Scam Letter(s) from Elena Ilina to Lars (Norway)

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Letter 1

Hello my beautiful stranger (smile)! MR XXX (SMILE) What is you Real name??? I wish to tell to you many thanks for your photos. Your photos have very much liked me you look very well. I hope that you will send me more than your photos soon. I am happy to receive your letter. But in this letter, I will not write much About I because I want to know how much you are seriously interested in Relations. I am very serious attitude to find my Second half and sincerely do not want to play games. you understand that I do not want to spend time just so! I very much ask you tell me you are serious in your search or is just fun factor? I do not want to waste time. if you Really serious and ready to start a serious relationship in your next letter just write it!! Really if you're serious and you write to me then I will be very pleased, I will write you a big letter about yourself and send you more my photos. I will wait for an answer from you if you are willing, I will be very very happy! simply write and tell me! I expect from you a letter very soon, your good friend Elena (I hope)

Letter 2

Hello my dear new friend Lars .
I am glad, what you have written to me, it is probable - our chance?What you think of it? (Smile ) I doubted that you will answer myletter, But you have answered also I am very glad to hear that you arevery serious in your search for the second half just like me! !I forthe first time do it therefore I is a little confused. I do not knowfrom what to start to speak difficultly with the person and to not seehis eyes, gestures, a smile, I shall send you the photo together withthis letter, I hope that it is pleasant to you. Well, I shall write toyou a little about myself as I promised. If I shall overlook to tellsomething about myself you can ask me any questions. I with pleasureshall answer your questions. I the usual woman, actually I am notdistinguished by anything from others. my name is Elena. To me of 27years. I was born July ,15, 1981. My growth of 173 centimeters andweight of 56 kg. I have Blond hair and blue eyes I never was married,and naturally have no children. And you? I have many interests: music,reading, books, cinema, sports meets take not last place. Other thingswhich make life of more remarkable. I the creative and curious person.I very cheerful, kind, vigorous and modest in a measure. I easily findcommon language with strangers, and simply I like to talk oninteresting themes!. I live in Russia, city Omsk. and I hope, that itdoes not frighten you As we are on such big distance from eachother??? ))) But I think that if we want that we can go any distanceIf we see in each other second half! OK is a little about my Work Iwork in city hospital! I work the doctor - anaesthesiologist and verymuch to like me my work. I think to you I will be very interesting toknow about which person I search? I search simple for the man whichcan understand, estimate me all my merits and demerits. I to searchfor the man which to not be afraid of serious relations. I to wantthat he to make me happy. Appearance, Color of a skin and religion forme not the most important. The main thing for me in relations thisunderstanding and support on the part of the favourite person. I wouldlike to meet a honest, reliable, sincere, kind, caring and loving man.I want to find my soul mate who will also be my best friend, a lovinghusband and a person that possess a loving heart that needs to beloved. I have a lot of love i want to give and share with someone whocan receive that love and then give love in return. I very much wantto find loved person who would love me sincerely and with all theheart. For me the most important qualities In the person are honestyand sincerity because without these qualities it is impossible tocreate strong family of which I always dreamed. I search for personwith whom I might be quiet for the future and the future of ourchildren. I want to present to my second half all love, tenderness andcaress. my husband Should be: kind, with good sense of humour, tender,clever, Careful, loving the wife and children, And I would not wantthat my the husband was greedy!. I think it dreams of any girl I wouldlike, that you have written to me about yourself. It would bedesirable to see from you is a lot of photo. I hope, that you tooshare my point of view and too want to find such person???I shall bevery happy, if we in fast with can be together and go on lifetogether. I hope, that you understand it I do not accept simply thecorrespondence and familiarity. I search for serious attitudes. Ihope, that you will write about yourselves naturally too, only thetruth. I do not want to spend all for nothing time with the personwhich Me deceives or only for entertainment. Interestingly I at allhave not noticed that have written to you such big letter!!! I hopethat you will not be tired by reading of my letter and it to like you.I shall wait from you the letter as soon as possible.
Your friend Elena.



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