Scam letter(s) from Anna Shirina to Jens (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend!
My name is Anna, I'm very glad to meet you!
I'm 21 years old. I live in Lugansk, Ukraine. I'm slim, tall young lady with fair hair and blue eyes. My relatives and friends say that I'm attractive, nice young lady. I consider myself as a kind & sympathetic person. I'm always ready to help my friends. My life motto is "You must treat to people in such a way as you want them to treat to you."
I live with my parents. I think that it is my duty to make the life of my close people happy & joyful.
I'm very insistent to myself, I always try to be in a good shape. I don't have bad habits: I neither smoke nor drink. When I see woman with a cigaret such a feeling as annoyance evokes inside me. I think that we must take care of our health from the early birth, as we can't but it for any sum of money.
I'm a Student of Lugansk Pedagogical college. My future profession is a teacher of biology.
I love children very much & I would like to devote all my knowledge & skills to them. In the future I'd like to have my own children. I'm sure that I'll be very good, careful & loving mother.
My favorite season is spring. Very often my parents & I like to go a country. I like to pick wild flowers. I like to spend my free time at the seaside: roar of waves & splash of waves make me feel crazy.
I like to be in the company of interesting & merry people. I always take part in student parties with great pleasure.
I have a dream to create a well-built family, to meet loving, tender man whom I would like to bear wonderful kids. I believe that somewhere there is a man whom I could present myself without the trace. Please, respond my kind, clever & honest man. It doesn't matter if you are a little bit older than I am, the most important is love & mutual understanding. If I have such kind of a man near me I'll be frail, tender & careful, I'll become passionate lover, faithful & true friend. The mutual respect & trust will reign in our house.
My dear friend, if you are interested in me, please, reply. Maybe it is our chance to find each other & to become the happiest men in the world!
I'm waiting for your reply.
Impatiently, Anna.
Letter 2
The Russian-English translation was processed by Elvira Belner.
Our official address:
Contact us in the case of any questions. Hello my dear!
I'm very glad that you replied to my letter. In a few words I would like to describe what I feel from the acquaintance & communication with you. I think that everything is governed by natural laws & is decided beforehand by something or someone above. That is why from the first lines of my letter I'd like to tell you more detailed about myself.
I love "Life" very much & I want to enjoy it as it is. I want to love & to be loved. I am not tired to admire the beauty of nature. I like flowers, I like to hear birds singing & to feel the breath of the sea. I'm very jealous as I know that there are a lot of very beautiful places where I've never been. I'd like to see the world, to discover the mentalities, cultures & traditions of other people. But at present I can travel only with the help of TV. My favorite actors are Bruse Willis, Alen Delon. I like modern music. I like to listen to the songs of Norah Jones, Elton John, Erasure. I like everything beautiful.
I can't help mentioning about Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven. I read Russian classics. My favorite writers are Chehov, Bulgakov, Dostoevskiy.
I love animals very much, especially cats. They have such grace, nobility! Sometimes I want to turn into downy cat so that somebody's strong hands will protect & cherish me.
After having read your letter I understood that you are kind & honest man. Honesty is one of the main qualities, that I value in a man. If our relationships will be always built on mutual understanding & respect, I'm sure that than everything will be well & we won't have problems & quarrels.
I hope that you'll tell me something new & interesting in your next letter. Now you are for me as a new book which I'm going to read. My family is not very big: Mom Inna (40 y.o.) and brother Nikita (9 y.o.). My Mom got divorced with my Dad 6 years ago. Now he has a new family. Though he visiting us quite often, I always missed Dad's care and love. That's why, my dream to have a caring Dad for my children and loving husband for me in the future.
You may ask me everything you want & I'll answer all your questions with great pleasure. Now we are too far away from each other, like two shores of a sea. But it is so great that Internet exists; it is like a fantastic ship that helps to unite two lonely hearts. Thousands of kilometers separate us, but every time when I receive your letter I imagine that you are near me. Maybe one day we'll meet & we'll remember that day when for the first time Internet joined us.
I'm looking for your reply impatiently.
Sincerely, Anuta.
Letter 3
Hello my dear!
Can you imagine, yesterday I told my friends that I met you in Internet and they don't believe me I don't know why. My mother also looks at me with questions but also with interest. I think I will talk to her this evening, tell her about your letters and about that pleasant feeling that I gained on meeting you.
I have so much study now, soon I'll have exams.
Half a year ago my boyfriend went to serve in the army and two months ago he sent me a letter telling that he found himself another girl and advises me to do the same. This news just killed me and I thought that happiness doesn't want to know anything about my destiny and I will stay alone all my life. And now I just laugh at these my thoughts because destiny gave me the meeting with such amazing man. I have never heard such words that you told me. You are not like others and I'm delighted with that. I have so many emotions, so many questions to you. Did you wait for our meeting? Do you believe that maybe it is destiny itself that brought us together? What do you feel looking at my photo? I want you to like me very much because I don't want to hide that I like you too very much. Are you jealous? What kind of character do you have? What cologne do you like? Sorry that I ask you so many questions but I want to know everything about the man that I like. I can tell you about myself that I am a very calm person, I like family coziness and I don't like noisy companies. I love children and even in my dreams I see that I carry my baby in arms and cry from happiness. And what dreams do you have? I want to get to know you better so much, my dear. I want you to write me as soon as you receive my letter. I will burn with impatience waiting for your answer.
With tenderness,
Letter 4

Hello,my dear!
Today I want to call you "honey", because you gave me a hope. Since I met you, there is a spring and spring hopes live in my heart. Your letters are very special for me, I like the way you treat with me. You made 20 years old lady feel like a natural woman. You gave me the confidence, that I'm not lonely anymore. I have you, and it means I have someone very special, who can take care of me. I have a little icon of Saint Anna at home, which guard me. When my Dad left our family, I was very upset and broken. It was like a **** to watch my Mom's tears and despair. It was so hard for me and my brother to watch the way my Mom suffering, losing her husband. He helped her with all our might. My Mom told me all the time: "Anna, I'm sure, your life will be happier and you find a man, who never leave you..." I remembered these words all the time. Yesterday, when I read some words from your letter, she cried. But I know for sure, there were the tears of happiness. As for me, I want to sing with happiness and laugh, because I know - everything will be fine with you and me!
Today the translator of the Internet Cafe I use told me, they translate my letters to you with a great pleasure, because everything I write comes out of my soul. Please don't worry, that my English is not very good. I promise you, I'll do my best to study your language. It's my aim now!!! I pay for the Internet Cafe services: our translation, scanning, computer's work 4,59 USD per letter. To tell you the truth, I don't feel sorry for it at all, because it's very comfortable for me. For me, the opportunity to write you and get your letters is an invaluable. By the way, if people pay 98,99 USD per month, they can write unlimited letters.
I'm looking for love, want to be happy and make happy a man by my side!
I really don't want to burden you with my problems, honey, but I'll be very thankful if you can help me to pay our correspondence. Even if I spend all my scholarship for our letters, that will be enough to write you 5 letters only. My Mom proposed me to ask my Dad's help, but I don't want to ask him about anything. He left us and remember about me only on the day of my birthday. What do you think about it?
Anyway, some day I'll be happy and hope my Dad is happy for me as well. You cannot imagine how much I want to tell him about you.
Sometimes I miss Dad's advice so much. Thank you, now I have you and I can pin my hopes on you. Thanks for filling my heart with very special feeling, thanks for filling the emptiness in my heart. I need you so much, darling.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Kissing, yours Anna.
Letter 5
Hello my dear!
Now I understand what I didn't have in my life to feel myself happy. Before I thought most of all I need my father nearby which would teach me to live, care about me and defend. But getting your acquaintance I understand I need not father's love and care, but I need a man which would treat my as a woman. You know you make me optimistic. Today I eagerly want you to meet with my mother so that she would understand that I met my happiness at last! I am a little girl for her, but for you I am a woman you want to imagine as a future life's companion, don't you?
Now I have great wish to learn English to understand one another when we meet. Believe me, I shall not spare time and strength for that.
Yes, I am worried a bit because of staying in completely new situation. I have clever and self-confident man nearby but meanwhile I am calm because such a man with me.
Thank you very much for your wish to help me with the payment for our correspondence. Just please don't send me money through regular mail in the envelope, they just can disappear. I heard the most safe way is Western Union bank system. I give you my home address:
Anna Sheerina
Yablochnaya str.,10/48
Lugansk city
I am looking forward to your reply with impatience.
Have a nice week-end!
kiss you,
your Anna.
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