Scam letter(s) from Elena Scherbarkova to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear love Michael!!!!
I am very happy to see your letter today, And this unique thing which can calm me now. I am very sad now, I am very broken and disappointed.
I put on ` t, know what to tell to you, I do not wish, that you have overturned. I have for you unpleasant news, and I do not know what to begin. Today I have gone to travel agency and have learnt, that I should make and that I should have in me directly for a trip to you. And when I have told which is necessary for me and how many it costs, I became, so is offensive, I very much am ashamed now before you, and I regret for this purpose, promised to you, that I cannot make. The trip to you will cost very expensive, and I a shelter ` t all sum that to me have told in travel agency. I regret very much Michael! We cannot be together... Today, when I have arrived to travel agency to learn, that is necessary for me, that I could arrive to you, I have learnt, that it, I should have necessary documents for travel, the passport for, there go abroad, the visa, payment of taxes and tax collections of taxes, certificates by pass of medical examination, and after visa reception already and the ticket. But except for it I still should go to Moscow. I have asked, why I should go to Moscow, and in me have explained, that I should transfer medical examination in Moscow. And to go to Moscow necessary money for road to Moscow, at living and giving in Moscow. And it is necessary to pay 700 dollars for documents and for tickets of 1300 dollars. The price in various tickets, and all depends, on which airline I will take advantage to arrive to you. It does 2000 dollars and above, I have simply been frightened seeing such price for tickets and documents. And everything, that I can make now it only to pay for official registration of papers, but I cannot pay for all trip to you. It is very expensive to me. I understand, that I promised to you, that I will arrive to you, and I will try to make it. I will make everything, that in my forces to arrive to you, but I do not know as I to pay for all trip and to arrive to you. But I will make the biggest, that we, the dream has been executed also, we were together. I understand, that these news have very much upset you, and I ask, you do not leave me, please do not stop to write to me. Michael, you the unique person who remained with me and which I very much love And I wish to be with you. I to be ready to all with you, and I will take all possible measures, and I will make it if you support me in this difficult situation. I ask you Michael, only do not stop to write me your warm and gentle letters, I very much demand them. I hope, that you understand me and will write to me... I want it, you did not leave from me and remained with me and if we are together, we will embody the dream actually. I love you Michael!!!!!! I LOVE YOU, And I AM not afraid oF THESE FEELINGS!!!!!!! I would be to do everything, that we were for ever together and were happy. You - my prince. Michael you - my dream and I wish to live in this world with you!!! I do not represent as probably to live without you. Forgive to me Michael..... I wish to shout, and I put on ` t, know that, doing now, I very much regret....
With love forever yours and only yours Anna!!!!
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