Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Jan (Germany)

Letter 1
I'm a single young lady in seacrh of a wonderful man to spend my life with and to give him all my love and soul!
I'm a cheerful, full of energy and wonderful thoughts girl, who do needs to share all her happyness with.
At the same time I'm romantic and sensitive,sensual and trustfull person.
As for my life, I study in the University at the last course.
I live in a small city Chernivtsi in the West of a beautiful and nice country called Ukraine with father and grandmother. I take care of them and they do the same about me.
My mom died in a carcrash when I was 5 years old, so I don't really remember her but I miss her very much .
Now I'm 22 and of course think about the man to share my life with.
I want to be his only one and to be only his!
I'm ready to do everything for him and for us to be happy together.
if you are interested in the same I wait for your letters and hope for future correspondence.
Letter 2
How are you? I'm ok and so glad to get a letter from you!
I'd like to learn more about you and your life of course.
Speaking about my interests I can say that most of all I like dancing.
I began doing dancing since I was 5 and still do.
Now I do bellydancing and like it so much!!!!
If you know it's a very beautiful kind of dancing and may be one day you'll have a great chance to see me dancing for you.I do dancing for myself.
It makes me relax and at the same time dancing keeps me in a good form.
Of course if I like dancing...I like singing:)
Sometimes I sing while cooking in the kitchen or may be to wake up in the morning:)
But usually I sing for myself and only my favourite songs.This realy cheers me up!
Oh,I'm also fond of reading. I mean reading and learning something new.
I like it to read about different cultures and peoples.
In future I wish to travel around the world and see all that I read about!
What's more... I also like cooking, especially some very tasty candy things.
My grandma taught me cooking since I was a child. Now we cook cakes, sweets together or I do it on my own for my friends or just for me.
But I do really wish to have a person to cook for him, to prepare breakfast for him and bring coffee to bed in the morning.I want it so much to wait for my
beloved at home, to take care of our house and make it beautiful and nice.
In our country we say that our home is our castle.
How much I want my beloved to feel the same.
I wish him to hurry from work to home to me and feel relaxed in our castle.
Or may be to be somewhere not at home but run there to see my beloved and just be near him.
This is everything I think a person needs to be happy - to have someone to do good things for him.
Wait for your letter with impatient!Have a nice day!
Letter 3
Hi my dear!How are you today?
It was such a pleasure to get your letter in my e-mail box.
I think you need to know something about my inner world and I'll tell you about it with great pleasure!
I'm such a romantic person and I think about the beloved person,I want to share my life with.
And these thoughts can't leave my head. I feel like I'm full of feelings that need to be realized. I mean ,I feel that I need someone to give my love to, to support him and take care...wait for him and even worry about him...
I just want to go to bed and think about him, see him in my dreams and wake up still thinking about him...think only about him.
I want to find that beloved person that I'll need like the air...
I become so sad when I see two beloved people walking together somewhere in the streets.
They loook so lovely and it seems that all the world doesn't excist for them...
How much I want to be on their feel all that they feel...
Sometimes when I wake up and cook breakfast for my dad I really wish to do all this for my beloved ... I imagine how nice it'll be to wait for him at home, keeping the household clean and cosy, preparing tasty meals for him...Just imagine when you come back from work,I'll be waiting for you with prepared supper and the kids will run to you and tell with inthusiasm about everything that happened with them during the day...And on weekends we can go out of the city for picknics all together and nobody else...How nice it can be!
Do you share these feelings with me?may be we can realize them in real life together?
What do you think on that point?
Have a nice day!
I am waiting a letter from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 4

HI!How are you today?How is your weekend going?
I'm interesting in your personality and it's so nice to know that you also want to learn a lot about me!
I want to share with you some details about me.
You know that I'm a cheerful and at the same time romantic person and I'm keen in so much things...
Ok, let's begin.
Sports...of course I spend a lot of time on it.
Except dancing, I like swimming and jogging.
Swimming I prefer in winter and jogging, when the weather is good!
it's so good to run under the blue sky and shinning sun,listening to the favourite music:)
Sometimes I watch sports on TV, even football:)
My favourite depends on the weather and the place I'm going.
If it's a party or I just spend the evening with my friends, it's a coctail dress and high hills. If I go to the Uni, it's casual clothes such as jeans, skirts, t-shorts...just something in what I feel comfortable.
As for the color...oh, so much opinions...may be my favourite is blue, but I'm not sure.
I think that all the colors are wonderful and suit everybody.
Blue I like because it's the color of sky,the sea,the color of summer.
But the favourite color of the roses it definetely red - the color of love and pasion...
So I love roses. They are my favourite flowers!
there is so much feelings in them!if you look into the rose you can see real pasion!Really!
Of course I love all the flowers, even those that grow somewhere in the field!
I like to walk along the street full of flowers and trees.
It's so romantic to walk under the yellow and orange autumn trees and watch leaves falling down...Would you like to walk such way one day with me?I'd like to!
Something else?..Yes, I like to chat with friends and learn new people and their culture.
I wish to travel around the world and to see how much people from different countries differ , so I think that I'll like travelling if I have such a chance.
Hope it's enough about me!may be you can also tell me something about the things that you like to do and that make you feel really happy?
Waiting for your letters:)
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