Scam letter(s) from Olesya Grishina to Klaus (Germany)

Letter 1
I am glad to receive your letter.
How are you? I'm fine.
I today as usually am on work, at me Saturday is not a lot of work as today and I have time what to write to you the letter.
I want tell at once to you that tomorrow I cannot to write to you as I will have day off.
I want to go in a hall of aerobics with the girlfriend and then in a swimming pool. I wish you to lead the day off pleasantly also.
Thanks big for your pictures after that at me appetite has appeared (ha - ha). I liked your picture with friends, you really spend excellent time together.
I think to us it is necessary to continue to write each other and further to get acquainted closer.
I very much that we to continue pleasure in studying each other.
I to want that we always were frank with each other and to speak about all that is in our life that we could
It is more to know about each other.
I to search serious for relationship and to not search for game.
I to write to you all is fair also sincerity and I think that it will be always present
In our letters.
It is very pleasant for me to know that we understand each other and to have the identical points of view for a life.
My main dream it to create strong and happy family that inside family always there was a understanding care and reliability.
I would like to tell to you Klaus more about the city and work.
I now live in the fine Russian city of Kazan on coast of the beautiful river.
It is very beautiful city with the big history, in which many ancient monuments,
Museums, theatres, parks and other sights. I very much love the city.
I have already travelled all vicinities as I very much like to travel.
About Kazan many beautiful places - lakes, woods.
You can tell little bit more about the city, it is interesting to me to study it.
I would think what not poorly important also that you knew about mine study and work.
I have finished medical university on a speciality the doctor. And two years I work on a post the children's doctor and the secretary at night in same hospital. On my work I should communicate daily with children and I like my work. Sometimes I in the days off should work and be on duty at night when it is a lot of work.
I hope, that not too you have tired, simply I think work and study the important part of acquaintance of people.
If it is possible tell more about yours study and work?
Please speak me your purpose in dialogue with me?
I the serious girl and to search for serious intentions.
It is thankful in advance to you for your answer.
I wait with impatience from you for the letter.
The best regards.
Yours Olesya.
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