Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Rumyantseva to Gregg (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Gregg. I received your letter and it gave me good hope. Thank you very much. I am so happy. You are saving my future. Smile. I knew you are the man I can rely on. I appreciate your willing to help highly. I will pay money back to you in any case. This is my wish. I understand you are uncertain about sending money. I have been to bank and asked them to accept your a promissory note. They refused me. They didn't work with overseas. Our trade union didn't accept it too and my friends don't have this sum. I am sorry. They all say that America is too far and they don't want to deal with this. I consulted with Andrey about how you can get the money to me. He said we have short time so we must do it quickly. He advised me that we should use western union. You must hear about it? He said they have many agents everywhere in the world. I will be unable to receive your money. Andrey said this is big sum and I will have to take tax return. It takes much time and I may not have enough time before my flight. If I won't do it I may have some juridical problems and it may cause problems with customs and my visa. I even might be unable to fly. Andrey wants to help me. He can receive your money for me. He used to receive transfers from overseas through western union for our trade union and that works really good. Find some western union agent close to you and send money from them. Andrey said you can also send money online from there web site: He will receive your money at Alfa Bank in Voronezh. They have western union agent. There is the address:
VORONEZH, 394000 Put his name in order as Andrey Yaremchuk and let me know MTCN (control number) and your name and address as it appears in transfer. Andrey said he would need it to get the money. Write me this information after you send money and we will receive the transfer with Andrey together. Gregg they really made me so busy with this travel. I have already passed all my papers to new doctor. He is a man and he tryed to flirt with me. Smile. Don't worry, he is not to my taste. I said him I am leaving to the USA to date my man. Smile. It was worth seeing how much he was surprised. Last two days I was in Voronezh in medical centre. I met two other doctors there. They are in this programm too. Nice girls, Natalia and Veronica, about my age. I am sure you will like them. They work in Voronezh in very well clinic and their travel is fully paid. I told them about my situation and you. They are happy I have you to help me. We decided to hold together and come to your state for work. Smile. First day in Voronezh we had medical inspection and differnet tests and analysis. I hadn't got full medical examination for a long time before and I was a little nervous. Fortunately everything is good. I am completely healthy. Next day we spent at studies. We had 4 lectures in one day. The first one was English language. The full professor from the Voronezh University teached us to speak English. It was like consultation about using medical terminology in English. They want us to talk correctly with our colleagues in the USA. Then we had the lecture about the psychology of relations and ***********. We must be tactful professionally. And two lectures about new methods in medicine that used in the USA. It was very difficult part of the studies. America are ahead of Russia in medical equipment and methods. I returned home the late evening. It was really intersting to know all these new things and I still have a lot of information I must read and lean before my travel. They said us that we must be in Moscow two days before the flight. All doctors will come there. We will get hard training with the best professionals in Russia. Gregg I will communicate with the people that I saw on TV and read in the periodical. I can't believe it. They are well-known doctors and I am just a doctor from province. It is really stirring events for me. Smile. Gregg I am really happy that is happening with me. I feel myself so lucky to find you. And I am very grateful to you for your help. I like you Gregg and I am sure we will like each other when we meet. I know there are some things like phisical attraction and so on. But I have already strong excitement thinking of you and I feel an attraction to you. Kiss you. Yours always,
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