Scam Letter(s) from Julia to Ted (Norway)

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Letter 1

Hi and nice to meet you! My name is Yulya but for closest I am Yulechka:-)))) I am writing youthe letter to catch the chance to know you, to get acquainted. I'm glad that I met you here and that the Fate gave me a chance toknow you! May be we'll have something in future... who knows :-) Imust admit that I didn't believe in "Internet love". But after myfriend met her husband via Internet..... I thought, that I also shouldtry this :-) I would like to find a man here, my second half, and..... if the luckwill be on my side, my future husband. I'm disappointed in my aim tofind a husband here in Ukraine, that's why I'm trying this way ofgetting acquainted. I want to create a strong and friendly family, Iwant to feel the condition of happiness, living in this big world, Ithink that everything should be mutual in the relationship: love,respect, support and many other things. I believe in marriages,concluded in the sky, in spite of the fact that there are very littleperfect marriages nowadays. But anyway couples should aspire to it. Ihave so many desires and I need only to realize them, but for this Ineed a hero :-) And who knows.... may be you are my destiny, may beyou are that hero? :-) And the voice inside me tells me that I shouldtry. So, if I made you interested, you can write to me on the addressfrom which you received this message - it is my address. I will bewaiting for your letter and in any case wish you all the best:-))))

Letter 2

I think the first phrases of this letter are the hardest, but probablyI should thank you for writing to me, and I hope that thisrelationship, which starts with acquaintance, will grow into somethingtruly special for both of us. Right now we are like two strangers thatnoticed each other in the crowded street and felt that we are morethan just strangers to each other, and that we want to learn moreabout each other to find out what made us want to stop and lookcloser. Am I right? Something about myself. And I am sending you my photos in hope, youwill like them and will send some of yours too:-) As you already know, I am Yulya, a 28 years old woman (February, 23,1981). By the way, on the day of my birthday we celebrate somethinglike Father's Day in our country. Do you have this holiday over there?So, my birth was a gift from my mom to my father. I am single and months ago broke up with boy friend, never married andnow looking someone from other country. I have parents and a sister.My mom is architect and dad - builder, but they couldn't find a nicejob here, so when me and my sister grew up, they came to Siberia towork there. They come to visit us with sister 4-5 times per year, butme and my sister Lena missing them a lot. I was born in Ukraine. I live with my sister in Izyum (Kharkovregion). The city where I live has four seasons. In the summer thetemperature can be as high as 36C and in winter temperature can dropas low as –25C if wind factor is not counted. We get 2 feet of snow onaverage. But now it is summer coming to our town so everything isbecoming so fresh and beautiful! I like this time of year most ofall:-)))) I am an open minded person and can talk on any topic. I AM LOOKING FORlife partner who is loyal, smart, educated, friendly, and sexy. I amnot concerned about age and race because love has no boundaries. Theonly thing is truth, passion and emotions with sincerity. But back to me myself... I am 167 sm tall and about 56 kg weight,healthy and look young. I do not smoke, drink and gamble and this isvery much liked by my friends. I am allergic to selfish and meanpeople. After graduation of the college and gaining the knowledges inmarketing, I started working as a promoter in cosmetics company(Avon). I like my JOB, as it supposes a lot of communication andmeeting new people. And of course, as any woman, I like looking goodand this feature is important when you are selling cosmetics. MyHOBBIES are camping, movies, gardening and sports (fitness, swimmingand running every morning). I watch movies from time to time and Ilike suspense, action, and melodramas. I tried to let you know as much about myself as it is possibly. Hopeyou weren't bored reading all those things about me. Please, askquestions if you have in your mind and heart and reply with confidenceand trust. Take care, write me sooner, Yulechka.P.S. If you can read all this and still be interested then you arevery strong indeed. :)

Letter 3

Good evening!(at least, here it is evening:-)))) I am glad you decided to keep our correspondence. It was a greatpleasure to me to receive your letter and find out that there issomebody out there having the same wishes and desires. You might ask me why I decided to put an ad in the Internet. Well, thereason for this is that I wasn't able to find my soul mate so far. Itwas a serious step for me, because I realize that if I find my specialone abroad my life will change in many ways. It is interesting to tryto guess what personality is each person I meet. I am an opened andsociable person and that it is why it is not a problem for me tobecome friends with people. I have lots of friends, but I have only afew very close ones with whom I can share everything what I have on mymind and in my heart. These are people whose friendship I value a lotand whom I will always help out if there is a need, I know that theywill always support me too! There is also one more thing, which I want you to know about me too.Unfortunately, I do not any foreign languages. But I have one goodfriend, Sveta. She used the services of the same translationalservices as I do, to meet her second half abroad. And can you imagine,she really found a man here, his name is Klaus and he is from Germany.Now, they are together. Sveta have visited Klaus in Germany, Klaus hadasked her to visit him. There they have understood that they reallylove each other. I remember Sveta was so happy in that time. Theylived together during two months in Germany. And then they have cameto Ukraine, to Izyum too. Sveta said to Klaus that she has missed herparents, and that she wanted to visit sometimes them, and they came toIzyum from Germany. They are very happy together, they love each othervery much, and they are already expecting for a baby:-))) I slightlyenvy to Sveta and Klaus :) and, of course, we still meet with eachother sometimes and spend a lot of time together when they are inUkraine. We are so good friends! (see the attached photo with them) I don't want to try to persuade you that I am very non-ordinary orunique, I think that I can become truly unique only to a person whowill see something that others can't notice, who will fall in lovewith me deeply with all of his heart, who will see my inner world andwho will be able to understand me...I am looking for a caring,reliable, understanding man, whose intentions about building a warmfamily are serious. That is why it is important for me and you to openup to each other and learn more and more about each other with everyletter we write. Right now our letters is the only possibility to talkand I think that it is even good, since sometimes it is easier to saythings in written form than face to face, especially when arelationship only braids. I will close for now and will impatiently wait for your next letter.Tell me more about yourself, about your interests, about what isimportant for you in a relationship! Send me more your pictures!Kisses from Yulya!



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