Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Raspopina to Federico (Italy)

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Letter 1

Hello. It is very pleasant for me to get acquainted and be familiar. In this letter I want to tell to you a little about me that you knew though a little about me. To me of 25 years. I very well know the English language, and I can freely speak in this language, but certainly I shall sometimes have some mistakes as I studied this language also he is not my native language. I live one in my apartment which have got to me from my grandmother and the grandfather. I work as the secretary. My work borrows a lot of time, but Just as all I have a free time. I love spring and summer. As I very much love animals, therefore at me is a few pets. I never married, and I have no any children. But I very much want to find the man and to have children from him. I really love children, and I want to have them because I any more have not enough years and it is necessary to think of the future. I have decided to not search for anybody at myself, and to find foreign the man because it I read to the best. I like to go to museums. I want to try to build serious relations and to create happy family. I shall be very pleased, if you will want it also, as I. In it the letter, I only want to tell about me. Also it It will be pleasant to study for me you better and to see your photos. That you knew me better, I to send you my photo. I hope to you she to like. What do you think of it? I have some questions to you. What hobby in you in a life? As whom do you work? What do you like to do in free days? You prefer what meal? What character at you? What do you like to do? I think that we should know well each other. On it I shall finish the letter and I with impatience shall wait to receive news from you.

Letter 2

Hello!!! I am glad to receive from you the answer. If you have written to me the answer you interest to me means have. I am glad that began to get acquainted with you. It will be very pleasant for me to learn you better. In this letter I want to tell more about myself. And as I want that you have written to me about yourself more. At my place there is a computer and I do not have problems with an output in the Internet. It is possible to attribute reading of books to my hobbies. If the book is interesting to me that I usually I shall very quickly read her. I like to read about adventures and novels. I prefer Russian music but also I listen foreign. My preference of music depends on my mood. I also look various films and transfers on the TV. I love interesting transfers from which it is possible to learn that that new. I look news and I love transfers about tourism where show the different countries. In films I prefer comedies and vital films. I like to look Russian and as foreign films. I think that it is necessary to tell to you more about my family. As I already spoke you that I live together with my mother and the father. My mother 52 years and to the father 53. My father worked as the militiaman and my mother the bookkeeper. They now both are on pension. I have no brothers and sisters. It is a little sad for me. And how at you? My cousins and the sister call Kostya and Oksana. To my cousin 23 years and the sister of 17 years. I was possible to tell have acquainted you with all my family. I would like to learn more about your family and as about you. How felt by your relatives? How call your parents? How many him of years? I think if we want to learn each other better that we should tell about myself more. If you have any questions to me I with pleasure shall answer you them. I think that in this letter I have written to you much about me, but in the following letter I shall write to you even more about me. I shall finish this letter and I shall look forward to hearing. Ekaterina.

Letter 3

Hello. I am happy to read your letter. I did not see your photos.
Send me photos. First of all I want to apologize, for that that could not write to you. But now summer and everyone start to go in village, and gardens. I went with mum the daddy in a garden. We did very much. Most of all it is connected with a kitchen garden. At us in Russia almost all people every summer go in villages and gardens. We in village do not have Internet. If he was, I would write to you the answer. Now I have arrived from village and on it became much better. How are you? What did you do these days? A summer, also it is necessary to do good rest from work. Now it is possible to do many different things. How you spend summer? What best summer to you was remembered? It is very interesting to me to learn about it. To me very much to like to have a rest on the nature. When sing birds, the watercourse is audible and the bright sun shines. At me delight when I spend time in such conditions. Now I shall finish this letter and I shall look forward to hearing from you. Ekaterina.



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