Scam letter(s) from Rose Bellick to Greg (USA)

Letter 1
Thanks for reaching me,i want you to know that i am an active person and I have to always be doing something My life is not ordinary, since I am always striving to grow. I have so many plans for the future. I try to always be in a good mood, to meet problems with a sense of humor. I have a motto "I do what I say”. Sometimes it causes me some difficulty but I like to be reliable. I am sure in myself-, joyful, kind and easy - going, because I like to communicate with people. As to my character I’m a calm person but in the same time I can be like a tornado passing through and I can be overcome with feelings. I’m trusting and try to be honest with everyone.
I like sports: fitness especially swimming. Theater, exhibitions, concerts, disco, museums, traveling .My favorite cuisine: Italian, Chinese .I like these kinds of music: classical, pop, jazz, opera, disco ... I like art: painting and sculpture...
My names are Alicia brenda john, I was born on 10th of JAN. 1980,by an American dad and a south African mum. we lived in US before my dad died of cancer when i was after his burial mum decided to go back to south Africa and she took me along.
i attended my high school in south Africa, then when i was 18,i had to join my dad’s brother at US in 1998 after spending 8 yrs in south Africa. so when i got to the US i lived with him in kentucky, where i went for a teaching programm. so when i finished i started by teaching kids in my neighborhood.
I had to go back to my mum in south Africa, when my uncle tried to use advantage of me and make love and when i refused, he kicked me out of his house.
But i travel allot especially to Africa to teach less privileged kids in sub Sahara Africa as a voluntary teacher. I have traveled to Mali, Senegal, Ghana, Algeria, and Togo to teach kids who cant afford school fees.
My mum passed away last two years in south Africa, leaving me all alone in this lonely world and since then i have been trying everything within my power to serve humanity. Due to the nature of work i do, I was transferred from south Africa to Benin republic last year, where i teach English language to French speaking people. so my life revolves around impacting knowledge to little kids, but it doesn’t prevent me from having time 4 myself and i like reading, watching movies and cooking.

I think its important u know all this, pls if there is anything u would like to know about me don’t hesitate to ask. I have to tell you, that life has been very rough for me, bcos i don’t have any relation left in this planet.
I would like to meet a man who is ready to build a strong family based on love, trust, devotion, mutual understanding, honest, open minded, having sense of humor, intelligent, financially stable, like to travel, looking for a serious relationship

I believe that a relationship between a man and a woman must be based on love, mutual respect, and honesty. Patience, in my view, is also quite important. It is necessary in order to understand and accept each other, in order to reach harmony in a relationship. I also think that love should help people to overcome all the difficulties that can come up in their life. Despite being very active and spending a lot of time out, I am a home-loving person and I am very attached to home. Comfort and coziness of home is very important to me. I love children.
take good care of yourself for me and i will be waiting to hear from you. bye for now.
Letter 2
Hello Greg, its nice to read from you once more and i want you to know that i liked the way you sounded with your email.I find you to be a very nice guy from your words and i hope you are what you sound like Because most men are just full of sweet words because they want something from a girl at first and when they achieve there aim, they are off.What caught my interest in your profile is the way you sounded open, the first thing that i saw that made me email you was i am here for you, are you here for me.That is your profile heading and i liked your picture too.I decided to read your profile and i loved what you expressed there in then i thought i should email you and get to find out more about you.I have emails on that inbox which i never replied to, it seems like every one there is looking for ***.I like *** as well but dont concider it what doing with someone i dont have any feelings for.I actually registered that site because of my friend, she found her love there and they are now married so she asked me to give it a trial and that it might work for me as well.I Believe you already know what i am looking for if only you read my profile and my first email to you.I want you to know that i am willing to move to any where i find my love in the future but i must know that he loves me and i love him as weel because i dont want thesame thing that happened to me with my ex to repeat itself again. I will like to tell you a little about my past relationship that makes me so scared to fall in love again cos after the incident, i take it that men are all thesame.i dont really know where to start telling you about this but i guess i will start from where all started going wrong.I came back on a sunday afternoon to meet my ex love having *** with my best friend, this happened a week to our wedding,the worst of it all was that he never felt sorry about what he did.when i tried to yell at him, he pounced on me and made me believe that i meant nothing in front of my shameless friend which i dont know if she used a spell on him.ever since then i have been scared of men cos he told me all sort of sweet words just to make me believe that he loved and wanted me and that nothing on earth could ever compare to me, i gave him all of my heart and i trusted him with all that i am but he disappointed me.I think i have to stop here for now and i hope to read from you soon and maybe see some of your pics. too.
Letter 3
Hello dear,its nice to get a mail back from you.I want you to know that i replied you cos i was impressed by the way you sounded and i was attracted to you the first time i saw your profile on the dating site. I want you to know that my heart is open to love again,but at the same time i am trying to be careful to make sure that i dont make any more mistake by chosing a wrong man to spend my life with, i need someone that will love and take care of me,someone that will love me whole heartedly and will not cheat on me like my ex did.someone that will make me feel like any other woman deserves, i dont care about his financial status or appearance cos i believe in inner beauty and not the outer one.You sound too nice to be true and i just hope that you are not just full of sweet words.It will be nice to meet in person, but lets take it slow for now and get to know each other first before we talk about that. Most people can't be honest because they are trying to get something from you first. For men it is getting laid first, that is most guys, the kind of guy that is not looking for a real long term relationship. Expectations or someone else does and breaks up more people then money does. That is why I put non on anyone but myself. I will know I am with the right person when we can talk about anything and the passion is hot. I have found when people have problems in there relationship they run instead of working things out, like getting counseling to work things out before giving up or going out and finding someone else.
I need that someone who makes my soul burn and makes me think.
With those things and the lost for your mate, now we are talking. No one knows the depth of passion and satisfaction two people can feel when 2 people have that trust openness and zest for one another.I can honestly say i like you too if not, i wont be waisting my time to write you.I want to learn more about you, i dont want to say anything for now, i like reading your email and i just hope you are exactly what you sound like.I will let you go for now and will write more as soon as i get to read from you again.
Letter 4

Hello dear, I must say i appreciate that you have to take your time to write me such long email, I dont know what it is about you that makes me feel so comfortable talking to you, i find myself thinking about you as well because you appear to be a very nice guy whom i will love to know more about.
I do want to know more about you. Hmm...what question doI have? Let me think, okay. Here are a few questions that will better help me understand more about you:
a) what would you consider are your top five features in your ideal match?My ideal match needs to be someone who
1. has a good sense of humor and doesn't mind my silliness and sometimes clumsiness
2. takes care of himself physically, spiritually,mentally, emotionally
3. man who is independent and loves helping others become better people
4. a man who enjoys the outdoors and any kind of sport
5. lastly, a man who is very affectionate and likes to be held, kissed and never gets tired of the romanticism by his woman; I know that is more than 5 but I had a hard time narrowing the list down to just five, so I grouped them into 5 phrases.
b) if you could be anywhere in the world at this moment for a holiday where would you be?That is a tough question, but I guess it would have to be Sydney, Australia
c) what are your main goals for the next 5 years?
d) when you leave this Earth what is it that you want to be best remembered for?I want people to say that Alicia cared about everyone she came in contact with and made them better people and took her advice and made their lives better by helping others the way she helped us and her memory will never fade for what she accomplished through her work.
e) how many "friends" would you say are in your immediate circle? I don't have that many friends in my circle. There are a lot of girls that I can go hang out with but they aren't that close to me. There's my best friend Angela,
f) have you ever dated outside of your race? If so, what ethnic groups or nationality?I have not, but I was attracted to an African American, while I was in college.
I don't have a preference on the ethnic group because all of them are beautiful.
g) how do you prefer to communicate your feelings to someone you are involved with? Writing? Notes? Email? Conversation? I prefer conversation, but any means is important, as long as the two are communicating in some way. Screaming? Hitting? Crying? Or you prefer not to?
I think i will let you go for now and will get back to you as soon as i get to read from you.

Letter 5
Hello Sweetie, How are you?? Fine I hope....
I have to tell you, You are the first Greg I have ever known, and I love your name. Very pretty name.... sort of like you. One thing that brings much pleasure in a close relationship is to surprise my man with like gifts of love,I guess is the best way to put it. I have exquisite taste in clothes... I believe. My last real love I used to bring flowers every fri, just to kick off the wk/end. It was such an innocent like, sincere love i had for him and i must admit that i miss him even after all he did. It is soooo cool to be deeply in love..... isn't it?? And.. I have to tell you, I have also felt that kind of love for God as well, not like a man / women love, but an exciting wanting to serve him/ talk to him love. I can draw so many comparisons. And you my dear,have helped me to see that all over again.... so I do thank you for that.
How is it..... that we established enough interest to start communicating to each other is sort of a mystery isn't it?? I have had a lot of emails in that in box, and you are the only one I e-mailed back to, and that is the truth. I am not trying 2 impress you w/ all this... like I am the perfect christian woman.. However, I have experienced a lot in my life to convice me that.. a.) it is for real. and .... b.) during most of the joyous times in my life, God was an active part of my life, and I always walked away. and... c.) as long as we are truly trying to do the right things in life,,,, many doors will open. I find my self thinking about you more than i ever thought posible, i think i am begining to fall in love with you and it scares me because of the distance between us.Its not an easy thing dealing with a long time relationship, i know you understand what i am talking about.
Well, let me get this off to you..... so I can write you more later. Talk to you soon..
Letter 6
Since the first day you told me you loved me, I hardly believed it. As each day went past and our love grew stronger, my mind did not lose the wonder of whether you love me or not. But lately you've proven me wrong and i want you to know that i believe in you.
I may not be the surest of women, knowing what to do and how to be careful, but I learn quickly. I want this to last.I believe God has sent you to me and for that I thank him from the bottom of my heart. You're truly a blessing, please, never forget. You've taken my heart and made it to wake. I see how much you care, and I feel like flying. You're lifting my heart in your hands and warming it with yours, and it's the best feeling in the world.
I sit right here, thinking of you, and how you make my heart beat and how I am in love. I could never have thought that I would feel this way. You know all too well how surprising this is, I just love you so much. I don't know how it happened, and frankly I don't even care, I just want to love you and you to love me. I'll love you forever and never leave you.
This may start sounding like a poem, I don't know; must be the rhythm of my heart that's calling for you. I just wanted to tell you, and the world, that you are my heart and my every thought. That I love you with everything I have and hold dear, that you mean more to me than this bright blue sphere. I miss you so much and i wish you can feel how I feel for you? Greg, you mean the world to me... I'll never forget you. I'll be faithful and never leave you.Honey i want you to know that if i was not attracted to you, i will not contact you at the first place, what matters to me right now is your love, i like you just the way you are and i am ready to face anything with you and i mean it from the bottom of my heart.I will start making arrangement from next week cos i want to be with you emmediately the session ends and that means we will see each other soon if all works well ok.
I want you to know that i am Still wondering if I am dreaming or what? Do I deserve all the love? What is it in me that makes you treat me so nice? I can't get any answers. However, I know that I'm glad and thankful that we feel this great connection between each other. Being loved by you is the only thing I need now. i cant wait for When you will hold me in your arms to show me hope in love. I am missing you terribly now. I wish you where right here with me now and i know things would have felt better, to fall in your arms, to hear from your mouth that you love me and to see your smile when you look at me. Thank you for loving me and last but not least I love you too … I really do.
Love Always,
Letter 7
We are both birds of free spirit, but we fly together forever. It is you who I am so sure of spending the rest of my life with, to marry, to have children with, to love and to cherish forever and eternally.
And as fear can stop you from loving, love can stop your fear. I believe this to be true. When I look towards our future, you are always pictured there. I worry and I care for you. This is meant to be.I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind.
I have previously thought that I have been in love, but then you came along, took my hand and educated me further into learning as to what love REALLY is. I have so much to thank you for.
Thank you for your respect of my thoughts and feelings.The fact that STILL I cannot find the words to describe exactly how my heart feels when i get to rteda your emails. However, even if I had all descriptive vocabulary embedded unto my brain, I am sure that there still would not be a word that would fit exactly right.
Loving you until the skies fall down, Ever since you walked into my life, I have been smiling. There hasn't been a day when I have gone to sleep with a frown on my face, and it's all because of you. Honey, I am glad that you came into my life. I have always wanted the love of my life to be understanding, loving, caring, faithful and most of all someone who would accept me for who I am. Now I have found the person I was looking for. My heart told me that you are my prince charming. I know that you are Mr. Perfect. I don't think that there is, or there could be, anyone better than you out there for me.
I love you with my whole heart. I have never trusted anyone the way I trust you. Sometime I even doubt myself, but I know I will never doubt you because you are my true love. I know deep down inside that you will never break my heart or never let me down in anyway.
Thank you honey for everything. I pray to God everyday to bless you with everything you deserve. I will love you until the end of time.
Always and Forever Yours,
Letter 8
Hello sweetie, I want you to know that i have been busy today trying to make inquiries about the trip thats why i have not contacted you earlier before now. I want you to know that i met the traveling agent today. he made me Understand that i am qualified to make the trip cos i had all the pappers needed for the trip.He also told me that there will be a flight leaving Cotonou international airport next week Monday to Canton Ohio and there is also another flight for wednessday . He said that it will cost me $1550 To get to Canton airport. my love the problem right now is that i cant afford all that on my own, i really would need your assistance so that i can purchase the ticket and be on my way to you soon honey.I told the agent that i will get back to him cos he told me that there are not much sits left and that if i must make that trip,i must have to book my flight as soon as possible.I will have to let you go for now but will be waiting to read from you soon with much anticipation.
Letter 9
Hello sweetie, i want you to know that i haved checked on my own to know how much it is going to cost me and i found out that it will cost $1200, i think the agent is adding his agent fee and that is why it was that expensive so i think we will have to get the ticket without having to go through a travel agent any more. Honey i want you to know that i miss you so much and cant wait to start spending my every waking moment with you, You are all i need right now honey and all i need is your support so that i can purchase this ticket as soon as possible and be on my way to you probably by next week.Honey its very late here and i was about to go to bed but i though i should write this email to you probably when i awake, you must have written back so i know what our plans are.Honey i will let you go for now and hope to be with you in my dreams and please dont keep me waiting to read from you soon.
Love always
Letter 10
Honey i am wondering why your message to me is very short after i told you about the ticket thing, i am very concerned about this sudden change of attitude and i want you to tell me if everything is alright cos you got me thinking all day and i cant even sleep last night.The ticket is a one way ticket.Honey you know i really want to be with you and i am worried now because i dont know if this might cause a delay towards our meeting, i miss you so much and i want you to know that you are all that matters to me right now and i am very comfused right now and short of words.Honey please get back to me as soon as you get this, dont keep me hanging and waiting for so long to get a mail back from you.I love you so much and miss you great deal.
love always
Letter 11
Hello sweetie, i want you to know that i haved checked on my own to know how much it is going to cost me and i found out that it will cost $1200, i think the agent is adding his agent fee and that is why it was that expensive so i think we will have to get the ticket without having to go through a travel agent any more. Honey i want you to know that i miss you so much and cant wait to start spending my every waking moment with you, You are all i need right now honey and all i need is your support so that i can purchase this ticket as soon as possible and be on my way to you probably by next week.Honey its very late here and i was about to go to bed but i though i should write this email to you probably when i awake, you must have written back so i know what our plans are.Honey i will let you go for now and hope to be with you in my dreams and please dont keep me waiting to read from you soon.
Love always
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