Scam letter(s) from Oksana to Kent (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would like to tell you so much in this letter. I would like to discuss with you many things. I would like to tell you about my feelings though you already know them. The time is so short and we will be together and my heart is absolutely brimming with both happiness and the anticipation. We will be apart for only such a short time and will be together soon. That is such a wonderful thing to realize, for I know that in listening to your words those years will be filled with both love and so much happiness. You are a very unique person and I am so proud that you would find love with me. I am so very lucky and will guard my blessings and not let you down in any way. We will find the first times a little uncomfortable for we will both be cautious to do the right thing in the eyes of the other. I give you my word that you need not worry and not to be cautious for I have already accepted you as who you are.
There is nothing that will change my feelings toward you. Loving is twice more in acceptance with the one you love for not only whom they are but anything they may do. I just am so glad that I have finally found you. You have no idea how long I have been waiting just for you. I am so glad that I have not dated much or I would not have been in the right place to find you. It seems as though our destinies were meant to collide at just this particular time.
Usually I am hesitant to let my feelings go but with you I have had no problem in doing so for all seems so right and at the perfect moment.
You make me so very happy. I am simply walking on a cloud every moment. I know the time will simply drag until we are together, that is how much I want you with me. I cannot wait for our meeting. I have good news about the trip. And I would like to tell them to you. Now we speak with you only through e-mail, but we'll soon communicate in the reality. Papers are available also we can meet though tomorrow. I discussed with my aunt the cost of trip to you and she told: do not worry, I'll help you with the finance. I was so delighted when have heard it. Her husband can send me money for trip. And the sum does not disturb him, but there is other problem. He works in confidential service on the government of your country. He has not the right to send money or any information in other countries. He can send money inside the country only. My aunt cannot send money too because she his wife.
I did not want to ask you to help, and I hesitate to do it, but I desire to meet you very much.
Dear, I want to ask you about some favor. I hope it will not be burden for you. The husband of my aunt can send money for the bank account inside YOUR COUNTRY.
Can you open the account in anyone bank or to give me the data of your bank account if you already have it???? If you can, the husband of my aunt will send you money without problems. When you will open the account write to me the information: BSB number:
Account Number:
Holder Name your account:
The bank name: your full name;
your address (your city and address); I shall write this information to the aunt, and her husband at once will send you money. It is necessary to agree upon time when you can receive these funds only. When you will receive them you should send them to me through Western Union.
But I shall tell you about it more in detail in the following letters.
When I get the money many problems can be solved. For us it is necessary only to wait. Unfortunately, in our world nothing is done free-of-charge and I am grateful to the aunt and her husband that she helps me. And I hope, that my request will not be burden for you.. I cannot wait for our meeting...
Yours forever...
Letter 2
Hello my dear!!!!
How are you? My dear my aunt can send money only on bank account.
I want to meet you so much!!!! I dream of our meeting but at us only 2 ways to meet.
1 way:
I already wrote to you that my aunt wants help me to trip to you. My aunt wishs us many good luck and love!!!
Therefore my aunt want to send money for your bank account.
The reason in work of her husband. My aunt can to send money only on bank account.
This is not difficult. You can close the bank account at once as will send this money to me.
My love can you open bank account?
2 way:
We have a simple way. It is not necessary to make the bank account. My aunt has offered this way.
You can send me money in Western union for my trip. I need 3000-3500 USD for trip to you. My aunt promised to return to you all sum when I will come to you.
It very simply an exit from a situation. What do you think?
I love you!!! I very much want to meet you!!!!
I love you!!!
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