Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Erasova to Hans (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello Hans!
Thank you for your letter. I am glad that my offer to show you a tempting :-)
Thus, for our friendship, it would be necessary that we know more about each other.
I will try to write about me a little more detail.
My name is Aleksandra, but you already know about it. I was born June 20, 1982, I am 26 years old.
I'm blonde, and this is my color. :)
I like a lot of walking, I often spend time with my girlfriends, I love to read, go to the cinema, but my real hobby - this is the kitchen.
I like to cook different delicious dishes, but nonetheless I managed to keep themselves in good shape.
Every day I go in for sports - scamper in the park every morning!
I have no bad habits, I do not smoke and do not use alcohol.
What can you say about yourself on this matter?
By nature I am very cheerful person, I try to find the good in things and accept defeat with a smile.
I have never been married and have no children, but I like very much to hold their course.
Be sure to write me if you have children!
I would like to know why you are seeking knowledge via the Internet? How long do you do it?
I would also like to say that I am not looking for a friend's passing, I am looking for a partner for life a man with whom we could be happy together, sharing joy and sorrow.
I am not looking for himself in Russia, because I could not find a good man in Russia.
Finding a good man in Russia it is very difficult.
Russian people - the rough and rude people .... I hope you understand me.
Okay, now you have some idea about me. In the next letter, write me more about you!
I think that you should have any questions to me, I would be happy to answer it.
What do you think about my photos?
I will be happy to see your photos again:)
I look forward to your response!
See you soon!
Letter 2
Hi Hans! I am very pleased to get a new letter from you! I am glad that I have a chance to write you! I am looking for true love. I want people to live that is. I ask that you be frank with me, I think these feelings may arise only if we are frank with each other.
You - the person on whom I drew your attention. I ask you to write more about yourself, your life, how you spend your day?
It will be very interesting to know to me. I will also try to write to you about me as detailed as possible.
I want you to understand me as much as possible and make the right choice. I would very much like this.
I am very pleased to communicate with you. E-letter - a very good way of communication, it reminds me the old days, when people send mail using pigeons. This is so romantic ... Do you agree? I would like to see your photos, read your messages as often as possible! I told you that I write from Internet cafe which is near my house. Before I came here not too often, because I had no reason to do so, but now that we are familiar with you, I will do it every day.
I think that if we want to take a closer look at each other we should write to each other as often as possible. Do you agree with me? I will tell you about my life. I was born and raised in the city Volzhsk. It is a small beautiful town in the heart of Russia.
If you want to know more about my town ask me about it and I will write to you in the next letter. I now turn to the story about me. I graduated from high school and college of economic, so I have higher education.
I am well enough to your own language and understand English. I work in a cafe. My profession - culinary chef. I cook different dishes, I love my job. I have never traveled outside of my country, but I went to several neighboring towns, along with my girlfriends.
Every day I read with a lot of new people and I like it.
I think if someone does not like his own work, he must find another. Do you agree with me?
Now I live in a one-room apartment, one of their parents. My parents now live apart from each other.
It happened that they were divorced. Their life was accompanied by constant scandals, so they could not live together.
We will not talk about the bad things. Okay? Now my life is not very diverse, my day is morning scamper, then I go to work,
after work I go to internetcafe, or spend time with friends, sometimes on weekends we are going to nature. I hope my long history of not you tired? I am very pleased to our dialogue. Look, I will wait for your answer! Aleksandra!!!
P.S. Tell me more about yourself, about your life.
I will be very interesting to know you better. Because I was not interested in communicating with the person
that neither by themselves did not speak. I hope you understand me.
Letter 3
Hello! How are you? How your day? Okay? Bad? To me it is sad and bad because I did not get your letter. But I hope that you will write to me, as I receive your letter. I do not exist, and I'm waiting ... Aleksandra!!!!
Letter 4

Hi! This is very pleased to receive your letter again. You are very much interested in me.
I want to know more about you.
Tell me about your family, friends, interests.
In a previous letter, I wrote some things about me, now I will write more about my friends. When I was growing up my parents very rarely squabbled among themselves,
in our family was very warm atmosphere, we could call itself a happy family.
My mother worked as an accountant and father worked in a small trading company. These were good times.
Later, in 2001 my father lost his job. After that our family was happy dilapidate ...
His father was a frequently consumed alcohol, came home *****.
Between him and my mother began to be quarrels, which become more and more ...
My parents did not find other way out but to divorce. After their divorce, my father left the apartment with us, and we lived together with his mother and grandfather.
In 2003, my grandfather died. It was a great sorrow for us. He was a very nice person,
always gave wise counsel, and although he was a sick old man, he always said with a smile.
It is always difficult to remember this, but I think that should tell you that you have accurate about me. My parents raised me strong character. I always deal with all the difficulties of life. Whatever was the problem, there is always the way to solve it.
I am quite calm and self, sometimes stubborn, but in the measure. Almost always I have good mood. What can you tell about your character? I love sports. Each morning starts with my scamper, on weekends, I go with girlfriend Elena in a fitness center,
sometimes we go to the Ice Palace and skate. I like sport,
I like to listen to nice slow music, I love to read novels about love, I love to spend time in the circle of his friends.
I do not drink alcohol and I do not smoke. And what are you looking for? Okay, now I will tell you about my city. Volzhsk is over 750 km from Moscow.
The population of the city about 100 thousand people.
My city has enough tourist attractions, you might have heard about it.
It is situated on the bank of the Volga. This is the largest river in Russia, it created a lot of poems and songs.
And what is your city? Tell me will be interesting to hear about it. Here I end my letter, I hope you are not tired her story? I will wait for your reply eagerly. Aleksandra!!!!
Letter 5
Good day! I waited a long time before you write me, but I have not waited for your letter. therefore decided to write to you herself. I hope. I have everything in order, and you have not forgotten about me. I very much would like to receive your letter! I will wait with impatience of your letter. Aleksandra!!!
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