Scam Letter(s) from Ludmila to Gavin (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hello Darling Gavin!

I am glad that I have the chance to write you my first letter as really wished to start this communication and to try our relations in reality! I am here with serious intentions because I really wish to find my man and to try to be happy, I think that there is nothing bad that I started to search for my man from abroad. Unfortunately here did not have much love with it and I decided that it is high time for me to stop being lonely. This spring time gave me lots of inspiration and I decided to start! Hope that you have the same thoughts. So in this my letter I would like to give you some brief information about myself for you to decide if we have something in common or not. As you understand that it will be you who will have to decide to answer my letter or not. So my name is Ludmila (Luda for short)and I am from Ukraine. I lived in Ukraine all my life and I have never been to abroad. My intentions are clear because I think that when I find my man I would like to meet with him here in Ukraine after some time of correspondence as I am sure that one meeting is much more better than tons of letters! Hope that you think the same. I decided to share with you my plans for the future because I think that it is important that you understand what I wish to have from life and what I expect to have in my life in future! So I hope that when I find my man it will be possible for us to have stable relations and even to think about creating our family as it is exactly what I would like to have. And what about you? Do you have some strict plans for your future. What do you wish to have from this communication with me? Are you serious about being with your woman and if it scares you that I am from Ukraine?! I will wait for the answer from you impatiently as I think that your answer will give me the idea about our future! I end this my letter in order not to bore you too much and I will hope for the best!

write me to this address exactly as:

with all my heart,
your Luda



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