Letter(s) from Irina Petrova to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1

Hello Jose! how are you?
I have visited a site of acquaintances and saw your all structure, a photo and it is a lot of another about myself. I liked you.
If you not against our dialogue with each other, It would be very pleasant for me to communicate with you.
Jose, I shall tell to you a little about myself and my interests to interest.
That you knew, my name is Irina. Petrov's my surname. I live in Russia in city Zvenigovo. It is very close with Moscow. I think that you know this city. Our city is very small, and I have already despaired
In search of the favourite person for my life in the further. I would like to tell to you some words about me directly.
I 170 centimeters in height, my weight - 57 kg. My birthday 23 June. 1980. I never was for the husband. I have education of the cook And higher education on a a speciality - economy and marketing. But now I work as the cook at restaurant. Yes, I have friends who at any moment can help me. I have very beautiful eyes, I think that is pleasant to you. I think, that you estimate them in a photo:). I love sports and all it almost love. I so that sometimes only go to sports clubs, but since morning I do exercises, as well as all. I like to keep independently suitable. I do not smoke, and I do not drink alcohol, only on holidays. I consider that it destroys youth, Beauty and health. I think, that you will agree with me. I hope, that you will love my photos. I ask, that you have sent me your photos.
I think, that occurrence not that important, but it is very interesting to me. I live with my mum.
I have told to it, that today I have found the person in the Internet that to me loved. It was glad, but believes that it is impossible to trust at once. We should transfer the Long way to understand if we are these two half or not. But I think, that we should speak to learn more about The friend the friend. I shall help you to learn more about me. I do not speak in English rather well. To write to you letters, I shall sometimes use the program of translation. But we and in the future can speak by phone if there will be such opportunity... Is better I think to learn us each other in the letter. I think, that you can understand all my letters. If something is not clear to you, only tell to me, well?. Your language will help to study your letters to me better.
I have no computer of the house because it is very dear to me. I shall write to you From the Internet-cafe which is near to my house, it is very good, because I can write to you the letter many times to day as at me it will turn out. I love the city. I love, leave on walk in its streets, to visit museums. There are theatres, museums, buildings of culture in city centre. We with girlfriends often visit cinema, and we look various films. It is very pleasant when the spring arrives. Water flows on streets and Children start to do vessels of a paper, birds sing, lights of the sun and heats.
The nature anews. My girlfriend advised me to search for the person on the Internet.
I did not expect, that you will answer me. I hope, that we shall be
Know each other better, and the computer will help to find to us each other.
I wish to know more about you. Tell to me about your habits, friends..
Tell to me, where do you live. That you love...
I shall look forward to hearing from you.

Letter 2

Hi my friend Jose.

I am glad that again I write to you. I did not expect that I shall write to you again.
To me it is very pleasant, that you liked my last letter. I very much like to travel.
I earlier much with mum went across Russia when still the prices for tickets were not
Dear. Now I presume to go to myself with friends not far from city on
Lakes. We go to campaigns in the summer. It is very fine, at us very beautiful edge.
I wait for summer when I again can take the backpack and I shall go on lake, a wood, a guitar,
Tent, unless it is not fine? I like to look cinema, I like Russian comedies,
And melodramas, very much to like me film Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo de Caprio. I when it look
I Always to crying. I trust that there is such love, and you?

Very good family, the father works for us in a boiler-house, and mum the teacher.
My mum call Tatyana Petrova, he/she is very interesting person. With it I always
I share the pleasures and griefs. It never will give up to me in advice. I not
I would know that I did if I did not have such fine mum. If you
Saw how to learn children. At its lessons always to reign the atmosphere of understanding.
My father 55 years call Vasily Semenovich, to it, it will soon retire. I
It is glad that it has not given in to the Russian habit to drink vodka, in our city very much
Many men drink because of financial problems much. It is very heavy for them

I think that you understand me.
I have finished institute 4 years ago. It is fine student's it was time.
Sessions, you know that this such, do not sleep at the nights worry, and when comes
Day of examination, heart is simply pulled out from a breast. I think that you too it
Has gone through. I very much liked to study. After institute I work as the cook at restaurant and

I cannot refuse because at us in city very little working
Places. We live poorly, but is amicable. I not so small, but often address for advice to
It. It is very fine when in family there is a mutual understanding. I always to dream
To create such family. Only I to wish to have three or two children. I in
To family one, parents to present all love in me. I do not think that I have grown
The egoist. I very much love honesty and decency. If I to create the family I
I think that the main thing in attitudes with the husband will be full confidence to each other, I
To consider that it is the mortgage of strong family.
I love animals. At my place there lives a kitten. I think that you all closely i?i?ae, we shall write to me again.
I with impatience shall wait for your answer. Write to me about itself more

I shall wait.

Letter 3

Hello my dear and lonely Jose . I am glad to your letter always, and you know it well, my lovely friend. Therefore I thank you for this pleasure which you give me your letters. Your letters are necessary for me, I have understood it these last days. I know confidently if I do not see your new letter, my day is boring and sad. Your letters are necessary for me as water or food. Your letters is a balm for my soul and heart! Therefore know, that you are very special for me, and I hope, that this sympathy to you will grow once in something greater... I am assured, that we shall go forward in our attitudes to learn each other better and to see, where these attitudes will result us. And, probably, I shall be that woman for you once with which you want to connect your life. And you will be that the man for me with which I shall want to divide family happiness. I thank you also, that you have answered my questions. I understand your ideas well, because I lonely too, as well as you, Jose . I grieve very much, that I have no that the man in my life which will tell to me in the morning: " Wake up my dear, I love you!!! " When I think of my lonely life sometimes, and I start to grieve very much, and I wish to cry with this lonely feeling. I cannot understand now: why I cannot find good the man? Why I meet the men thinking only about sex and well-being? Probably, it is my destiny... I do not know... I have already lived 28 years, and I have no that unique and important the man for me now which will support and will embrace me a difficult minute always. Therefore I am pleased to each your letter always. I hope, that you will be that unique and important for me the man which will love and respect with me really. I think, that the destiny has acquainted our lonely showers specially for this purpose, that we search already for a long time... How you think, Jose ? I am right? Jose, we and have not communicated to you in online in yahoo mesenger about ours with you of a meeting. Jose, you can to me will write phone and I shall find time to contact you. I think that so it will be better. Well? I finish my letter on it to you, my gentle Jose . And I ask to you my new questions again: What qualities of character like in women to you? You can make something crazy for your beloved? You made such actions for your former beloveds? And with what these actions were? Tell about your country, culture, about your city in your following letter. I wait for your following letter and your new photos. And I send my new photos. You very much interest me!


P.S.: my dear Jose, I ask you that you did not hurry development of our attitudes. I shall meet you in a reality necessarily soon, but, allow, I shall choose this correct time. Understand my fear because I already regretted some times, that I hurried up in development of attitudes with men. Therefore I became more cautious with men now. Please, understand it! I promise you, that I shall meet you in a reality during correct time soon, only I should be convinced, that I can trust you.