Scam Letter(s) from Evgenia Medvedeva to Jose (Spain)

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Letter 1

Hello Jose !!!
It so is pleasant! I have come for work and having checked up my mail I have found there your letter. It so is joyful for me! I am glad, that you have responded to my letter. That you have written thanks me.
I shall be very glad if we shall continue our correspondence with you.
Now it is a little about itself. My name is Oksana, me of 29 years. I work as the secretary at school. Work this very much is pleasant to me, I work recently but with pleasure.
At us to Russia as well as all over the world an economic crisis if you know.
And the heads of many enterprises reduces the working day, or working week, with a view of economy of money. My basic work the secretary, you understand, that for one salary of the secretary it is difficult to live, and I should earn additionally in the next cafe.
Excuse me, but now I should finish this letter because I should go to work. During the lunchtime at me will be free at home and again I shall try to tell to you to you about myself. To me it will be pleasant if you also will write to me again and I can learn more about you. Also I send you the photo and I hope not such terrible :) And we shall continue our conversation.
Pleasant to you of day!
Yours Oksana!

Letter 2

Hello Jose!!!
Now at me the break on a dinner also is a free time to write to you the letter. I have absolutely forgotten to write to you, that I live in Russia in city Novocheboksarsk. My city very beautiful, in this city I was born and I live.
Jose you already know my name also I I have told to you whom work. I also hope, that you will tell about yourselves. I very much love children, it is possible and has affected a choice of my work. Now I again should go for work as my dinner comes to an end. Second half of working day is necessary to me still. To me it is pleasant that I have such work. If I can, I shall try to write to you even in the evening.
Yours Oksana

Letter 3

Good day Jose!!!
Though I just now have still understood, that other time is possible at you now. Our world so is great also it does not live one time. But I hope, that you will understand me. You probably have a question whence I write to you. We on work have a computer and there is an Internet. But I can write to you only at leisure. Today I am very tired. Now I would like to take a shower and lay down only in warm and soft bed. But I still should go home and make a supper. Jose I hope that tomorrow in the morning I again can write to you and to me also it will be pleasant if you will answer! Kind and pleasant to you of evening. It will be the most unforgettable day because I have got acquainted with the person on the Internet and I can communicate and learn with it more friend and the friend.
In advance good night.
Now I have gone!
P.S. I hope that you not against my other photo.

Letter 4

Hello Jose!!!
I so am glad to write to you the letter. I hope, that you also not against that that I write to you.
Probably you wish to learn more about me. I with pleasure shall tell about myself. I to you already all have told the core. But about the person it is possible constantly for something to learn.
I have the maximum pedagogical formation, and economic. I have ended institute and almost at once began to work secretary at school.
We live only with mum together. We live in a simple apartment. I have a little deceived you:) We live not together. With us there lives still a cat and one cat. They also are our favourites with mum.
During free time from work I read books. My favourite Russian writer it Chehov. Also I very much like Alexander Solzhenitsyna's products which recently has died. You heard about it? From foreign writers I read to me only Shakespeare. He is the great person.
As to music. I do not have any favourite group. I love silent slow music.
For example from foreign music I like a song "Beatles" - "Yesterday".
From Russian executors I prefer Dima Bilan and its song "Believe" you probably listened to it because with it it has won competition of the European music.
I hope, that you understand, what music to me is pleasant, is slow dancinq music.
As to kitchen first of all I live in Russia and consequently Russian kitchen for me the basic. But also I tried some times kitchens of other countries. Most of all I liked the Italian kitchen, also I liked some dishes from the Chinese kitchen.
What to tell to you? I have already told about the basic interests.
Also I want that you told more about yourselves.
Now I should finish this letter. I send you a photo :)
I wait also from you for it:)
Write to me
Yours Oksana!

Letter 5

Hello Jose!!
I have found a few time again to write to you. I long thought of you and have decided to write.
Today since morning at me was not so a lot of work, our school today participates in city competitions
Today I often recollected you, and waited for your letters. It is very interesting to me to receive your letters, to learn a lot of new. You know probably ask to yourself such question: Why this girl from Russia writes to me?
I give you the answer. I write to you as you have liked me also your structure has very much interested me. I do not have young man. You understand that to me 29 years and I have such desires how to find the favourite person, to create the family.
I very much like children and I love them. It was a pity that at me not the native brothers and sisters.
In the childhood the best girlfriend was the daughter of my uncle. We studied together. I send you also its photo.
All I have run. I again do not have time. Forgive that I cannot write to you more. But as there will be a free minute I shall write to you.
bye bye

Letter 6

Here again I can write to you Jose!
To me so that I can pleasantly communicate with the person from other country, at which much not such as at us. Sometimes I reflect as such probably? But now the mankind has reached such level, what even through such big distance we can transfer each other the information on, on the country and still much. I on the contrary only am glad to it. Jose tell and what you think concerning our dialogue? You could offer ever that will so simply and conveniently to communicate probably?
I was born at Soviet Union. But then it has collapsed also our country there was long time in crisis. We with mum lived not too badly, but we had to save on much and I did not have such opportunity to have a computer. Only at university I for the first time have sat down for a computer. I did not understand even that this such. And now with its help I can write to you and we can communicate.
Tell and what you were earlier? What at you was character?
In the childhood mum constantly named me the she-robber as I had very bad behaviour. I even sometimes fighted with boys. But then in I became quieter. Passed time. When I have gone to school I was so is happy. I very much wished to study and me it so it was pleasant, that I seldom passed lessons. Basic my employment became reading the literature. It brought to me so much pleasant.
When I have left school, and I have ended it well, I did not think of that where I should study. I so liked children and at once began to study in Pedagogical institute.
There I had very few girlfriends. A principal cause that we had different characters and different aspirations. I had an aspiration to be learnt and get worthy work. And they had a desire only to have a good time. I did not love the noisy companies. To me was there not on a shower. We have got used to live with mum in silent and quiet conditions.
If it is fair, I do not like discos and clubs. I think that they only spoil youth. I do not mean that if they like you, we absolutely various people. Simply it is your interests, and these are my interests. Each person has certain interests.
I very much hope, that you will tell to me about the past and about the interests.
Now I finish the letter!
Yours Oksana!

Letter 7

Hello Jose!!!
Tell as you like to spend your holiday or your vacation. In the last letter I have sent you a photo from a beach. This summer I had some free days and we with the girlfriend some times went on a beach. This summer was not such warm as usually. But there were some days very hot and we spent long time on a beach of our Volga. Volga enough greater river. You like to float? When I was small I was afraid some water.
But in 8 years I began to go to pool. There I also have learned to float. Now water for me as the second elements. I very much like to float.
Besides it at leisure we go also to cinema. I try to pass new films never. I basically spend a free time with the girlfriend or houses with mum.
Tell and you travelled to other countries? I never was in other countries. I was only once in Moscow. We have visited the Red area,
Tretyakovskaya Gallery and many other places.
Then very much it was pleasant to me also me always it is pleasant to visit new places.
Well now I go home!
All most good!



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