Scam letter(s) from Shana James to Barry (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my love and How are you doing..I am so happy to read from you and i really cant wait to be with you and spend the rest of my life with you my love...Honey,i know you wants the best for us and also want to meet me this summer or soon before then my love..I talked to my mother about you sending pictures of you and also sending me card as my Birthday..she was so happy for that but there is a problem with that..I do not have a Post office close to where i live my love and also its very difficult for me to get it here in Nigeria because of the bad people around here...Its might get lost in the mail when coming my future husband..I tried that when i was in the state..I sent some teddy bear to my mother but she did not get it and when i tried to talk to the Courrier Man here that works with Fedex,he said its get lost when they are trying to get it sent to the address i gave them my love so i do not want you to experience the same as well..I know you really want the best for me for my birthday my love but i will be happy if you can send me the pictures via mail and i will have them print out and put it on my wall my husband...Can you do that for me?...I am still going to give you my full house address my love but please do not include your pictures cos i do not want to loose you or loose your pictures but try and send the card and see if i can get it my love...I wish your Father a Happy New Year and if i may ask you my love...How old is he going to be and i really cant wait to meet me and get to know more about your family my love...Its 5.30pm here in Nigeria and i will be going home real soon..Cant wait for my birthday to come my love and i do hope you are with your cell phone always House Address.... 10 KARIMU IKOTUN STREET,
CODE...23401 Love you and Keep Missing you Mary
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