Scam Letter(s) from Elena Orlova to Petur (Denmark)

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Letter 1

My dear Petur, I am sorry for such a long delay of my letter. But the consequences did not let me do it! Two days ago, late at night I was informed that my father got into a car crush and with hard injuries was taken into the emergency unit of the hospital. After I was informed I went to the hospital, but I was not let into the unit, because there is a very serious operation and asked me to come in the morning. My mother and I all the night spent in the reception, waiting for any news from the operation room. I do not remember how long time spent, many doctors passed me by, but all of them were saying that the surgens are doing their best and we needed to wait. When one doctor called our last name and asked if there are with such last name, my mother and me with the tears in our eyes run to the doctor with the hope to get at least some news. The doctor said that the injures, my father sustained are really hard, with a piece of the cars body he was pierced in the left part of his body, breaking 2 ribs and like a knife cut his left kidney, damaging the bowels. The surgeons did their best and literaly piece by piece reconstructed the bowels. But they were left with the major problem - cut left kidney, deteriorated by the huge loss of blood. The doctor told us that my father was taken to the emergency unit and connected to the kidneys life support machine. But maximum my father can last under this machine is one week. Urgent transplant of the kidney is required. But there is no kidney in the organ bank, so much needed for my father to survive. The doctor said that they have no possibility to find the kidney so soon, because there are not many people ready to offer their organs for transplant and people are waiting for their turn for months. The doctor said that he was sorry for us, but the hospital is incapable of helping my father. It is hard to imagine the shock condition, we experienced in that moment. My mother, absolutely powerless felt down on the floor and the doctors had to give her treatment, to get her back to normal. I had to send my mother to the relatives and return to the hospital to speak with the doctor. The doctor saw me and I asked him if there is really nothing we can do to help my father. The doctor said that in the emergency unit there is a man, that will die anyway within few weeks. They have already offered the relatives to sign the transplantation consent right after the death of the patient, but they refused and the hospital is not authorized to use his organs to help the needed. He said that the only thing he could do for me is give the address of the family of this man, in the hope that I could talk them into signing the agreement for the kidney transplant. With both hands I grabbed on to this chance, bringing hopes for my father rescue. I went to that address and met the mother of Igor, that is the name of that man. His mother appeared a good woman to me and offered me a cup of tea. During we had a conversation, I told her about the situation, my father is at, and that they are the only one who could help me. His mother said to me that doctors several times offered her to sign the agreement for the transplant, but she refused, because she wants to bury his son's body in one piece. But after she heard my story, she decided to help my father and all my family, but she asked for 300 000 rubles, to make a deserving ceremony for her son. She said that their family is very poor and can not afford the funerals, and it would be fair that she helps us and we help her and give her the money, she will use to make funerals. My dear Petur, my family is in such situation, when we need to be using any offer, not looking at the financial difficulties and save my fathers life. Without thinking I agreed on her conditions. Hardly, not looking back, I managed to get the major part of that amount, but I have used out every way to get this money that are required. My love, I have the major part and I need to find just 40 000 rubles, to get her permission for the transplant and save my father. But I have used all the ways and do not know where else I can find the remaining sum. My dear Petur, totally hopeless and desperate, I decided to ask for your help. Never in my life, I would find the strength to ask you for any money, but now you are the only man, that can help me. My love, in the name of our love, in the name of the most kind in the universe, in the name of God and his kind angels I am asking for your help, if you have any opportunity. I am asking for you to hear my plea for help and God will reward you for your kindness and mercifulness. My love, help me if you can. I ask you to tell me if you can help and I will let you know how you can pass me these money.

With sincere hope of your help, yours Elena.



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