Scam letter(s) from Elena Berry to John (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello dear !!!
I have very good news!!!
Today when I have come on my job. The boss has congratulated me.
She promised me to give the premium and she made it, I has received my premium (about 500 $ US dollars!!!)
also I have received my monthly salary for holidays (about 1070 $)!!!
Earlier I never received the premiums...
Since tomorrow's day I shall leave in holiday from my job 45 days.
Today I had heavy day and has passed all reports and papers to the colleagues. I am so happy today..
I wait for your congratulations. May be for your country it not so big money, but believe me for Russia it's the big money.
I yet have not decided what I will do in my holiday, but I will think about it today.
You can give advice about that, what me to do in my holiday??? You have some ideas?
May be I will travel to see other countries, other culture. I never was abroad earlier.
OK, dear I have very good mood and I wish to you good mood also.
Yours good friend from Russia Elena.
Letter 2
Hi my lovely friend. It elena. I have a problem with old e-mail. and I you to ask that you to write to me on this. I wait with impatience of your answer. Yours and only yours Elena
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