Scam letter(s) from Julia Samarina to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Dear Michael, Thank you for your informative letter! The picture of you is very nice. I see a mosque on the background. There is one mosque in the center of Sevastopol as well. Thank you for the compliment on my look. I am glad that in a woman you value not only her appearance but also her inner beauty. I want to explain to you from the very beginning why I am using a dating agency's services in order to be absolutely honest and sincere with you. I would like you to visit the Web-site of the Family Club (, please, do it for me, you can also look up my ID there (my ID is 199). This agency has been working successfully for several years as you will see, it is absolutely legal, sincere and real, which I like most. On one hand I know how many persons are on Internet in search of their "true" love, writing and chatting without end. I bet you understand and accept my desire to be protected from this kind of people, that is why I applied to real professional specialists in the best agency in Sevastopol, which has a perfect reputation in its field. On the other hand, I am to use an interpreter / translator from the agency to write you because my written English is not very rich. I work ******* its improving. My spoken English is good and we won't have problems in communication. I can't write you often as our correspondence is expensive to me. I have to tell you, Michael, that I have signed the contract with the Family Club and I have to observe their rules. They do everything that I find my second half. One of the rules is if a man comes to meet with me he should use the service of the Family Club: to book the apartment and transfer from the airport with them. Otherwise, I won't be able to meet with a man. Please, understand that they earn money this way and I should be thankful to them that they have found you. I hope you are able to refuse using the service of that agency and use the service of the Family Club. I am glad you agree as far as words that I have written to you. We have the same outlook. Do you often see your parents? Yes, your family isn't big. The most important thing is that your family has close connection. Your heart is open for happiness and I hope I will be able to plant a seed of love in it. I have always believed that each person creates his or her own path through life with the choices that he or she makes. However, lately I have felt as if I am somehow being drawn to you, that a higher power intends for us to be together, and that it is not a coincidence that we have found each other despite being located halfway around the world. I know that this may sound crazy, but I think that us being together was simply meant to be and that our paths were destined to cross and then merge. I simply cannot wait to see what the future holds for us, but I have a feeling that it will be magical. I am waiting for your reply! Take care! With all my heart,
Your Julia
Best regards,
mermaid Family+ International Dating Agency
Voronina street 10-61,
Sevastopol, Ukraine.
+380 692 542686
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