Scam letter(s) from Britney Gregg to Tim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Tim,
How are you Doing at Home and at Work,Guess all is well with you, Is a Great Profile you have and thanks for the Heart warming reply and i really cant wait to Read More from you, i was very happy when i saw your profile,and am really interested in talking with you and i Hope this Communication will Continue and Lead us to the Next Level? how are things going over there, my Name is Britney Gregg , i was born in Milwaukee WI and later relocate to CO I am 5.9ft,Blond Hair,Black Eye, my Dad is from the state but my Mum is from Nigeria cos of this my friends call me half cast, I'm just out of states now. I'm in Nigeria now , i'm the only child of my Parents. I was young when my Dad passed away ,i am now am in Nigeria to visit my Mum, i was Staying with My Uncle in CO but my Uncle Treated me so Bad and at time try to **** me when he is Tipsy and this is one of the reason why i left State for Nigeria So a little more about me I have a kind sense of humor,Outgoing type,Laid Back, Communicative and love to laugh and to make that special someone laugh also. I am very sincere in finding true love for a life time and am a very loyal Lady . I do not drink or do any drugs. I am very easy going,Down to Earth and have a great sense of humor. I am also a very deeply passionately romantic Lady but can be with only that one in which I will share all life with, I am 29yrs old Got no kid . I love to listen to music. I love children and believe they are like precious flowers of the world. I also like animals too and music. I like so much to list all.What I am seeking in long term is marriage based on Love, mutual respect, and understanding. That is how I see the future. My goal in life is to be married and have a happy family in a home filled with love. Also for you to be my best friend, to share everything with,as well as passionate lover. I know that not everything in life can be perfect all the time, but I am willing to always do my best for my future Man.He will always be my first priority. I am very, very sincere in finding my partner in life and i Hope the Distance wont Scare you away. My Mom use to say one word..(Measure my Love and Not the Distance). i believe in that Word and i can also relocate for my Love, i will stop here and please do tell me More about yourself
Hope to hear from you soon. warm Hugs to you. Sincerely Looking For A Good Relationship Britney
Letter 2
Hi My Sweetheart,
How are you Doing and how was your Day,I have been Thinking about you all the Day and Night,I Hope all is Great with you,Thanks for your Heart Warming Reply,I m Doing Great now While i m writing to you,Cos i have be reading from you Right now,Yeah i know that you have no Signal there My Love But i will bear with you Nomatter the World may Put Upon me,I Think you do too,Okay How waas your Night My ****?Yeah and me too I have been Thinking abouy you and our Love,Your Letter really melt my Heart,Ohh that really Great My **** that you told your Friend about me and i very Happy to be with you Right now and i can't wait to meet you My ****,I really dont want to you tell any one again I want us to make it Surprise to any one arround you Both your Friends and Family,So how do you feel about that?Honey i want you to know now that i want to Live th rest of my Life with you till Eternity End,I dont want to you talk to any one again Except me,Cos i m a one man woman,that i will not want to yuou with any woman cos i think that is a Cheating,I Think you Know that My ****?Ohh Honey I Love what i m Seeing now and i can't wait to see more pics of you,Honey i want you to know that i use your Pics as My wall paper on my Computer,Thanks to almighty God on that My ****,I have been Working here when i got the Money all goes to Mom Bill,My Working here is a **** to me,I Think you Know that Hair Stylist make Much Money in the State?All i know is that i can't wait to Meet you My Future Husband,My Mom is Verry Happy with us that she said she can wait to meet you face to face,and i said that you are ready to relocate me to you,and she was More Happy than befoer and she Prayed for me and you that our meeting will be a Good and Happiness Meeting and we will Last for each other in Jesus Name,and i said Amen,And she also tell em that i should let you know that we should not let anyone to interfare into our Relationship,Cos people they are bad sometimes,cos when they see an Happy Home they will find a way to put Asunder,and she said she doesn't want that to Happen with me and you,I think you Understand that?and what do you Think about that?I heared and understand what you said about your Last Marriage,i m verry sorry to hear that,and hope that its will not Happen between me and you My ****,I really can't wait to meet you My bbe Tim,Really that you are Looking at my Picture Last night,ohh you really melt me My Love and i Love you More than Word can say,I can't wait to be with you Sweetheart,I will send the Pics again to you if i got it Download on my Computer again ok,And me too I m here to give you all my Heart and Soul,And i don't want you to let me Down,Cos i have fall for you so Much,I don't want you to be Scared any more,cos you are my God Sent and i m your Mrs Right,And me too i never thought of meeting you like this too,But you Mean so Much to me Tim,Your Handsome Looking and your Profile mean a Lot to me,And we have so Much in Common,My Birthday is on the 9th of June,and i want to Celebrate it with you My Love,I am Thinking about you Too My Love Tim that in can't wait to meet you and your Body,I M thinking about you when i m working that make me Feel More In Love with you My Sweetheart,Honey i want you to Focus on your Work and i m Assuring you that nothing will take you from me Unless Dearth and its not yet for me or you to Die we will Live Long and Happy Family,Yeah i want you to know that Too that Love deal with Trust and Honesty,Not the one Build and False and pretenses,I want you to know that i m Sincere about this Relationship and Nothing can Stop you from me and me from you either,Honey i want you to know that i have to Renew the Visa intime so we can work things out as much as possible,so what do you Think about the Money that i want to use in Renew the Visa,i want you to help me with that My Love,so let me know what you Thinking about that?I Love You So Much,I will stop here and i will be Looking forward to read back from you My Love Tim. Much Love To You Tim Your Future Wife Sincere Yours Forever Britney Stanton
Letter 3
Hey Sweetheart,How u Doing there,I have been Thinking about you all the Days and can't stop thinking about you,I Love you So Much,Yeah your Friends really want you to Stay at one place,and you know that its me,Cos i dont want you to Trust anybody only your Life Partner which is me,And i don't want you to let any one put asunder between me and you Ok,I have been Falling for you too My Sweetheart,and i hope the same with you too and i m promising you that i will not let you Down and i will not want that to Happen to you Too My Love Tim,I Love you So Much,Nope My Mom is here In Nigeria My Love,and i can't wait to meet you face to face,I m waiting to read back from you My Love about my Renewing my Visa ok,I Love you So Much. Britney Stanton
Letter 4
Sweettie thanks for the pics and Believe me i do want you and Trust you, i will also want you to Love me and Trust me, as much as i love you and trusted you, cos if i dont trust you or Love you, i wont decide to come Over to you, Sweettie i have found out about the flight fee and it cost $2,600 to fly down to you and i Hope the cost wont scare you away, i really cant wait to be with you
Letter 5

Sweettie, i do understand what you said about honesty and Believe me i really do want to meet you and learn more about you, i am ready to start a new life with you and without looking at what the world would put on us, Sweettie I believe that the most important 'key' to a successful relationship would have to be 'trust'. I believe that with trust, love will follow. However, what I have noticed is that many people think trust, or expect that trust is to be earned by the other person, when in all actuality it is something that comes from within yourself. All too many times people will say they don't trust due to past experiences. What they don't realize is that they have built up those proverbial walls to protect them from the very thing they are searching for... yes, there is a risk in trusting someone, but when you finally find that 'right' person, it makes all the past experiences and lessons learned very much worth the risk. All of life's little lessons do not have to be painful...even when they seem so at the time. You just have to chalk it up to experience and move on. Nothing is worth closing your heart. Nothing is worth living in a world of fearing what bad 'may' come to you. Without trust, you close your heart to the happiness and joy that true love brings. It's only my experience... and it's what I believe has given me the wonderful gift of 'true' love. It's a hard thing to do, a scary thing, but very much worth it. This is not to go without saying that some people may betray your trust... that's the risk... but why allow past betrayals to prolong the pain by building a fortress around your heart that not only protects you from pain/betrayal, but also denies you the ability to experience happiness and joy? Most have been hurt enough by one person, why allow them and their actions to stop us from finding what we search for? I say open your hearts to trust and bask in the beauty, happiness, and joy, of the true love that will follow. For everyone there IS a someone, you just can't find them if you hide away all your life, i Hope you understand me i will stop here and Hope to hear from you real soon
Letter 6
how are you doing and how was your day at work and at home? thanks for the heart warming reply and understanding me, sweettie we really need to trust and love each other without doubting, i am ready to be with you and spend the rest of my life with you, sweettie i want you to know that you have brought so much joy and happiness back into a lifeless body, sweettie i am so much inlove with you and i cant wait for destiny to bring us together, sweettie when will you be able to send me $money for the fligt, cos i really cant wait to be with you and i need to start getting stuff ready and sweettie i will want you to send me $300 first to get my visa and passport updated, sweettie here is the information on how you will send me the money via western union money transfer NAME..............BRITNEY GREGG
STATE..............LAGOS 23401
COUNTRY......NIGERIA Sweettie please i will want you to try as much as possible to get the money send today so i can get my visa and passport updated on monday, i really cant wait to read from you yours forever Britney
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