Scam letter(s) from Larisa Mohnach to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, dear Jon, my special thanks for your kind interest about my person - excuse me, but I was very surprised that such an interesting man is looking for his soul - mate. I'm here because I'd love to create very strong relationship leading to ... and to spend rest of my life besides some wonderful and special man. I wish complete family, I wish dinners with candles, I wish home fireplace and many other things contenting with images of happy relationship and family which i have never had before. Of course I hope that our communication can continue step by step and you will know absolutely all about me, about history of my life, about my personality and about my dreams. I suppose you could view my profile and that is why you know that I am expert on merchandise living in Alchevsk (Ukraine). I have my Birthday on rather unique date - the 29-th of February and I'm 28 years old. My weight is 54 kg and I'm 168 cm tall. I was married, but unsuccessfully and then in 4 years divorced. Now I'm single for 2 years already. I use to call my ex marriage a mistake of youth. Luckily i do not have kids from that person, but I like kids. I am just a down to earth, straight forward, no drama lady in search of my other half, soul mate, my man and I don't care where he is in this world, I'll find him. I love to having long walks, weekend getaways, warm weather the beach, going out to dinner and I also love to cook romantic candle lit dinners (are you hungry???-) I like all kinds of sports but volleyball is my main sport and i did play volleyball while at school many years ago now. I love to exercise, go to gym regularly and make a point of running about three times a week. Also, I enjoy anything out doors, I love nature as well I like to go camping, I like barbecues and enjoy cooking. I like to prepare small parties for my girlfriends and to cook everything myself. I have wonderful friends whom i can always rely on and I value our friendship a lot. I always try to help my dear parents with everything i can and they always try to help me in advance;-) Both of my dear parents who are retired and do agriculture. They have a vegetable garden and grow different kinds of vegetables there as well as own several chickens and rabbits. They are very good and kind people. And the youngest member of our family is my brother who lives wish his girlfriend. He is still at University as well as his girlfriend. He is very charismatic person, but lovely I guess. I hope to talk to you more in the future. I don't know exactly what my future holds for me... I am a straightforward woman with serious and right intentions. You can ask me whatever and for me it will be a pleasance to response each your question. Also I guess you're aware that my English skills are very - very poor and I use the help of an interpreter to write to you, but I'm willing to learn. I would love to see more of you, can't wait to hear back from you, take care of yourself, Larisa.
Letter 2
Hello sweet Jon, It makes me happy to read your letter and to hear you again, because i really find you a wonderful and warm man with a lot sense of humor and honest and beautiful inside... And I hope that my first impression of you is correct. I hope i can be there for you when you have some sad moments,and that i can let you smile again and to give you a nice feeling... It's nice to know more about you and every thing you tell me is nice to hear, you seem to be a special person... I hope we can learn to know each otter better in the future, start with a special friendship that will ends in a perfect relation... Well, what about cooking. I adore making Ukrainian food:-) Have you ever eaten the dish which is called borsh? It is a very tasty soap with cabbage and beetroot. And vareniki? They a made with paste and potato. Also I adore cooking sushi and pizza. I wish you could taste one of my dish one day. And what about gardening. Yes, I like working in the garden, creating remarkable combination of the flowers location. But I'm not very good in it, even when my parents are. Maybe you could help me one day? I really hope that I can be the woman you looking for, and that i can make you happy every day of your life, and give you a lot of tenderness and love and a perfect warm family... My dream is to create a beautiful and happy family, a family with a lot of respect, love and tenderness. A family that you also know that there is some one for you that love you a lot, and to be there for you every time you. And that i can make my future beloved happy and give him a wonderful feeling every day of his life. And i hope you can or will be the person to share and create it with me in the future... I hope when we get acquainted better we can meet each other in real life, and do nice things together to learn more about each other. We have all the time of the world to know each other more and to make it special, and i hope that one day we can be together and live together for the rest of or days. Sweet Jon, i will wish you a nice day, and i hope i gone hear you soon again, and you are always welcome to write me here! I send you a lot of tender and lovely hugs,
Letter 3
Hello my Jon! You have a very beautiful name. I thank you very, very much for your letter. You are the most lovely man. And I want to send you my tender kisses right away... now...
fiiiiiuuuuu... Kisssssssssses... Did you reach them Dear?-) What am I looking for? My soul mate, my second half, the best man in the world. The reason why I am looking for my man here is that I have already lost any hope to find him in my city. What I need in my life is just to be happy. How can I reach this goal? First of all I need to find a true man who can share with me all happiness of our life. I want my man to be a teacher for me and at the same time best friend! I want my man to respect me as a woman and mother of his children. (I don't have any children from my previous marriage.) I want to rely on my man in any situation. And of course I need him to take care of me whether we are near each other or thousands miles away. And I found all these qualities in you. Yes, I know you not so good, but I feel to you something very deep and strong... What is now going with my heart nobody knows - even me myself - I feel like never before and I do not understand what it is - I think of you all the time... I have a very pleasant feeling inside - like in childhood when you are awaiting some big holiday and you know that something nice is going to happen... - something like that I feel towards you! Thank you for giving me such feeling:-) I have a very calm character to... I think we combine very well and we have so many things in common, and that is wonderful! And I can even tell you that I think we are twin souls, because I can see my self in everything you wrote about you! Every day I think more and more about yourself... I am very serious here for the relationship which will turn hopefully to marriage one beautiful day. I want to feel love and happiness and I want to give my love, my heart and my soul to my beloved man. I will do everything for him. I will be most loyal, most passionate, most loving to him and I appreciate same from him. Loyalty, happiness, love and family oriented. I will stand by him with the good days and bad days and I will support him and make him happy and safe... I think LOVE is the most important thing in the world and world would be better place to live if here exist more love between the people... I have not found my Love here in Ukraine and I don't care about Ukrainian men. I wish to find my half abroad. But there are no hurry... We take our time and get to know each other, don't you agree? My biggest Dream is to find my half... My Prince... My Angel... I have so much love and tenderness in my heart, which I want to share with my beloved one. I will treat him like a Prince and I will never hurt him or his feelings. I am very family oriented woman and I will do my everything for my beloved person. I want him to feel love, passion, happiness, safety and secure. Of course I wish also health and good job... But I think Love is the most important thing in this world and I will do everything for love. Maybe world would be better place to live, if here are more love between people. I don't need money, I don't need great house or material things, all I wish is Love, Happiness and Passion with my Special Prince and strong family... I wish he could be you. I would love to spend this evening with you and all the other days...
I think of you and I dream of you... It is no nice to be alone, but my heart is feeling warm, because I am SURE that someday... one beautiful day, we will maybe be together... I wish you sunshine and love to your heart. I am thinking about you and I will send my love for you via soft wind and via moonlight.
Please come to my dreams tonight. Thinking of you makes me feel happy.
Looking forward to your response,
Letter 4

Hello again;-) You make me smile and blush with your letter, I think about you every second of the day and in all my dreams. I cannot believe your wonderful personality and am wondering why there is not hundreds of women beating at your door, - you are incredibly good hearted and full of feelings, I have never had anyone speak to me the way you do. You're melting my heart... The last thing in the world I would want is to hurt you, you are my Angel. I only want you to be happy. Now my enjoyment is getting to know you, thinking about kissing you, holding you, curling up with you and looking into your eyes when I wake up beside you. Now this is a dream. But I am lucky and I believe that dreams do come true. You have also brought hope and a sense of happiness into my life as well, I feel it is time for you to learn more about me, even though we are thousands of miles apart I feel you are here beside me. Since I have met you I see that there is a possibility that true happiness is possible. I have been reluctant to show my true feelings because my heart has been broken, I have not talked with someone about my feelings like I feel I can talk to you, with every letter you will see I will open up more and more. So, please do not be shy and feel free to ask me anything you wish, I will answer honestly as I can feel your heart beat from here. I am a quiet person and I feel bad I cannot be with you, but when we finally meet, it will be the highlight of my life. Until then I will have to imagine you beside me every night in my arms. All my friends say I am a very good listener and I enjoy to hear all about you and enjoy your letters. I feel you care about me, and I am getting more and more comfortable with you. Please feel free to ask anything personal about me. And I want to hear a theory of dancing very much, because I adore dancing and also have some theory;-) Cannot wait to hear back from you,
I will be waiting in anticipation for your next letter,
Yours forever Lora.
Letter 5
Dear Sir, We notify you that this client of ours - miss Larisa ( is currently off our service as her paid contract with us is over. We have been providing her Internet access to a mailbox that we set up for her and we have been translating the correspondence between you and her. Unfortunately at this moment her financial situation does not allow her to enrich her account to continue your correspondence. If you have any questions or you want to set up another contract for correspondence - feel free to contact us at or this address. Faithfully yours,
Translation Assistance Service.
Letter 6
Dear Sir. Thank you for your letter. First of all, we want to clear for you that we are a translation service and our service consist of translation and printing your letters to your lady, when reply is ready, we translate and print that letter for you and send it to your e-mail address. When your account is over we send you a detailed report of your expenses and your balance. Here is the price list (in United States Dollars) of possible options in paying for correspondence: 1. We can offer you "Unlimited correspondence":

- one month "unlimited correspondence" - 150 USD
- one month "unlimited correspondence" with printing and scanning photos - 200 USD
- two month "unlimited correspondence" - 250 USD;
- two month "unlimited correspondence" with printing and scanning photos - 350 USD

2. We can offer you "Letter by letter" translation: - translation and printing of one letter - 5 USD
services of translator - 4 USD;
Internet services - 0.5 USD
printing of a letter - 0.5 USD
- scanning of one photo- 2 USD
- printing of one photo - 3 USD Payments can be maid directly to the company(by Western Union, Money Gram or bank account) or in the name of your lady and she will receive the money and pay the fees. Please note that bank transfer will take about 4-5 days to come to Ukraine. Western Union and Money Gram transfers can be received within an hour from the item you have sent it. For example, if you choose sending money through Western Union and Money Gram on the name of your lady in your documentary you have to write: name of the receiver: Larisa Mohnach
address: Karla Marksa str., 1 b/28
zip code: 94200
city: Alchevsk
country: Ukraine

Then you should pass the following information to us and so can give it to Miss Mohnach to be able to receive the transfer - it should be your full name, country of residence, amount of money that are sent and Money Transfer Control Number, that you will be given at the Western Union Department or secret code that will be given to you at the Money Gram, after you have made the transfer. Also you can go to the or and can send money using credit card on-line. Faithfully yours,
Translation Assistance Service.
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