Scam letter(s) from Olga Tihomirova to LJ (USA)

Letter 1
My dearest, it is Olga here,
how are you doing there ?
I tried to call you by phone,but got no answer and i have left a message on your answering maschine, i called from public phone and i will be trying again later.
I am fine,but tired too much,i had very hard working days and on weekend i have to work for emergency,that means i will be in clinic all night long.I tryed to find out about vacation,but could not because the director is on the meeting and will be back here in Kiev only by Monday as i have been told.
I will talk to him on Monday and write you with some news by Tuesday,i need to have a brake from work because i am tired and have not to much forces to continue working.
I thought about the ways we could get together and i see three ways that are good for us.They are all good for me,so you should choose what is the best way for you.
So the first way is for you to come here in Kiev,we could spend very good time here,i would show you around, also i would like to introduce you to my family in Odessa, i am sure that it would be interesting for you,you do not need to worry about a place to stay or something like that because you can stay in my apartment.
Yes,we need to figure out the dates for this, you know that the other time i work too much and it would not possible for me to give you a lot of time.
The second way is to meet some where,it could be Cyprus,Turkey,Moscow, or any other place,we could get some rest there and enjoy of traveling together.
It is also give us a chance to know each other better and after that we could make a decision about our future life.
The third way is for me to visit you,if we like each other as in our letters and if we are good in person,we could find out some information about my work there,because i am not sure that you would like to move here in Kiev if we fall in love,because it would not be easy to find a job for you here,but it would be easy to find a job for me in your area because i have got an international diploma and that means i am allowed to work abroad as prosthodontist and endodontist,by this way i can take all my papers with me.Also this way give me a chance to see how does a life look like there,it is an important opportunity.As you know i love my job and i am ready to make some money to support our family.
Well,let me know what way do you prefer and we will go from it, you have occupied my heart and i need to know and to feel it in person :)
If i come to you there and you will need to go to work i am ok about it,i will be staying at home cooking for you and waiting with tasty food every evening :) anyway we will have time on weekends to look around.My family left for Odessa,but i have very warm feeling in my heart after their visit, i know that this feeling will be with me by the time i meet them again.
I wanna tell you about one story,that happened to me when i was 10 years old and when all our family lived in the country side close to Odessa.There is a deep forest close to our house and i went there for a walk looking for berries,everything around me was familar,but at ones i got lost.
It was very terrible situation for me as for small girl...
In the evening i begun to cry because the darkness was around me, I was really far away from our house and nobody heard me there.
I tried to find the road,but had no luck,making steps far away...
I so only the moon on the sky and nothing more.
Parents call for police and they all together tried to find me.
The next day i eat berries and listen to the birds all the time, i stopped to cry because i understood that it is final and nobody would never find me here,but any way i belived that parents are close and looking for me.I eat berries and slept under the open sky for 5 days,it was warm Summer,i ***** water from the leaves on the trees and have met few animals during these days,like small bear,i begun to pray to God and thanks to him,then police find me and got to my parents, from that time i never go to the wood alone.
You know,our life is something like the wood,and it is important to find each other throw millions people that are around, i know that you can understand me, thank you for being a good listener, i am Christian religion and i belive in God,i belive he make something about us already and i am glad that we have find each other with you,if you have any stories from your childhood, it would be very interesting to me.
I am going to attach some pictures from Tunis, it was my last vacation and i hope you will like it P.S
This is my address : Ukraine,Kiev,01011,Gaitsana Mikovili vul.18,32, my full name is Olga Tihomirova
i like to swim very much
Yours Olga
Letter 2
My dearest,its
me Olga here, i have just finished my work and come up with some news for you, how are you doing ? do you miss me there as i miss you ? may be it is sounds strange to miss someone you never see in person,but you are always on my mind and when i am not here reading your writings,i miss you.It is how i feel.
Thank you for being honest with me during all of this time.
I have talked to director of our clinic this morning and we tried to figure out about my vacation,my last vacation was the last Year and i have been told that i can now take two weeks vacation from the middle of the next week.
This is what is possible for now because there is a plan for the next time for other workers and there is no more chance for this Summer,only in the end of Autumn.
i need to have some rest now because i am tired too much.
I talked to director about my papers and he has told to me that i can take it with me when i go to visit you there,by this way if we fall in love and find a job for me there,i wont be back here,may be the next year we will come here together to visit my family and friends.I will be flying out the next week,as soon as vacation starts.Or if i visit you there and we decide to take a break i can be back here and the next time to visit you in Winter or you could come to visit me here at any time you wish.I checked with travel agency here and i need about 770 us dollars to cover my traveling,it includes the tickets and papers prise,we can use "Western Union" as i have been told it is fast and safe way to transfer funds, when you send them,to Ukraine,Kiev,at any bank here.
you just need my full name for transfer : Olga Tihomirova They will give you 10 digit number and you can send it here by email,it is necessary to pick up funds from my end.
It is easy to find "Western Union" at any bank in your area as i have been told, you can find your agent location on the site ,if you have any questions,just call them and they will explain.
Or we can use "MoneyGram" you can find them here :
i will be flying out the next week(around 11 of June) and arrive to you the next day, what time is the most comfortable to pick me up ? i suppose that in the evening,do not forget to tell me about it also, i am going to provide you with my flight information, as soon as i have it in my hands.
By the way i do not smoke and i do not drink too much, i can drink a glass of wine sometimes and i am able to control my self,my ex had some troubles because of drinking too much on weekends, i was not happy about it,do you agree with me ?
i will ask my girlfriend to look for apartment here while i am traveling,i think it is necessary.
I am very excited about flying to you there, i belive that destiny gave us very big chance and we need to keep it in our hands.You are the the best gift i ever get in my life and i hope that we will be good in person.I am very glad that i can share my private world with you and that is important.
You gave me hope and made my days full of bright emotions.
Thank you for being in my life.I had very beautiful dream yesterday, I so that i arrive to you and it was rainy day,
My heart beat so speedy when i come out from plane looking for you, there were not many people and i run to your embrances and we begun to kiss each other,we stayed under the rain without umbrella and we were very happy,then you told to me that will never let me go and i begun to cry,it was tears of happiness.I wish my dream to come true and we just need to wait,do not forget about red roses, it will make me the happiest woman in the world :) i am going to send some pic from Tunis, there is my co-worker also, she moved the last year Looking forward to hearing from you soon With hot kisses,
Yours Olga
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