Scam Letter(s) from Mary James to Jim (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Honey
Thank for getting back to me, am very happy to see your mail...well i really wanna feel your sexy body too i can not wait to meet you in person and hold your arm ,kiss and huge you life.....i really wanna be treat like a queen but right now it hard for me because my situation here is very bad i face hell here the hotel manager always shout on me to make thing fast...i will like to meet paul and robert ,have agree to whgat you said but how fast will the bill will be pay!!!! the bill i owned here is 490$ but the hotel manager say that if i can pay half of the money then if i get back to the state i can send the rest of the fund to him..i did not want you to think am after your money or something else am surering you that i will never let you down ,i know it hard to help some you have not seem in person but i believe is fate here yes that is my cross...i want you get contact with the hotel manager through vias mail phone **SUNFUNNG@LIVE.COM* * +0112347087903879 i really love you and your friend do not think is because you want to help me that is the reason why i love you nope i love you from deep of my heart and soul....hope to hear from you sooner



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