Scam letter(s) from Jenny Thomas to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Billy,
How are you doing ? you can be sure that i didnt dissapear from your life or something, actually there is one problem i am trying to solve presently which has really taken so much of my time, you said you wont be available for chats because you said you don\t have time to sit down with your computer, i will like to discuss this issue with you and will like to make a agreement which i can sign if you want, and i can send to you all the papers of the work, so that you can cross check them yourself, its a supply of gold worth 700,000$ USD , i got those gold last year around 230,000$ but its a good deal to sell it at this period as the company offered 700,000$ USD and they have even issued to me the pay cheque but pay upon authourisation is what we call those kind of cheques which means, i supply, they authourise pay but the situation is a bit complicated at this period, to ship the GOLDS with security and other things, they want 6,000$ USD , i would be making much gain, so i asked for a loan from my bank , Wellsfargo, and they said, i have used up my limits , so i will just deposit the cheque , while i try and supply this gold, i can make a deal with you, if you can help with the 6,000$ i will pay you back double of that, which means 6k you get 12k , be sure i can afford to pay you this without any complain whatsoever, because i will make more cash in that biz , so please Billy do not shut your ears off me now, i really need someone to lean on .

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