Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Zorkina to Martin (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear, well ok i am sorry if i am not right and if you still want to meet me but i really don't believe that. You know dear, the way i was brining up by my parents was very easy, they loved me and they gave me everything they could give me and they didn't ask me to find a rich man to be a beautiful doll for him, so money is not the main thing in my life, just want you to know that, you told me that you are going to give me cash money back when i am there, right? Excuse me, you think that i will take them? No, i won't but there is also such a thing, i have no money to pay for my visa stuff, of course if you really wanted to help me you would do that and you wouldn't tell me that it's difficult for you, i bet it's much easier for you then for me to get such means but i don't know why it scare you away and you don't want to support me, as your girl, as your future wife and so on, you know, i was talking to my dad about all that things and he asked me one thing that i still ask myself 'how will you take care of me and how will you prove your love to me when i will be there ,when you even can't do that when i am here, not by your side ?' I think that is rather serious question and i hate to tell you that, but honey if you are not serious enough about our relations about me and you, please leave me alone, ok? I really wish i could come to you and visa cost is only 300 dollars but i see that you are too selfish to take care of me and that expanses, when i am there it's too late! I wish you all the best!
your Nastya
Letter 2
Well, hi again! I am glad to write you over and over again ; )Yes, it was really good to hear your voice even for such a short moment, but any way if you want to call me more, go ahead, ok? I should say you are very nice person, i really think so, i want you to know that i like you! Dear, even we don't know each other very well, i hope to make our relations closer and i want to be an open book for you and to tell you everything about me, but also i would like to keep something in secret to intrigue you ; ) deal? So, i have already told about my hobbies, but i have so more, so i like live to have fun Yep, it's a kind of my hobby To Have fun! Of course live is hard especially here in Ukraine but i try not to think about it, i like to organize holidays, i like to meet new and old friends and not just drink ***** or something but to organize competitions and dances and so on, i think that it's much better then just to sit and to complain about life, right? So, what about my favorite movie is 'Friends' and my favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston, she is so funny and adorable!!! Do you like this film? What about music, i like Rock and RnB and i adore the piano and the gitar like a musical instrument. Also my favorite color is black and red, i think that are really ****, especially in aggregate. So, Martin, i also want to know about your favorite colors and films and about everything, by the way who are according to the sight of zodiac? I am a ******, just i do believe in horoscope, sometimes : ) On the other hand if i really like person i will never mind any horoscopes, so what else can i tell you about myself? I like to go in for sport like swimming and tennis, but the first thing that helps me to keep my fit is dance of course. Ok, hon, hope you've got some more information about me and i hope you like it, so as usual i will be waiting for your mail, ok? And i want to know more about you, so i hope to see my questions answered. I kiss you and i gonna miss you!
Your friend Nastya
Letter 3
Hey, i am glad to get you letter, sorry if i didn't answer some of your question, i think that is just because if my inattentiveness or because i wanted to tell you everything what i want you to know about me. I don't know, but i hope you'll forgive me dear. So, how is everything? Don't you think that we have a nice correspondence? I really like it. I am glad that you like my pictures. I think that you are very nice and you are a real gentleman! I am sorry, today i don't have much time to write you, i have exams now. I hope they finish soon :) So, and what about you, what are you doing for life? Do you remember your students years? Was that the happiest time if your life? As for mine i can firmly say that it's a very good time but i will be happy to graduate : )) Because i am tired from exams and all that stuff : )) So, dear, also i will be really glad to know about your family and your past relationships. As for mine, i used to date to some guys, i didn't have too many lovers, but what about serious relations i had it just one time and now it's over, he mover to Russia and i haven't met him for two years and i don't even wanna do that. Well dear, i am sorry but i have to go now. I hope you will answer my letter, i am very impatient to get it from you!
Kiss you hon!
your Nastya
Letter 4

Hi my dear, thank you very much for your mail!!! I am very exited to get it. Every time i get a letter from you i feel childish happiness : )) i don't know why, just it feels so funny. One time i came to the Internet club with my friend i started to check the mail and when I've seen a letter from you i started to shout and she was so scared, i looked like a crazy : ))) That is so silly! Ok, never mind, how was your day? How is everything, i am interested to know everything about you, i am happy we became so close to each other for this short period of time : ) Dear, i really wanted to know one thing, what do you appreciate in woman? What makes you feel to that woman warm feelings? As for me i think that first of all it's kind attitude, love and care and also i really appreciate trust and faithfulness. Honey, you know I've been thinking of you for a long time, i know that may be we don't know each other very well, but i think that you are really good : ) I like you, like a man and just like a friend that is very important to have friendly relationship, right? So, what else can i tell you? Dear, i know, of course you don't know my family too close : ) But i have an elder sister and she is pregnant now, she is giving a birth very soon, may be in a week, i am so exited, it will be her second child, so it will be my second niece : ) I really like children and i am even ready for my own. I really want to have kids. i think that i would be a good mother. And i have such an age that i have to think about it, i am 25, it's a giving birth age : ) Ok, i really don't know why i tell you that my fingers write that by themselves : )) Honey, and what do you think about children, are you fond of them or not really? Usually men don't like to have kids and moreover to spend their free time with them and what about you? Hope you are not like that! Ok, dear, i have to go now, it was nice to get your mail and i hope to get it again and again, cause i really like to get them from you!
Kiss you many many times ; )
From Nastya!
Letter 5
Oh honey, thank you for such sweet letter! It made me smile and i felt so warm inside :) I am very pleased with this correspondence. So, you know it was so pleasant to know more about you and your attitude to me : ) So, what else can i tell you about me. Today i was watching a movie 'Blue Lagoon' with Mila Yovovich, have you ever seen it? Oh, may be i am too sentimental and i was crying :) I think that it's very romantic story, i really like it, i would be really glad to stay with you on the desert island ; ) i would show you how much i like you honey ; )))) Well, i am kidding you! may be i have a good fantasy and i like to dream. Do you have such a habit to dream about something before to go to sleep? I do have, yesterday i was dreaming to meet you one day ; ) What are you dreaming about, hah? Hey, just a second ago i was called and i was told that my sister is in the hospital now, a little bit earlier then it suppose to be but one week earlier it's ok, usual situation, especially now when everybody are so nervous all the time cause of the situation in the world, any way i think now she's gonna forget about all the bad things cause very soon to this world will come such a sweet and nice baby, isn't it awesome? And i also will be her God mother : ) Oh my gosh, i don't know why but i am so happy to share with you this nice news. I really wanted to tell you that and then to others, why? You are so special for me i think. Every time i read your letters i feel so warm inside. Honey, i want to tell you that you are really very nice man, so kind, so caring, thank you for that! I am so worried at the moment, ok honey, it think i have to go now, i miss you and i will be waiting for your mail. Kisses from me!
Your Nastya
Letter 6
Hi my sweetie : ) thanks for your letter! You know what i want to tell you? I miss you badly! So, honey, you can congratulate me with a birth of my sister's child! I am so happy, i am really very happy! I think that it's a very nice moment in the life of every family! You know, i also want to have children. Do you want to be the father? : )) Honey, of course it's joke but in every joke there is deal of the truth ; ) You know, i should say that i like, i really like you so much, i know why, because you are wonderful , you are interesting and i always know what to talk about with you and that is very important for me! I think that i am about to fell in love with you ; ) Dear and i want to ask you how serious your intention is, i mean what about me? Do you want to meet me in the reality later? Do you like me that much? I've been thinking of you and i should say every time i think of you i am getting so exited! You know, i am also dream of you, like if you were by my side, i would kiss you and i how knows how it can continue, i would be really tender and at the same time very passionate with you ; ) Are you interested? You know, right now i feel how much i want to kiss you and how much i want to give you all my own... I wish you were by my side my honey, i wish we could watch some interesting films together, to drink wine and to kiss and to make love, ohh, that is a nice dreams but you are so far away :( I don't wanna even think about that right now. I Ok, honey i am sorry but i have to go now, I miss you and i will be waiting for your mail!
Your Nastya
Letter 7
Hi my sweetheart, i miss you so much I am happy you wrote me again my dear, it's such a lovely letter, ahh, you touch my heart! Honey, i really want to meet you in the reality and you know i really want to come to you over to your country. I love you! I am sure we have to meet and to try to be together, cause Internet is Internet and real life is absolutely another thing. I feel a connection between us, i feel that we are so much alike , i feel that you are that man i who i need and who I've been searching for. But i need to be sure and that's why we have to meet. Sweetie, so what do you think about my arrival to you? Don't worry about my studying and my parents, i can figure out that both. My parents still worry about me but they understand that i am grown up girl and that i can live on my own and if i fell in love with such man like you they can happy for me. I told my parents everything about you, i think i did right, my dad gave a suggestion, he told me that we have to meet and to talk before we decide to live together and to get married and i agree, absolutely. It's right, first of all we have to meet and to see if we have Chemistry between us. As for my feeling i am sure, i fell in love, it's hard to explain how i feel that, but i really think we are belong together! I need you by my side sweetheart! I love you and i will be waiting your reply and your mind about everything what i have just wrote you!
I love you and miss you!
Letter 8
Hello my happiness!!! I was so exited and even nervous to get the answer to such a serious letter, i miss you my lovely and i want you to be by my side soon. Sweetheart! i am happy that you want that as well, i am really happy with that! So, my lovely, of course i don't know how to do that, i mean how to arrange my travel to you, cause you know that i have no experience in it. But i know that i have to find out about the document that i have to make, right? i am so glad that i have you my lovely, i am so happy that we will be together. Ok my lovely, i think i have to talk to my God mother, she works in the travel company and i think that she suppose to know what documents should i have in order to come to you, as soon as i find our about everything i will tell you, ok? I love you my sweetie and i am very exited about my travel to you! Aren't you? I imagine our first meeting, i think that it's gonna be at the airport, i will kiss you and i think that i will be the happiest woman in the whole world at that moment! I think i will never get tired to dream and to thin about that!Ok, sweetheart, i have to go now, i will be waiting for your answer! And as i told you i gonna to find out everything about documents! Are you exited? I love you!
Your Nastya
Letter 9
Hello dear, well after reading your letter i understood just one thing, that you don't really want me to come to you. First of all what about visa, honey i could easily get a student's visa and that i suppose to have with me is passport, visa and tickets and that about proving that i am not a poor mouse i have to have some pockets, so that's it and no problems. I tell you that because every year our students go there and i asked them about everything, i could go with the international students program work and travel, so i would work there and meet you, how does it sound for you? Or you will fin another reason for me not to come, so in this case why do you write me, what do you want from me? Are you seriously intended or you just want to play games with me? I really hate that, so if you really want to meet me, let's decide something if not, don't write me ok? Don't make me disappointment in love please!
your Nastya
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