Scam letter(s) from Irina Kosovawas to Pedro (Spain)

Letter 1
Hi ! How are you doing today? First of all, I want to thank you for your letter. I appreciate that you found some time to write me:-)))) I don't even know what to start with - I just do not want to sound too banal:-))) But I really hope that our meeting here will bring us some good feelings. You know, I believe that everyone on the earth has his/her second half but unfortunately not everybody can find it:-((( I dare to hope that I am not going to be amongst this part of people, because I want to be beloved and I want to make someone special, and I am sure that can do that! Of course, you can ask me why I'm searching my love in the Internet and you'll be not the first! A lot of my friends are telling that I'm pretty and not ****** girl, so what I'm doing in the Internet? I can answer, that Internet is one of the chances for me to find a real love, real man and to create a strong friendly family! My second half may live on the other end of the earth but it's not a problem for me! I'm sure that love has no barriers for two beloved person! Do you agree with me? If you are agree, will wait for your letter on the address from which you received this message, this is my e-mail address. Kisses, Ira.
P.S. And I want to say that I don't take care about your age because love has no age:-))) inner beauty is more important for me. All that I need is love, support and understanding. Again, I am waiting for you rreply:-)
Letter 2
Hello, again! I won't hide the fact I feel really excited getting your letter. I am glad to have the opportunity to learn you better, as well as to give you more information of myself too. And by the way, yes, I am 100% agree as for Stephen Spielberg:-))) You must wonder what am I doing here? Addressing to Internet for finding my second half, wasn't a spontaneous desire:-) Actually, I would never do it if not one my good friend:-) Since school she dreamt to see the city of all lovers, and now she lives there, together with her husband. So, I decided to follow her experience and found you:-) Who knows? I was born May, 9, 1982 (yes, just several days ago I had my 27th birthday:-))), in Ordzhonikidze, Dnepropetrowsk region, Ukraine. I still live here. This is not very big city on the east of Ukraine. Do you know Ukraine? I am single, never married, without kids. I work as a shop assistant in the cloths shop. Since I was a child, I liked sew different 'fashionable' cloths for my dolls:-))) I like creating my own models, and dream to have my own shop one day:-) My second biggest dream is to learn English one day. Some events in my life didn't allow me to do this earlier, that is why I use TRANSLATIONAL BUREAU to write you my letters. I know, this fact may confuse you, but I wish you never stopped writing me. We should use all chances to save each other from loneliness. I also have a very close friend - Buffy (see the attached photo).Buffy is not the brightest dog in the world and she was a real bear to train when she was a puppy but she has two jobs that she does around the house and she does them very well. First, and this is not very taxing, she is the prettiest dog of the district:-)))) She’s calm,pleasant, and pretty and is just the kind of dog you want to follow you everywhere. I trained her to do that, follow me EVERYWHERE. Second, Buffy's real job is to close the front door whenever we come inside. She does this every time we come in and she loves doing it. She'll whip around after we go inside, check to see that all the other dogs are in, and then push the door closed with a nice satisfyingshove. It took her a while to learn this job but now that she knows it she can't really settle in in the evening until he closed the door after us:-))) I am sure, you will like her when/if you meet her:-))) Sorry, it supposed to be a short note which would let you know more about me. Instead, it happened to be a really long letter:-(((( Hope,you are not bored:-)))) I just wanted to let you know once more, that you are very interesting for me, so, I am longing to go on our correspondence which will lead us (for sure!) for something much more serious:-))) Kisses, Ira.
Letter 3
Hello! I was glad to get your letter again:-))) It is a very good sign - you seem to be as interested in me as I am in you:-)))) I haven't used the Internet to get acquainted of somebody. So it's something new for me. But I suppose more will happen for a person if one is willing to go for opportunities. So I decided to search the Man of my dream by means of Internet. What I'm looking in my future beloved is what he has inside his heart. I think I'm lucky and I always go for it. Today I would love to tell you more about my family, if you don't mind, of course:-)))) I also attached pics with my mom, sister and brother, hope, you will like them:-))) As for my family (or to be more exact, what has left from it), well, I live with my mom. She is pensioner, but still works as a cashier on the local railway station. I also have younger sister who lives with my dad. It is a very long and not very happy story.... Only five years ago we could call our family the happiest and the most friendly one.... But in summer of 2004 my younger brother (who was only 18 by then) died.... It was some bad accident.... It was very difficult, really very difficult, my parents couldn't over come this tragedy, starting to blame each other in what has happened.... During almosthalf of the year there wasn't any calm day (as well as evening too) inour family.... Parents didn't pay any attention to me and Lida (my sister) anymore, we could never have dinner, for example, or nobody knew where we were, parents became indifferent to us..... This could not continue for too long... and my parent divorced..... It was the most awful day when we with Lida has chosen with whom to stay... Both our parents needed our support.... I stayed with mom and Lida moved with dad. From time to time (mostly on birthdays), we try to arrange'family' holidays, but they are not as they been before my brother's death..... It was a very difficult moment in my life, but it was Nitsche the German philosopher who said 'what doesn't **** you makes you stronger', so we try to go on as it is. I am sure that time will passand my parents will understand everything, I only beg it is not too late.... I am sorry for the sad letter, I do not know what has happened tome.... I know, men do not like sad girls, and pray I didn't disappoint you. I promise, next time I will tell you something less dramatical...I will wait for your soonest reply, kisses, Ira.
Letter 4

Hi! How are you? Hope, everything is fine over there. It’s around 5:00hrs. in the afternoon and I have got your letter translated. Thank you so much. How I see the life? I know I would be really happy if you were that man who I dream about. We would have our own house, prepare dishes together, or, maybe, go out to have romantic diners. We could go shopping on weekends, we could go to swim or walk during weekdays and on Sundays, we could stay in bed until late... I would like also to invite our friends to have diners, or have parties. I would be the happiest ******* earth for having the most careful husband, the nicest children and the most comfortable home. I want our friends come to enjoy our calm and friendly home, have a rest, talk about eternal things, or just to have fun. Those are some of my dreams. I hope you tell me your opinion. I think that international marriages are not that bad. Of course, I have heard a lot of stories that foreigners marry Slavonic girls just to have a servant. After a while they become something like slaves. The girls become prisoners at their new houses. Their husbands don'tlet them talk to their families and of course they don't let them go back home. But in the same time, I have heard about some unpleasant things which my compatriots did in foreign countries too. Everything depends on people, right? How has the weather been there for you? Today it rained like it was never going to stop! It is already warm but did it ever rain. The drains could not cope with it. I have never seen rain so fast and heavy in my life. I am glad I was working under cover today! Even now it is still raining very heavy, but also it is very warm already. It is strange indeed today! I will have very important meeting tomorrow, I should apply for a new job as because of the crisis we haven't been paid our salaries 3 months already, and it is not very easy for me to ask mom to give me money on some of my needs, or on translation expenses, and I want to start learning English as well, so I should get up earlier tomorrow and go to the new shop, wish me good luck, your Ira.
Letter 5
Let Us Solve Your Translation Problems!
"ADA Translational company"
Ukraine, Ordzhonikidze Dear Mr.
We are representatives of the translational company which Irina Kosovawas using to conduct communication with you, as her English knowledges were not sufficient for that. At present moment she informed us about the fact of her current impossibility to use our services. However, she also emphasized her true interest in your personalty, and we discovered only the single way out of this problem - that is contacting you with proposal to use our services. If you are interested in our suggestion, you are welcome in contacting us for further information. If not, we would just politely ask you to notify about your refusal in further correspondence with Ira. Additional information you may get by the following telephone:
in Ukraine +3 8 (098) 318 66 07 from 9.00 till 16.00 of local time
Thank you for attention,
Director of "ADA Translational company"
Ada Manuilova
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