Scam letter(s) from Polina to Pedro (Uruguay)

Letter 1
Hi there!
It is great you wrote me and want to know me! It is what I want! I hope you are glad to know it.
You must know me very well to decide if you want something serious with me, me too. I am really serious so I'll tell you about myself.
I am 23 years old (my birthday is in January, 15). They say Capricorns are very responsible and kind people, so here I am I live in Vinogradov, Ukraine. I studied in Lviv florists college and after graduation I went back to my native city and live here with my parents. My job is florist, do you know what is it? I work with flowers, I make bouquets, I grow plants, I embroider premises for celebrations and so on. If you want to present me flowers, be careful, I will know where you got them and who made the composition! To surprise me you must take flowers from your own garden and make the bouquet yourself!
I am kidding. Right now we need not flowers, but words! What do you want to hear from me, please, ask, I will reply. As for me, I am interested in everything, you job, your family, your hobby, your habits and the most important - why me? Why did you choose me?
Waiting for your answer,
Letter 2
Hi there!
You know, I felt I would get your letter today! Woman intuition... I think it is a very good beginning, you wrote me about your life and I understand you better now.
Thank you for the photo and for the flower! It is very pleasant.
I hope you'll understand me better if I write you about my family. My father Segey is a tractor driver, my mother Anna works in the kindergarten. They are married 27 years and I am their only child.
They work hard, expecially father. You know, crisis all the time touched country side first. The farmers are working hard but get not much, I was told it went like that all over the world so we are not in the worst situation. Anyway my family can provide itself. All of us are working, my mother's salary isn't big but she loves children and wouldn't change her job, she really lights when she sawa her group in the kindergarten.
We also have a lot of relatives nearby, I mean in different villages and cities in our region. We are not very close and meet not often, but you must know, I am a part of the big family and value family most of all!
Here in Yaremcha we live in the apartment, we have 2 rooms. One is my parents bed-room, another is a living room, we have a TV set there and I sleep there on the sofa. Usually TV is a center of the evneing life, you know, my father likes sport and doesn't miss any football match, my mother likes good old Soviet movies, and sometimes they show very interesting modern films and music shows for me... In case I don't like sport-time, I can go to the kitchen to cook something delicious or read some book...
How do you spend your evenings?
I hope you like to write me and to know about me, don't you?
With kiss,
Letter 3
Hi there!
Thank you for your letter! It is good for me to know your ideas about life, it is what we write one another for - to know one another's views and to share one another's ideas and feelings, do you agree?
Thank you for telling me about your family. What else do you want to know about mine?
Australia seems to be a very nice country, I watched on TV.To swim in the ocean mist be nice. What do you mean 'young country'? People live there so long...
I would like to tell you about my hobbies.
My best and first hobby is my cat Chernusch. It means Blacky in English. It is so little and so nice, I adore him. My girlfriend presented him to me not long ago. I always mocked on her that she couldn't go to the cinema with me and to go to the country side for couple of days if she had nobody to care about her cat, so she decided to teach me to care about car in such a way! But I am grateful. This little creature is so trustful, I am like Fate for him, you want to protect him and care about him! And what about you?
You know that I like flowers, I wrote much about it I also like dancing, sometimes I go to the dancing party with my girlfriends. My favorite is old waltz. Do you know this dance was known as the most obscene 200 years ago? I think it is the most romantic, do you agree?
I like reading, I read everything, fantasy, detectives, love stories, poetry... I have a lot of favorite authors, my most favorite is one I read now. So now it is Umberto Eko. I have seen the movie 'The Name of the Rose' with Sean Connery, have you seen it? I have and decided to read a book and now the author is my favorite! May be I will become a fan of the Middle Age! And what do you like to read?
I also like movies, you already know my favorite one! You also know my favorite actor. You know, I have no favorite actress. Well, no, I have one, it is Russian actress Olga Volkova and to say the truth she is very ****, but she is great in every movie she appears! I bet you like some nice Hollywood girl with big eyes and long blond hair! Am I right?
Well, I hope you will write me about it in your next letter!
Letter 4

Hello, how are you?
My day is nice, the weather is good and I am in good mood.
You know, last days I keep thinking about you and me even during my working day! It is really something new, I don't remember when I felt it last time! Actually, I remember, it was nice time before the bad days, so I try not to recall often.
I was in relationships once and it failed. Do you want to know about it? Perhaps it is time to tell you. He was a good guy of my age, we met on the disco and he turned out to be new in our college I studied that time. Everything was very romantic, we spent time together walking, chatting, going to cinema and so on. He was really great and light in his life, he made decisions quickly and realized them fast. That time of our dating I had no quiet day at all! New companies, new people, new places! He took me to the mountains, to the sea for couple of days, to the birthday party of his friends, to the festival of modern cinema in our city, to the piercing show, to the literature reading of the modern poetry in Lviv... You know, at last I was exhausted. We had no time for ourselves at all and I understood it wasn't for me. I tried to explain him but then I understood he cared about new and interesting activities more than about the girl nearby.
At last we separated.
Darling, I want you to understand me! I am not the person staying indoors, very dull and boring, no! I work with people and can find words for everyone, I am interested in new things and want to be fashionable and interesting, but I also want to be myself, I don't want to disappear in outside activity and lose my mind! I want to be a personality, but a catalogue of fashionable things!
I hope you can understand why two good people cannot be a couple. I would never say he was bad, I dare say I am a good person as well, but I am single now. It means just that I am single, nothing else. What do you think about it?
You know, we have never had garage, so never had such cans and such games What are you plans for weekend? I will go with my parents to the country side to spend time close to nature. We will walk out and may be swim in the river...I adore warm summer, and you?
Have a nice weekend,
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