Scam letter(s) from Milena Petrova to Jan (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello my dear,
You liked me too and I hope we can get to know each other better.
So I hope that we can write mails to each other. I'm glad you decided to write to me.
But I tell you a bit more about me first. I'm Milena, 23 years old and live in Rivne, a beautiful old city in the west of Ukraine.
My star sign is Capricorn, my date of birth is December, 22, 1985.
I had graduated from the Institute of Arts, on speciality dancing art, culture of the East. Now I work as an instructor of belly dance in a women sport center in Rivne. Always I love the East, culture of East, dancing arts, music, spirit, cuisine. As I have the eastern roots in my family line in far past. So I'm eastern-looking, burning, intelligent, eastern warm inside and jolly person. I can sometimes also be shy but when I get to know someone better I open up quickly. Sometimes I can be impulsive what can turn out good but also sometimes bad.
I like travelling, opening the new places, meeting with interesting people. My dream is to visit the Asian countries, Turkey, Egypt, India, Cyprus, Thailand. Do you like to travel? I really love to experience other cultures, meet people and make new friends. In my free time I like to spend family and friends. I also like walking and swimming, picnicking. But I also like to stay at home and read a good book and listen to some music. I live with my parents. I have never been married and have no children but this is my biggest wish in life: to have a warm and beautiful family with the man I love and to have children who we could love and care for. I'm looking for someone who is very attractive, nice, intelligent, loving, caring and has a great personality. But foremost I'm looking for true friendship, because I believe true love can only exist if there is true friendship. Besides this I think a relationship should be based on love, care, respect for each others views, romance and last but not least communication. When I'm in a relationship I will love and cherish my love, respect her and will do anything within my power to make him happy.
I also believe if there's true love no distance is too far and no border is too difficult to cross. I hope you know me a bit better now, dear, but if you have anything more you would like to know about me, feel free to ask.
I also hope this will lead to something beautiful and would love to know more about you. Your hopes and dreams.....I will wait your reply with impatience.
Your Milena
Letter 2
Hello my dear,
Nice to receive your reply back, thanks for your letter, it was pleasant to read something from you. I hope on interesting, good dialogue between us which it will carry on us into our dreams. well, I am very passionate and single-minded to the goals of my dreams. And you? Do you believe in dream? As you know I have much dreams, dream of man, of travel to Asian countries, dreams of family. Do you want to create a family with a woman? Do you like travel? I had been in some ukrainian cities, and St. Petersburg in past. My family is not large, I live with my mother and my father. They are good-natured people, my father has Eastern roots, so I am alike him. His grandmother was turkish. My mother was a sport trainer of dances, so I took some dancing traits from her.
Now my mother is a housewife. Also I have the cousins, niece and nephew, I love them. The children are so little and cute, childish and playful, if they come to guest to us. They live separated.
I am the one daughter at my parents, no brothers and sisters, and have you brother or sister? Do you want to have the kids in future? What do you see your future woman?? character or looks??
Is it important for you?
I like cookery and do it often, I prefer something eastern cuisine and ukrainian, although I know the East from the books and TV, but it closes to me in a way. I touch it in my work every day, I teach to dance the women more. I drive no car, but I'd like to study to drive a car and get a driving licence. Among my favorite cars are models of Mazda.
My Interests: belly dance, costumes, suits of East My Favorite Music: pop music, eastern melodies also.
My Favorite Reads: Poetry and English Literature.
Maybe you ask me, where I had learned English, at school and myself with private teacher, as a person must know one foreign language in life. Do you agree?
My Preferred Movies: Comedy, Thriller, Drama.
I believe in passionate love, in loving my partner. I wish for the chance to love us. To build a loving and warm home for us and our family.
These are all great wishes but I wish not to dream long time I wish to do I wish to love I wish to give you all I can to make us happy.
I have no book or story to write about. I have wants and needs and dreams of a loving man, someone to care for me as I care for him. Our love would be bonded by our two hearts becoming one heart.
I hope, you are not tired from my telling, for now I finish to write.
See you soon, kisses from Milena
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