Scam Letter(s) from Veronica Sokova to Gene (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello, my dearest man Gene! My poor boy, if I only could be there with you and to comfort you, I would take care about you and I would do everything possible for you, my love, I would kiss you million times to throw all the worries from your head. Darling, you need to remember that I am always in your life and I'm always with you. I want to kiss you and I want to feel that everything is all right,Gene. Sometimes the life really brings us down and it is impossible to understand what to do. This is so good that you have reliable friends there and that they give you all love and attention. Gene, it seems to me that you didn't tell me everything that worries you, I just feel it through the distance because actually, I think that I feel you very good, I feel your mood and I feel what you have in your mind. Don't be afraid to tell me everything, Gene. I'm worrying about you really much. You know, the most important is that you are healthy and nothing really dangerous has happened to you. I know what you are talking about, my love, sometimes there is the feeling that the whole world is bringing you down and it is very important to get the support of the people who love you and the attention of the people who are close to you, my dearest one. I want to be with you just right now and I want to kiss you and I want to be with you, my dearest one. I want to kiss you million times and I want to feel that you are in my life. Gene, I still feel myself very bad and I have been to the hospital and the doctor told me that this is not the cold and this is not the flu, this is the quinsy and I will need to spend several days at the hospital to have the full check and if it is necessary to go under the course of the fast treatment. I'm very sad and I don't know what to do, I just can't afford the hospital right now, and I will go tomorrow to ask my friends about the money, if nobody borrows me, well, I won't know what to do really. We will see, I don't want to scare you with anything, I want to be with you and I want to kiss you and I want to support you in everything, my love, I want to kiss you and I want to feel that you are in my life. Gene, thank you for sending me the photos of the cars... I'm so sorry for everything that happened, I hope that everything will be all right, my dearest one. I believe that everything will be better and I ask you not to be so frustrated and I ask you to think about the positive things only. You need to remember that I'm always thinking about you and I want everything to be OK in your life. Gene, my life changed since you came into it and I'm very grateful to you for everything you are doing. I love you, my darling, Your girl Veronika



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