Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Hill to Pedro (USA)

Letter 1
Hello !!! At you an interesting profile. It would be pleasant to me to get acquainted with you. I like to laugh, rejoice. I do not love grief and grief. I the cheerful person. If you too love pleasure and happiness, it will be pleasant to me to communicate with you. I will wait for your letter. My e-mail address: Jasminflowerlove (at) y/a/h\o/o (d ot) com
We could exchange photos.
Letter 2
Hello My New Friend Pedro !!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. Pedro I thought of that you will write to me or You will not write and looked forward your letter. And I am glad when Has received it. I the first time get acquainted on the Internet, I looked on profile which to me distances on a site of acquaintances both has seen you.. Also has solved To you to write. I hope that you have understood my first message.
Pedro , my name is Svetlana. To me of 29 years, I never was It is married. At me normal character, I live in mum in apartment. Mine The village is called Sernyr. Except mum, the grandmother And the girlfriend I was not present close people. The father I never saw and Mother speaks nothing about it. Pedro as whom you work? I the masseur in our hospital. I love the Work. I do not know what to tell about myself. Pedro you can It is more to tell about itself? I wish to know much about you. Why you have solved Gets acquainted in the Internet?
What do you search in the girl? What character at you? How you like to have a rest? I with pleasure will answer your questions. Ask also I will be To tell about itself. I simply do not know what to tell. That to you Interestingly? Pedro I hope that you will write to me tomorrow.
I send to you Photo on which I am on a meadow at myself in village. I hope that tomorrow I will come in the Internet of cafe and I will receive your letter and yours New photo. You will send them to me? I will wait. I will wait you letter on my e mail
Your new girlfriend Svetlana
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