Letter(s) from Veronica Kadochigova to Newton (USA)

Letter 1

Newton hello again,I do hope you are not tired of my lettters!!!
Thank you so much for your photo, you look so good! Looking on your photo I have a feeling you somewhere very close to me!
I think I should write you more things about me, I hope it will be interesting for you to know me better!
As I wrote I`m 25 years old, My birthday is July 30, I'm a Leo!!! Do you believe in horoscopes?
I'm 168 cm tall (5.6.) and 51 kg weight. I don't know exactly my bust-waist-hips measurements, I don't have a reason to measure it because I think it's OK and my body is proportionate, I take care of my body, for truth its very easy for me, because I like to dance a lot, so it helps me to keep feet!!! As for my family - I live with my mother. My mother is 46 years old, I love her very much, she works as a hairdresser in salon. I have a sister Marina, she is 24 years ols, she is already married and has a dauther. They live poor enough, because her husband is is an alcoholic, he drinks too much..
For truth I don`t want to have the same life as my sister has...
My father was a great person, he was courageous and brave. He is an ideal man for me.
My father died 4 years ago in auto crash... My mum cried for several months but now she is ok, she will never meet another man because my father was the only man in her life .It was my mother's idea to try to work to another country.
She loves me very much and she thinks that its impossible to earn good money in russia working as a manicure master,espesially in small towns. She reads many stories about girls who found their happiness abroad and now she wants me to do the same.
As I wrote you I live in russia, the name of my city is Krasny Chikoy,it is small and very old town , it is situated in Chitinskaya Oblast (District). The nature is really beautiful here but I can`t tell any interesting facts about my city, because uit is very small.
Newton it will be great if you will tell me some interesting facts about your city.
I don`t remeber if I told you or not but I graduated from Chitinsk University three years ago, Economy faculty but I don't work on my specialization because I can't find a good job here in economy sphere, my city is so small. I don`t use any translators and I can speak and write English well. I also have a certificate of manicure master, I have several diplomas, I will send you some of them, I think it will be interesting for you! I write my emails from Internet cafe, we have a computer but no Internet at home. Yesterday I told my sister about you yesterday! She said I should be cautious because there are a lot of crazy men in internet! I hope you are not one of them!
Newton today I'm going to tell my mother about you, I'm sure she will be happy I've met you.
It's a pity there is no messenger here, so we can talk only using e-mails..
My address here is Russia, Krasny Chikoy, Lenina street 18.
So now you have a representation of who I am....
I just want to tell you I enjoy life and I try to live to the fullest, I like to try new things. I'm very tender, caring, artistic, faithful, decent person.wow ,it sounds too much for one person!!!!Sometimes I can be not well organized, I think everybody had it's own minuses and pluses.I don't look any special qualities in a man. I just hope he will be faithful and kind man and I will do everything to make him happy. I'm looking for a soulmate! sorry if I misse

Letter 2

Hello Newton! I have time to send new letter! I think I'm a lucky girl to meet such good man as you in Internet world! I hope I will be lucky enough to meet you in the real life soon!
Yesterday I told my mom about you. She said that now she doesn`t worry about me as before because now she knows you are a kind man and can help me if I need your help. Carlos you can show me your city and tell me more about the life over there!
I think you know I like cooking. I can cook some Russian dishes for you! Pelmeni, vareniki, blini, borsch, okroshka! You will like it! Besides Russian cuisine I like Italian and Mexican. I love spaghetti and pizzza!!!!! mmmmmmm ! I like Mexican food because it's very spicy, although I don't cook Mexican dishes too often. I've been told my cooking is very tasty!
I like to cook cakes. My favorite is cheese-cake with raspberry! You know... when I talk about food I'm getting hungry ))) I eat everything and I don't like any diets but usually I don't eat after 7 pm. This helps me not to be fat!Newton I can cook many tasty things for you when we meet! You know.. almost all Russian men are like bears! They are so rude, they can't be nice and polite, they don't want to have a family. I think you are not like them.
I like to go to the cinema! I really like to watch a good movie with my friends. 50 percents of movies in our cinemas are Russian and about 50 American. Actually my favorite actor is Johnny Depp and I like all movies with him. I've watched Pirates of the Carribean (part 3) some time ago! I think the third part is not as good as the first part. Have you seen it?
Could you recommend me any movie so I can watch it?What is your favorite movie and actor?
Soooooooooooooooo......... what else could I say?
I have a driver's licence but I don't have a car.Sometimes I go to the theatre but not often.
There is only one small theatre in my city and there is nothing interesting. If I want to watch a good play I should go to the nearest big city, there sometimes can come some famous Russian actors and dancers but I can't go there often because it's quite expensive.
I want you to know small things about my life, because it will show you who I am.
Ok, I think I will finish my e-mail for today, because I should go home to cook some food!
I`m sending more pic... One of them from last summer, when I was in sochi (russian sea resort) with my sister. I also sending a photo of me and my sister on her wedding!
Always, Veronika!!!

Letter 3

Newton hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have enough time to write a long email I'm in a hurry....
Please write me the name of the closest Airport to you (possibly International) and it's code (if you know)
For example the closest inter Airport to me is Chita airport and it's code is (HTA). I already started to pack my things and I want to start my trip so I will go to Moscow from Chita. I have so many worries and I'm so afraid to start everything but if I don't start it now I will never do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will write more tomorrow and will tell you all things you are interested about me!
and please don't worry if I will be not able to send my letter tomorrow I think I will be very busy and as soon as I can I will send new letter with all the news!I think in a day! I will go to airlines office now and will buy a tickets to Moscow, its very expensive, but I have some savings so I have money to pay for plane ticket to moscow and to pay for renting room in moscow. As soon as I will arrive to Moscow, I will finish my documents to travel, as work permission, medical insurance etc.
Newton I`m waiting a confirmation of airport from you, so I will buy ticket to your airport. I know it won`t be cheap, but my mum will receive a salary for last 2 months (her work detained wages) and will send me money when I will find out the cost of tickets! By the way I made some special photos for you, I hope you will like it! For truth it was my sisters idea to make such photos for you but I liked it and I hope you will like photos also!!! My sister is a good photographer, I hope she will allow me to take a photo camera to moscow, I don`t know!
Newton you see I asked my sister Marina to take a sexy photos of myself because I didn't have any sexy photos and I thought I will need because we can't meet me right now... you can't see me personally and I thought you will want to know how my body looks like... and I think good sex is quite important for successful relationship.
now I know you little more and I will cross my fingers I'm not wrong in doing this and I will make a show of trust and send you my sexy pics to you hoping it will be for your eyes only and you will not show it to someone. I don't want to chat about sex or something like that, I just wanted to show you how my body looks like... and that's all. Maybe I shouldn't do this but I will click "send" button and close my eyes! I hope you will be not mad on me because I sent such pics for you, I'm a good girl, really!!!!!!!!!! I just thought we can't meet right now and I have to show you my body..
Please don't show my pics to anyone and please don't ask for any naked pics or something like that. I'm a good girl and I'm not into taking such photos!
I really apologize if you think now I'm not a good girl... I hope you don't think so.
Please let me know and I will write you more if I'm forgiven for sending this pics!!! I'm impatiently waiting for your answer!
Talk to you later!
Veronika with kisses for you !!!!

Letter 4

Newton dear I'm so excited to write you again!!!!!!!!!! I'm in Moscow! You can't imagine how happy I am because I already started my trip to you!
I still cannot believe I've done it! WoW! As I wrote you I was scared to fly on the plane but everything was OK and I'm still alive ))))
Sorry I didn't write you sooner, it was not easy to find a place to stay here... I couldn't find a cheap hotel, everything is so expensive in Moscow.Finally I found a place to stay, I rent a room from an old woman. She is about 70 years old. She said her husband died 2 years ago she feels alone now. so she gives in rent rooms in her small 2rooms flat.She is very nice woman. She said I have to be very careful.
Newton, you know... she said many girls from small cities come to big cities, they are looking for a better future and fortune but because they are from small cities they can`t imagine their way to find the happiness can be not so easy as they thought...She said I should be careful when I meet you!! But I don't worry about it! I feel with all my heart you are really nice man!
Sorry I wrote you about my worries.. I have nobody to write about it.My mother is worried enough about me and I don't want to make her worry any more. I think that's really good I've met you! I can write you about everything.By the way, one more thing about my trip. Travel agency will help me to rent a room to stay near my future work in your area. It will be very good, because I will be able to pay rent just in one month after my arrival, after my first salary. I was in travel agency today and they told that my visa is ready, it will be approved after I will buy plane tickets!
Oh, I`m so exited about it!!! Maybe it seems to be like I`m in a hurry, but you see all my documents are arranged on exact dates so I need to take a flight before 6th June Saturday. I can`t delay my flight on a later date.. As soon as travel agent book tickets for my flight my mum should receive her salary and send me money to moscow.
I hope she will be able to do it in time! Newton you should know you won`t have any problems with me, I will rent a room over there and will start to work as soon as I will arrive. I`m sure I will find work as a manicure master in beauty salon with no problems.
Today I looked for prices on mobile phones in moscow, but it was too expensive for me, so I will try to find a public phone, I will try it on tuesday ok??
As you know I will stay there for several months and later if I want I will be able to prolong my visa there. I will arrive by my Work visa, so I won`t have any problems with law while I will be working.I miss my family... but I'm getting better with every hour.
By the way, my sister didn`t allow me to take her photo camera in moscow, so I can`t send you any moscow photo, its a pity..
So I`m sending you my old photo, ok? So you will look on me more!
Now I'm very hungry and I will go and eat something.
Newton, please write me as soon as possible!See you soon!
Big kiss from moscow!!Veronika!!I will write again tomorrow!!!

Letter 5

hello!!! How are you?
In Moscow its very warm weather, about +20 in celcium.
You know, I feel myself so lonely here, Everyone rush somewhere and I don`t know anybody here. Carlos I was in a travel agency, all my documents are ready, so now I only need to buy roundtrip tickets.They will check a possible flight to your airport.
They will give me all information (date and time of my arrival, terminal number.)on Monday. I think I will fly in a week or so, because all my documents are arranged on exact dates and I won`t be able to delay my flight.
Carlos I try to learn as much information about your country and living there as I can. I find some information in internet and read it. Today I was reading about your traditions and holidays.
I like to read about your holidays and traditions, it's very interesting. I think you know such holiday as Saint Valentine's Day, it was on February 14.When my country was called Soviet Union (USSR) nobody celebrated it and nobody knew about this holiday.and maybe about 8 years ago many people here began to celebrate Saint Valentine's Day and now it's very popular holiday here!
Carlos I wish we could celebrate some holiday together!
I bought few pieces of souvenirs for you, all day I was looking Moscow sightseeings and visited some souvenir shops. I'm sure you will like them!
Sorry can't buy many. By the way, I took my family album with me so when we meet - I will show you all my family and you will see how I looked like when I was a little girl!
Ok, I send you a thousand of kisses and will wait for your message!!!!
Newton I will write you more on Monday, after my visit to the travel agency!
Kisses to you!!! I'm sending you some funny pics and my old photos. Ok, Veronika with kisses.

Letter 6

Newton hello my dear, Veronika here I have got info about my Flight from travel agency and resend to you. I am so happy to meet you just in a few days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just have not any words how happy I am and a little tired of so many troubles here.


>TRAVEL INFO: Kadotchigowa Veronika.


>Travel Agency - "ValenokToursLTD."


>TRAVEL INFO: Kadotchigowa Veronika - private tour. (Work visa) Russian-English variants. ENGLISH SPEAKING GUIDE.


>Travel dates for: Ms. Kadotchigowa Veronika.
>Please label the inside and outside of each piece of baggage to
>be checked in with your name and where possible your address.
>Suitable baggage labels and
>stickers are available free of charge. In advance of your journey.
>please note the current free baggage allowance included in your
>ticket price. You can find this information in the internet or via
>your Airline contact
>In case you booked a special fare please note that it can
>be subject to restrictions. Travel Abroad: When preparing to travel
>abroad for less than 5 months,
>it is important to ensure entry to another country . Depending on
>the country to be visited and the student's nationality, it may be
>necessary to apply for a
>visitor visa. The person must have: a valid passport or travel document, valid visa.
>No special permission is needed, but it is important to have a valid
>passport, valid visa and all travel documents.

>Thank you for your booking and have a pleasant journey. Kind
>regards.Travel Agency - "ValenokToursLTD." is a licensed and officially registered travel agency.
>Our goal is to provide quality services for group and individual travelers.


>Please use our service .Managers: Ms.Kaitseva Inna.


>The nearest possible flight is - Saturday 6, June 2009.Departure
>Saturday 6, June Moscow (SVO), Russia, Sheremetyevo International
>terminal 2.

>Price: foreign passport, visa, tax, consulate fee, ticket Eco.class.USD 1190.00+
>Russian Federation.Ms.Kadotchigowa Veronika. sex-F.

>This reservation will be automatically cancelled if the order is not
>purchased until Thursday 4, June 2009.

Newton you see, I’ve got all the information About my flight and I'm resending it for you!! My flight was arranged On Saturday and I am so happy to say we will meet in few days!!!! I am really lucky girl to meet you!
But I have a little problem and I really hope you will be able to help Me. You see I never expected I will ask you for such help but I have
Nothing else to do. You know my mum promised to send me money for
Tickets by western union as soon as I will find out prices but today
She was told on her work that because of economic crisis she will
Receive salary just in one month... So that’s why she can`t send me
Money for tickets now and I can`t delay my flight because all my
Documents are arranged on exact dates...
Newton I wanted to ask you to help me to pay for my tickets
Directly but I was told in travel agency I can't use your help or ask you about sending me tickets or ordering
Electronic ones because I have a permission to use the help of the
Travel agency only. Your see its business of travel agency to arrange all travel things for my trip, such is the law.
If I will but ticket by myself, I won`t be able to use my work visa.. so you can`t send me tickets..
I`m sure my mom will help me but just in one month and I can`t wait
so long because I need to buy tickets till Thursday.
I was in the bank to try to ask them a loan but they said I need to have registration in Moscow to get a loan from their bank and I don't have it! I know I`m asking you for very big think but maybe it will be possible for you to help me. You are my last hope and I have nothing else to do. If I won`t buy tickets my visa will be canceled and it will be forbidden for me to apply for visa again for next 4 years..
Newton I have only about 210 dollars that I expected to
Take with me for the first time so if you will help me with 980 I will
Have enough to buy tickets. The full cost of tickets is 1190 dollars.
I know it’s a big sum of money for you, but pls try to help me and me promise I will return you money back after my first salary or as soon as my mum will send it to us, as she promised.
I will cross my fingers hoping for your help because I want to meet you so much!!!!! I will be waiting for your answer!!!
Newton pls make a transfer by western union, I never used it, but I find out about it while I was expecting my mums help.
You should know my rent address here is 28/11 Lyjnaya street, Moscow, Russia.
Remember my full name is Veronika- (first name) .
Kadotchigowa-(last name, its the right writing in transliteration from russian, I was told it by manager in travel agency). It is right writing in English, and you should put it on western union list and you can choose any bank in moscow,so I can pick up the money at any bank of moscow.
The address of the closest Western Union here is
Moscow, 105064
Managers said I can get only western union transfer because I don`t have bank account in moscow!
But it will be safe to use western union transfer because I need to have passport to receive it!
And please after you complete transfer write me the number of the transfer,
P.S. Carlos I`m so sorry I asked you for such help, but you see you are my last hope and now my only wish is to meet you. I want to start a new life and I`m sure we can spend so many happy days and probably nights together! Please try to help me with rest 980 and I will fly to you on Saturday and in one month I will return you money back!!
I kiss your lips and starting to dream about our meeting!!!!