Scam Letter(s) from Yana Koroleva to Dany (Belgium)

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Letter 1

Hi! how are you doing?

my name is Yana and im interested in getting know you!hope you dont mind and will send me a letter back!i live on the east of Ukraine in town named Petrovka,it is very small one and i bet its not so easy to find it on the birthday is January 3, 1978.
You must be curious about what exactly do i want from you,well theanswer is very simple but at the same time it is sooo complete.
Im not looking for better life outside of my homeland,so dontworry im not going to use you as a ticket for to get out of here.
but in case if everything would work out between us im going to relocate to your place, its not a problem for me,hope you understand what i mean.You know there is one very pity thing in my life-im not getting younger andeven dont stay at the same age all the time,but im still single.
Sure i had relations before,some of them were pretty longtermed,butI have never been officially married and dont have any children.So, my biological clock says that if my half still didnt find me i should start my own search :)And here I am!i wanna look deep inside youfor to recognize my destiny if it is the case!Sure,if you will let me to do it!I bet you have heard at least something about slavoniс men ,for example that they not as family oriented as foreign males seems to be.Thats why im trying internet dating, to check if itwill work out!
Well,im smart, friendly, sociable and easygoing lady,i have asense of humor and like to joke,hope you too.
Generally speaking, I am very open minded and willing to try new things.
It what keeps one young in mind and soul. Love is an experiment every day. Doing things that makes the one you are with happy is important.
Being affectionate, sexual, and sensual! A look, a touch, heat and passion, the feel, the taste of someone make it exciting. Open to adventure, trying new things, giving sense of freedom with the person in your life.
But to be truthfull it has been a long time since I have truly connected with someone. I am very choosey of whom I spend time with. And to date I have put much into work, even though I meet many men have not made any connection. But I am looking for that special person that will send my heart reeling.
I thought the date sight could help me, so I''m here Im not a clubber girl or any other partyanimal,though i dont liketo sit home, probably its because there is nobody waiting for me or thereis nobody for me to wait home.
I have a lot of hobbies,if the things that i do in my spare timeshould be named so.
3 times a week i visit a fitness centre for to keep my body fit,ifthere is snow on the ground i like skiing,when it is warm and dry weather i take my bicycle, put some music in theears and cycling around the countryside, enjoying nature.
Now,xxxx,i will finish here, but i wish to read some words from you!
please,take care and stay safe!

Yana , your new friend.



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