Scam letter(s) from Ludmila to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Darling! I am glad that I have the chance to write you my first letter as really wished to start this communication and to try our relations in reality! I am here with serious intentions because I really wish to find my man and to try to be happy, I think that there is nothing bad that I started to search for my man from abroad. Unfortunately here did not have much love with it and I decided that it is high time for me to stop being lonely. This spring time gave me lots of inspiration and I decided to start! Hope that you have the same thoughts. So in this my letter I would like to give you some brief information about myself for you to decide if we have something in common or not. As you understand that it will be you who will have to decide to answer my letter or not. So my name is Ludmila (Luda for short)and I am from Ukraine. I lived in Ukraine all my life and I have never been to abroad. My intentions are clear because I think that when I find my man I would like to meet with him here in Ukraine after some time of correspondence as I am sure that one meeting is much more better than tons of letters! Hope that you think the same. I decided to share with you my plans for the future because I think that it is important that you understand what I wish to have from life and what I expect to have in my life in future! So I hope that when I find my man it will be possible for us to have stable relations and even to think about creating our family as it is exactly what I would like to have. And what about you? Do you have some strict plans for your future. What do you wish to have from this communication with me? Are you serious about being with your woman and if it scares you that I am from Ukraine?! I will wait for the answer from you impatiently as I think that your answer will give me the idea about our future! I end this my letter in order not to bore you too much and I will hope for the best! write me to this address exactly as: with all my heart,
your Luda
Letter 2
Hello Darling Jon! I am really happy that you are with me and I am really happy that you wished us to go on our relations and to go on our communication for knowing each other better. Anyway it is perfect that you gave us the chance! I do understand that it is very important question for you as for to my ability to use English for talks, I think that I am able to talk and I have low level of English, of course when we meet it will not be possible for me to discuss with you political issues or something like this, but simple phrases can be used, the only one thing is that it is impossible for me to write English as I do not know how to write and how to create the whole sentences! Sorry for that! But I do hope that it will not influence bad on our relations and I do hope that it will be possible for you to go on our communication in spite of this fact. I smiled when you told me that you found it surprising that I asked you the question about the fact that I was from Ukraine, but I think that you simply misunderstood me a little and I only wished to have your thoughts about relations where long distance is involved. So I can make a conclusion that for you it is ok that I am from another country and that for the first time we will have to talk and to communicate via letters only and then we will be able to establish our meeting! Darling Jon, I have one request to you. As I told you before all my life I lived in Ukraine and I have never been to any countries before, the only one chance for me to know culture and traditions of other countries was to watch TV and to read everything from books and newspapers. So I think that it would be great for us if you could let me know more about that place where you live. I am sure that each person has his special place that he likes for so much and may be it is like intimate and secret place where you like to spend your time when you are lonely or when you are in a wonderful mood. As for me I have such place as well. I wish you to know that here in my place that calls like Artemovsk there are no lots of sights or places for entertainments but the same time I am not sad about it because I am not a person who likes to visit night clubs as for me it is much more better to be outside and to enjoy weather, moreover for me there is no bad weather I enjoy everything! I wish you to know that here in my place we have wonderful park, and even being like a Soviet park I like to spend my time there. When I was little girl or may be it is better to say that when I was a teenager of 13 - 15 years I used that place for having some privacy. It happened that my family and I lived in one roomed flat. For the time when I was born the government gave my parents that flat and we lived there. You can only imagine how awful for me it was to stay there with mum and dad and with an old granny who lived with us as well. All of us lived in that one room and I wished to have private times. So when my heart asked me to stop and to think I always liked to go to that park and once I found out wonderful bench that was hidden with the help of old bushes. Since that time I always sat there and no one was able to see me and to disturb me. So lots of emotions were felt there at that park sitting on that bench! And what about you? Do you have such place for yourself?! May be that place was like the stimulation for me to start my search for my man. I will let you know about it later! I will wait for the answer from you impatiently and I will hope for the best! with all my heart,
your Luda
Letter 3
Hello Darling Jon, Thank you for your letter and thank you for being with me. I am really happy that we go on and that we are together and moreover that with each letter we are closer and closer to each other and I am sure that it is great! I am glad to know that for you it is ok and that you wish to meet the woman from Ukraine and that moreover you understand that men here really treat bad their women and I think that it is awful to be together with the drunkard who will not be able to produce even healthy children, it is really awful situation! Thanks that you told me about the places that you like there, you say that you like to dance and I think that we could be a wonderful couple to dance as I like to dance as well and I think that I do it well! Thanks for your understanding about my childhood, you say that you can not imagine how it could be as you had lots of space when you were little kid! Anyway I think that it was experience for me and I take it like life lesson as now I appreciate that I have my own space for life! I do understand that you are a little bit confused with the fact that I do not speak English well and the same time I wish you to know that it is what can be learnt and of course i have a great wish to start English classes as soon as possible and I am sure that in a couple of months I will have the chance to talk to you using primitive level and then everything will be developed! Last time I started to tell you about all the special things that I have in my life for this time. I hoped that you did not take me like a little naive girly who told you about the special bench in the Soviet park! :) But I want you to know that that bench leaded me to you and I think that it could be special for you as well. I wish to start from the very beginning. As you remember I told you that we lived all together in one roomed flat - mother, father and my granny. It happened that granny died when I was about 17 years old and she had a house far from here. After long discussions my parents decided to stop living here in Artyomovsk and they moved to the countryside to live at that house of my granny. So since that time I started to live my life by myself. Of course you understand that being 27 I had a couple of relations in my life and the last one was the longest as I was with that guy for about 6 years and everything seemed to be well until I caught him with another woman. I do not wish to make this situation like the plot of the melodrama and I know that sometimes it happens, I even tried to forgive him but it was not possible as there was no any trust between us, so we decided not to torture each other and to stop our relations. Since that time I kept my eyes opened and I realized that such betraying was everywhere and with lots of men who were not able to be with the same woman for rather long time. As you understand the disappointment came to my heart and I stopped to wait for the relations and somehow I used to be lonely and not to suffer from it. But once I came to my bench and sitting there in the bunches I heard that somewhere close to me a foreigner sat and talked to a woman. I was surprised as my place of living was not big and I have never heard English speaking person before. I was so curios that I even started to eavesdrop their communication, you even can not imagine how surprised I was when I realized that there were two ladies because I heard two female voices. I was not able to control my interest and moreover I understood that it was wrong to eavesdrop. So I went out from the bushes and came to them. After some time of communication I got to know that there was a man and a woman who met each other via the net and the second woman was their translator from the firm, she simply helped to communicate and only. I was really surprised and I can confess that I was inspired with everything what I saw as I am sure that if you could be there with me and if you could see their eyes you would understand that they had that wonderful feeling as love and I was really sure that they were for each other. I went home and I thought about it lots of time. I had their eyes in my memory and I did not know what to do with it as I really was surprised to see that happiness and here the thought that it was my time to be happy came to my mind! I ran back to that bench and I was lucky to see that they sat there and went on their talks. So I asked the translator to explain me how everything happened and she simply gave me the visiting card of their firm with the list of their services. I did not sleep that night as I had the discussion with myself and tried to understand what I wish. I knew what wished when it was early morning and I went asleep.. when it was my break time at the real estate company where I work as realtor I ran to the firm and I asked them to help me. So you see that I am here and I have serious intentions to be with my man! And what about you? How did you come to this decision to try your relations with the woman from another country? As I am sure that if it was serious decision you understood that you should not expect that everything will be easy. I will wait for the letter from you impatiently and I will hope that I will hear from you soon! with all my heart,
your Luda
Letter 4

Hello Darling Jon! It seems that something helps me to be with you. As today in the morning we had a great rain and I did not know how it would be possible for me to get to the translation firm to have your letter and to write you back. As unfortunately when we have bad weather here our "urban transport" decides that it could be better to stop working and to wait for better weather. So I worried a lot and I always looked through the window in order to see if something changed or not. When it was my break time I noticed that there was more light in the room and I was really surprised to see sun outside. It was like a sign for me. So I ran immediately and now I am with you. Thanks for the compliments that you told me and for me it is great that you liked the photos that I sent you last time. You asked me when you would be able to get the photo of me wearing bikini only and here it is! Hope that you will like it as well! Thanks that you let me know how it happened that you came to the decision to talk to foreign women and it was really interesting for me to get to know that there was such book as "Anna's Letters", frankly speaking I have never heard about it before and of course for me it would be wonderful to read it as well, but I am sure that it will not be possible for me to find it in our book stores, but who is the writer of that book?! As unfortunately it will not be possible for me even to start my search without knowing the author of this book, so I do hope that you will let me know everything about it for the next time! Darling Jon, I hoped that you would not be upset because of that fact that I did not write you my letters from Internet cafe or something like this. Unfortunately the fact of bad English disturbed me as well and I did not know what to do with it, as soon as I was offered the service of the translators I agreed to have them and moreover I decided that it would be better for me to start English classes as soon as possible as I feel that with each letter we are closer and closer to each other. So I prescribed for the courses that would be started from next Monday. I think that it could be something great. Moreover I think that in a couple of months it will be possible for us to try our communication without the help of the translator. Of course I also would like to have the chance to talk to you via the phone, but unfortunately I do not have my phone and the same time they do not allow us to use work phone for personal needs. So we will have to think about it and who knows, may be we will find the chance to have direct communication later. I do not wish you to think that I do not trust people here at the translation firm, but as you understand it is their work and there is no any work that should not be paid. Here it is the same. I pay for the translation of letters from Russian into English for sending them to you and vise versa as they translate your letters from English into Russian as well for me to read them! As you understand all this time when we communicated I used funds for it and moreover I paid for the classes to start them soon.... it happened that this month was rather bad for the company where I work and today we were announced that they should postpone the day of giving the salary to their workers. It was like a real stuck for me as for me it was high time to full fill the account and to add some more money for our translations. I do not know how it will be later but for this time I wished you to be aware about our situation. Who knows, may be for the time when you write me your next letter I will have the chance to do something with it. Let's hope. Anyway, you should not worry as I think that I will be able to warn you about any position that we will appear for the next time. I will wait for the answer from you impatiently and I will hope for the best. with all my heart,
your Luda
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