living in Switzerland when you mentioned switzerland in your previous email to me , Cetin , I havent had the opportunity to travel out of Nigeria ever since i came down from Sweden where my father and mother used to live before they died when i was 6yrs old , I went through hell while growing up as a child here in Nigeria , Immediately my Parent died when i was 6yrs old , My Grandmother came from Africa to sweden to pick me and brought me down to Nigeria , because there was no one to look after me anymore in sweden... I am the Only child of my parent before they died , So i do not have any brother or any sister...

Cetin , I will like to be part of your family members some day soon.. I will like to get married to you Cetin... I will so much like to be called Mrs Kelly Atesdagli, I will like to be called your wife... You are the kind of man i have always been praying to God for and always been wishing for too , You really have the special way of making a woman feel so complete and happy deep inside of her.. But i am still confused that you still do not have a Girl Friend up till now , with all this sweet words you have Cetin??... Well , Maybe God really want us to meet and live together and thats why he hasnt make you find any woman all this while....But Thank God i have finally found you to myself alone and i cant wait any more to be with you soon.... Yes , If you can send down the Invitation from Germany to me , I will definitely look for a traveling agent down here in Nigeria , Who can help me get my Visa to Germany but Cetin , It costs so much money down here to Get a Visa to travel out of Nigeria... And you know i am still a student and i have not started working...So i do not have any money with me to get myself a Visa down here Cetin..

Cetin , I love your sweet talks . I love every little thing you say about me, I want to be with you so we can be able to spend some time together and see if we can be together forever living as husband and wife Cetin... We cant really get to know much about ourselves or get to learn so much about each other if we are far from each other , You live in Germany right now and i live in Nigeria , Its quite far from each other... We need to find a way just for us to be together Cetin... And the only way is for you to send me an Invitation Letter from Germany and i will take it a Traveling Agent here in Nigeria so he can help me forward my Visa Application to the German Embassy here in Nigeria for Visa and we can finally be together and i can be able to meet with your parents , your brother and your sister and maybe prepared to get married together... Cetin , I just pray and hope we can be able to meet each other soon and also last forever living together..

Cetin , I would like to ask for one favour from you , I am one woman to one man at a time , and i will like it so much if you can be like that to me too , I will want you to please delete your profile and account from meetic , So you wont have any body that will be disturbing you from there so we can both be able to concentrate on each other Cetin... Can you do that for me Cetin.

I will have to stop here for now... I will be looking forward to read from you soon.

Missing you so much and cant wait to be with you soon.

Miss Kelly Jones { Will soon be called Mrs Kelly }

Letter 4

Hello My Dear Husband ,

How are you doing today and how is everything going on there with you..... My Husband thank you so much for the Invitation Letter that you have written but would like to know who you write the letter to?? Is it the German Consulate here in Nigeria or in Germany that you write this Invitation Letter to??

{ich wollte fragen:ich will ein einladung zuschicken,meine freundin lebt in nigeria was brauche ich fur 3 monatiges einladung? welche unterlagen?ich habe deutsche pass und wieviel tage oder woche dauerts es? nach dem einladung ich habe eigene wohnung(sehr gro?)eigene firma also von meiner seite gibst kein probleme und mein darling wirds 1.mal nach Deutschland suchen ich bedanke mich herzlich fur ihre hilfe danke mit freundlichen gru? und ein angenehmes arbeit.}..

And when will they reply you back??

Cetin , I still believe you know that i am still very sick and its making me feel very tired so much.... I have been advised to go to the Hospital down here in Nigeria but the Problem is that i do not have any money on me to go to the Hospital and you know my Grandma too is Sick....

So Cetin , I am asking to know if you can help me send some little money down here so i can take myself to the Hospital so i can be treated to get well Dear.... The Hospital Fees is just 250Euros Cetin...
Can you help me with this???

Missing you so badly and cant wait to be with you soon.



Hallo mein lieber Mann!,

Wie machst du heute und wie wird alles, was los mit dir .... Mein Mann Vielen Dank fur die Einladung, die Sie geschrieben haben, sondern mochte wissen, wer ihr den Brief zu schreiben? Ist es die deutsche Konsulat hier in Nigeria oder in Deutschland, dass Sie dieser Aufforderung Brief an?

(Ich wollte fragen: ich will ein einladung zuschicken, meine Freundin lebt in Nigeria war brauche ich fur 3 monatiges einladung? Welche Unterlagen? ich habe deutsche Pass und wieviel Tage oder Woche dauerts es? Nach dem einladung ich habe eigene Wohnung (sehr gro?) eigene Firma auch von meiner Seite gibst kein Problem und mein Liebling wirds 1.mal nach Deutschland suchen ich bedanke mich herzlich fur Ihre Hilfe danke Mit freundlichen Gru? und ein angenehmes Arbeit.) ..

Und wann werden sie antworten Sie zuruck?

Cetin, ich glaube noch immer, Sie wissen, da? ich bin immer noch sehr krank und ihr macht mich sehr mude, so viel .... Ich habe empfohlen, um zum Krankenhaus hier in Nigeria, aber das Problem ist, dass ich kein Geld fur mich ins Krankenhaus, und Sie wissen auch meine Oma ist krank ....

So Cetin, ich bitte wissen, wenn Sie mir helfen, schicken Sie etwas Geld hier so kann ich mich an das Krankenhaus, damit ich behandelt werden konnen, um auch Liebe .... Das Krankenhaus Gebuhren ist nur 250Euros Cetin ...

Konnen Sie mir dabei helfen?

Missing You so schlecht und cant wait to be mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen.


Letter 5

Mein Mann, konnen Sie gehen Sie bitte zuruck zu den Western Union Buro-und beklagen sie, dass Ihre Ehefrau didnt das Geld in Ordnung ... Auch sagen sie bitte versuchen Sie es und uberprufen Sie ihr System zu uberprufen, was falsch ist mit dem Geld ..


My Husband , Can you please go back to the Western Union office and complain to them that your Wife didnt get the money okay... Also tell them to please try and check their system to check what is wrong with the money..

Letter 6

Hallo mein Mann ,

Ich ging an die Western Union-Buro und heute wurde mir gesagt, dass das Geld nicht da ist .... Bitte Ich wurde gebeten, Ihnen zu sagen, zu scannen und zu E-Mail mir die Western Union Transfer Eingang Sie erhielten bei der Western Union Buro gestern, wenn Sie das Geld ... Bitte setzen Sie sich zuruck, um mich mit der Western-Union-Details und auch der Western-Union-Einnahmen, so kann ich an die Bank morgen wieder ... Oder vielleicht sollten Sie zuruck auf die Western-Union-Buro, dass Sie den Versand der Geld-und Bericht zu erstatten, dass Ihre Frau didnt, um das Geld in Nigeria ... Sie sollten es noch einmal wiederholt okay, meine Liebe ..

Hoffe, das ist klar, fur Sie? ... Ich warte wieder zu horen, von Ihnen mit all diesen Dingen ..



Hello My Husband,

I went to the Western Union Transfer Office today and i was told that the money is not there... Please i have been asked to tell you to scan and email me the Western Union Transfer Receipt you were given at the Western Union Office yesterday when you send the money... Please get back to me with the Western Union Details and Also the Western Union receipts so i can take to the bank again tomorrow... Or Maybe you should go back to the Western Union office that you used in sending the money and report to them that your wife didnt get the money in Nigeria... They should resend it again okay , my love..
Hope this is clear to you?... I am waiting to hear back from you with all this things.

Letter 7

Hallo meine Liebe,

Wie machst du heute und wie ist Ihr Wochenende geht wie? Nun, ich wurde gerne wissen, ob Sie die E-Mail Ich habe Ihnen gestern, sollten Sie versuchen, und gehen Sie zuruck zu den Western Union Buro in Senden Sie das Geld zu mir und beschweren Sie sich, dass Ihre Frau didnt sehen das Geld, das sie an ihr ... Bitte versuchen Sie es und sie bitten, zu versuchen, und schicken Sie das Geld wieder, und sie sollten Ihnen einen neuen Western Union und Details erhalten Sie, wenn sie das tun, versuchen, wieder zu mir mit der neuen Western Union Details ....

Hoffe, das ist klar, Sie ??... Wir freuen uns zu lesen, bald von Ihnen.



Hello My Love ,

How are you doing today and how is your weekend going like?? Well i would like to know if you receive the email i sent to you yesterday that you should try and go back to the Western Union Office you use in sending the money to me and complain to them that your wife didnt see the money they send to her... Please try and ask them to try and send the money again and they should give you a New Western Union Details and please once they do that , try and get back to me with the New Western Union details....

Hope this is clear to you??... Looking forward to read from you soon.


Letter 8

Hallo mein Mann,

Was ist passiert? Ich verstehe nicht, all dies mehr ???... Ich kann das Geld bekommen Sie fur mich ..... Haben Sie liegen mir Cetin? Sind Sie sicher, dass Sie kein Geld Cetin? Bitte nicht Scherz mit mir, mich und meine Oma sehr krank werden hier, und wir brauchen das Geld, dafur Sorge zu tragen, der uns ...

Holen Sie sich jetzt zuruck zu mir mein Mann ...



Hello My Husband ,

What is happening?? I do not understand all this anymore???... I cant get the money you send to me.... Did you lie to me Cetin?? Are you sure you send any money Cetin?? Please do not joke with me , Me and my Grandma are very sick down here and we need the money to take care of ourselves ...

Get back to me now My Husband...


Letter 9

Hello My Love ,

How are you doing today , Hope fine?? I am beginning to start to think otherwise , I havent heard anything from you for the past few days now.... Are you really sure you sent the money to me at all?? Please try and atleast write me back so i can know if you really sent the money or now??... Looking forward to read from you soon... I have really missed reading your mails to me my love.

Love you so much and cant wait to be with you soon.




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