Scam letter(s) from Marina to Leo (Portugal)

Letter 1
Hi Dear!!!! How are you? I am happy to recieve your letter.... How are you?
I am slightly tired today at work but when I have received your letter, in me the smile, thank that has appeared so have soon answered me...
In first I want to tell, that my English, not so good, but I each day study new words, and begin to understand more better.
My mum is a lot of years back very well talked on English, but now she has forgotten it, Because she very long did not talk...
I want to tell that acquaintance through the Internet new to me. I never did it earlier. I am afraid and worry, that it is possible to meet loved and serious persons through the Internet. I looked at your structure.. I in it was helped by my girlfriend.
And I am very much interested in you! I have understood, that you very interesting the man and with you am always vigorous and cheerful to spend time. The person with whom we shall enjoy together all charm of destiny and I think the God will give us it!
And now I frequently visit church, and I pray to the God that has helped me to find to meet my prince who will love and respect me, estimate and to admire with me that he was my second half and supplemented me. While me love and is true estimate me, I shall devote my complete life to his happiness. he would come first and foremost in my life and everything eles, secondary! Through my everyday actions and expressions, he would know without a doubt that I truely love him. I owes admit that at times I can beobstinate, but that generally fades as him wishes become more apparent.
My girlfriend, for 2 weeks has arrived to visit me and the parents from Norway. 2 years back my girlfriend through the Internet has married and now they with the husband live happily. They have child and they very much love him!
At my girlfriend all is good with work with family! And I am glad for her! Well all right, let's get acquainted more close! As I see your way to the letter, we are already almost familiar!
So dear, As far as I am beautiful I can not to tell, you may estimate me on a photo which I to you I send... My natural color of hair brightly fair-haired, almost but me speak, that blonde hair approach me more. You agree with me? To me very much to like....
well my growth of 173 centimeters, and my weight of 55 kg....
I have green and very ****** eyes...
About itself to speak difficultly, and you will see all on a photo, ok
I was born in USA in Alaska but when to me was 2 years, at me daddy has died, at my mum very bad times have come, and we had to immigrate to Russia... I daddy (his name Lloyd) there had mum, but she also has died 8 years back of a cancer.... She too was the good woman....
Also to my grandmother it became very bad here in Russia, and it was the second reason why my mum had to leave for Russia.
According to my mum, he was very good and kind person, only I in any way do not remember him...
Only I can look at his photo... My mum then never married, because she too loved him and till now very much likes... She very much frequently recollects him, and the man tells to me what he was good, and very beautiful.
It is very a pity to me, that he has died so quickly, he has died in autoaccident....
And I all life did not know fatherly caress... Yes it is very a pity, but my mum has brought up me in the worthy image.... And I am very grateful to her for it...
Now I live in very beautiful city of Russia with name Cheboksary. Russia very big country with the big opportunities and resources but while people live here not so well.
Russia I to be in the transition period. My city is very rich sights and my city very big.
Here live more than one million persons. The history of many wars here is concentrated.
I most of all like Bauman street. It is very beautiful street, here there are many monuments and many any foreign restaurants. I look I am more senior than the years, but in soul still the girl. My girlfriends already for a long time married and have family and children.And I can not learn love yet. My work is possible takes away a lot of time at me.. Russian men are very rough and thoughtless, and I never can find with them general. . It is children's school.
My working day to last from 7 o'clock in the morning till 6 o'clock in the evening.
I love my work and I very good at it,
.You probably have already got tired to read my letter?I too would want to find out about you more. It is not a pity that we may communicate with you through a chat to find out each other.
Because I write from Internet - cafe.My ultimate dream and wish is to have a loving family. Nothing eles is more important than that to me. Honestly, this is what I live for. Unfortunately, I was not successful and was happy completely not long
People enjoy playing games with others feeling and emotions I do not like. I hope I've givien you enough information about my character and who I am to help you dicide whether or not you want to be involved with me. Please take very good care of yourself and feel free to ask whatever question you need to. I have no the native sisters and brothers, at me is only cousin. I one in family, also live only with the mum.
In the other city, it in 100 miles from my city lives my grandmother. My grandmother very old and I each week tries to visit her and to help her. After arrival USA, I never was abroad, but I believe in the god and I believe, that meeting of prince from a magic fairy tale, and he will make me by happiest, I to give back all love to the man, which will give back me the love. I very much want to continue with you the relation and to find out you better.
I hope for your sincere answers. With impatience I shall wait for the letters. Take care Sinserely your Marina
Letter 2
Hi my dear!!!!!!! How your health and your state of health? You feel yourselves well?
I have come today in the Internet of cafe to look, you have answered my letter whether or not.
And when I have seen, that your letter waits for me I all over again have not believed in it. On my person The smile and my mood has appeared has raised.
I already informed you, that I shall write to you from the Internet of cafe.
I shall try to you to explain, that such the Internet of cafe at us. I do not know, but I think, that at you There are such institutions where use the Internet. If is not present, I explain..
The Internet of cafe is a room where there are computers and they are connected to the Internet. Here carry out
Many services (print texts, copy them, help in use of the Internet). And I shall be
To write to you the letters from such cafe. I want to warn you, that I can not write to you very much frequently
As it would would be desirable me. Here as it happens, that not always computers empty and then to me
It is necessary to wait for the turn.. I hope for your understanding and gravity. I shall hope for that,
That you will be patient to my letters. I promise you, that I shall write to you the answer to your letters
At the first opportunity. I hope, that you now have small representation about
The Internet of cafe.
I very attentively read all that you have written to me. I have understood much about you. Now I have for
Itself representation about that what you the person. And I thank you for it. To me very much interestingly to find out
About you, about your life, about your interests and plans. I have for you millions questions, but I shall set
Them to you gradually. You for me very interesting person. Some your ideas completely coincide
With mine. You are very similar to me and I am surprised to this... I shall not insist you on, that you at once ?anne?uee
To me the soul and heart. No!!!! But I think, that it will be for us gradually as we shall be
To develop our attitudes. We shall learn each other new and to direct our attitudes on correct ways.
I can tell you, that I am very glad to our acquaintance. For me it is very pleasant to have friendship with such
The person as you. I want that you, in process of the opportunity, wrote to me the big letters. Write to me more
About itself, about the vital plans, about the parents... I ask you if you have time write to me frequently.
Do not look at that from me there is no answer. Write to me, I shall have pleasure from reading your beautiful
Words and letters. And then I shall write to you the letter and you will find out about me...
I can tell you, that the witness of your letters shall be only I. You may write to me and not hesitate...
Only I shall read your letters and I want that you as acted. I do not want that my letters read, except for you,
Still other people. I hope, that you understand me...
Me so have brought up, that I am not able to tell about myself... To tell about itself it it is very difficult. Are such
In life, that it would not be desirable them to recollect the moments at all... But I gradually shall try to open to you the book of my life. I think,that it is interesting to you to find out about me more and more and more.
I already informed you, that my family not big, it I, my mum and my grandmother. My grandmother lives not far from us - in next
City. This city refers to as Yoshkar - Ola.
She very old and soon we shall mark her 85 years. I very much love her and I try to visit constantly.
When I arrive to her she is very much pleased also we we spend with her above dialogue a lot of time. She at me
Very talkative. Even then, when to her of 85 years, she does not correspond to the age. She seems more youngly
The years. But recently she began to be sick frequently.. The old age shows the. Her it is very a pity to me. We with mum it is a lot of
Time tried to bring her to itself in city, but she does not want to come here. I try to help her in all. I think
The a duty to care of her. I buy to her medicines, I help on a facilities. And she is very grateful to me for it.
It is very pleasant for me when she smiles at my arrival her. I feel in her force and life.
My most dearest person on the ground and my most valuable jewelry, is my mum. A name of my mum - Ulia.
I can not write to you about that love which I test to her. She always helps me. We live with her together in one apartment and to us
Always it is together very good. I always share with her the problems and pleasure. She always understands me and almost
Always agrees with me. I further want to become same good mum as she. She did not abuse me in the childhood,
Did not touch me even a finger to hurt. When I begin to speak about her on my eyes occur
Tears from love to her. I very strongly respect her and she at me always in the first place.
I always tell to her about that occurs to me. She is pleased together with me and when to me it is bad she cries together
With me.
I told to her about our acquaintance through the Internet. She, has told me, that it is very good. But as has told, that
I was very cautious. Now on light very many the bad people, trying to deceive each other. She yet absolutely
Trusts in the Internet attitudes, but I have calmed her. I have told her, that you very good person, very serious and
Clever. She bless us also hopes, that at us all will be good. She has to us the most fine wishes and mine
Mum orders to transfer you hi. I hopes, that you will take her wishes and will have some pleasure.
Now you may see, that I do not hide from mum of any secrets and secrets.
About myself I can add, that I have many hobby. My main hobby is knitting different products from a wool.
This very interesting occupation... You represent, what this such? I like to knit socks and a sweater. On mine It turns out
Very beautifully and warmly. I do not carry the products itself. At us in city very many homeless people. I very much regret such
People. They have no the house and the family. You heard, probably, in Russia very many poor people and very many children,
Which have no parents and they live in the street. I can not look at such people with dry eyes and in process of the
Opportunities, I try to help them. I knit warm socks and then I give these things to homeless children. It seems to me, that
It is very good gesture for poor people.
You have poor and homeless people? You help them? Tell to me about it...
I like to listen to all music and all songs. For me there is no difference in it and I not ioaaey? one kind songs from another. In classical
To me it is pleasant to music Bethoven and Chaykovski. under this music I like to relax and dream of the future, about prince,
About the love and beautiful life together with my liked.
You listen to what music? What it is pleasant to you in music and what Russian composers like you? It is very interesting to me....
As I like foreign vigorous music. I listen to such music, when at me very good mood.
I very much love a nature and I am very big defence counsel of a nature. We with friends constantly visit a nature.
We like to have a rest on fresh air. It so is fine... As we try to help a nature. When we visit
Wood, always clear from old branches and dust. I think, that we should protect a nature!!!! The nature is our mother
And we should protect her.
I very much like navigation in pool. Not far from our house there is a pool. Each Sunday we with the girlfriend
We go to float there. I very much like to dive and very well I swim. I participated in the childhood in actions on navigation
And always aspired to occupy prize-winning places. I very prompt and now. I very alive nature and in me am advanced
Sense of humour. You love humour? You like to read jokes and interesting ridiculous stories?
My weakness in a nature, is that I can not live without animals and very strongly loves them. I have houses of a cat.
His name Barsik. I have brought up him from birth. he very beautiful, but has no the certain breed. he very clever and the affairs
Does only in that place where it is necessary to him. In him the same character as well as in me. Speak, that animal more often
Are similar to the owners, it is the truth. As I not for a long time have got a parrot. She is very amusing bird. I want to learn her to speak
In English. It is very ridiculous....
As my hobby is preparation of tasty dishes. I very much like to bakee pies from different stuffings. It at me
It turns out very well. My mum has learned me to this. I itself like to think out different recipes and thus to surprise
My friends. They speak, that at me it turns out I am very tasty also born the cook. I am glad, that it is pleasant for them.
Today I prepared for a pie from apples. It has turned out it is very tasty. I want to treat you with a slice of this pie, but you while am very far
From me, but I hope, that then in the future you are convinced of my culinary abilities and estimate it...
I very much love Russian kitchen. And I want to know what dishes you prefer? What kitchen most of all is pleasant to you? What
You drink alcoholic drinks? Whether you are able to prepare I go?
Than you are engaged in the free time? You love what kinds of sports and whether you are engaged in sports?
I like to look the big tennis. I like game Anna Kurnikova. but I think, that she the beautiful woman, but not so good
The player. As I like basketball (NBA).
I want that you have informed me more about the life. Tell to me cases from the life. Your ridiculous situations...
Well, I should finish the letter because my time in the Internet of cafe comes to an end. It is very a pity to me, but I
I think, that at us all ahead and we shall write each other letters both to find out about each other much and to develop our attitudes.
I soon hope to receive from you the new letter. I shall wait it from you and to hope, that you will take pleasure
From reading my letter. I wish you to have good day and good health.
My friend, I shall miss under your letter..... I shall answer you as soon as at me the opportunity will appear.... With the greatest respect your new friend from Russia
Letter 3
Hi my Dearest How are things there?
a thank to you for the letter, excuse me that I to force you so long to wait my letter. I wanted to write to you faster...
Yesterday I have received a payment for my work and at once have run in the Internet of cafe to write to you my Friend!
I work as the whole days. Now at me a network a free time to write to you.
By the way, I have scanned one of my last photos.
I very much like children, and it is a photo of the child of my girlfriend with her son.You to love children?
Has passed so a lot of time when I wrote to you last time and have passed so many days. On evenings I went to bed with my cat and to me was so alone. It seems that I sleep, and all that with me occurs simply dream. I do not believe that such happens, I became the happy girl after our acquaintance.
You became for me to princes from a magic fairy tale, and I do not believe that all occurs to me. You the remarkable man, perfect man. I do not want to lose you, I want to be happy with you. I believe to all your words, and consequently is sure that you can to make my life by the present fairy tale. You sincerely speak with me, you kind both generous, tender and gentle, in you are all best qualities the man. But I still do not believe that the god has decided to present me happiness and that I and really is necessary to you on the present. If you play with me, play by my feelings, then you will break my heart for ever, I ask you to not do) it. I want that you have told me frankly that it not game, that you and in the truth want to connect my life to yours.
From your letter I have understood what really to like you and you has made to me many compliments and has estimated my advantages and me, as the woman, it is very pleasant. And some your words have forced me to redden, they have touched my heart and it was drove even faster. I see that you know as to make the woman happy and how to deliver to her pleasure, it not everyone can. I thank the god, that has connected us and at the same time I ask that our relations did not come to an end and it is all there was not a game, now I very strongly am afraid of you to lose, I do not want that it has taken place. I shall wait very much for your letters, you my prince. Whole, good to you of day. I shall write to you as soon as I can.
I very much want that you waited my letters. I do not want to lose you. Your Marina
Letter 4

Hi favourite, mine dear. I am happy, is very happyto recieve your letter.
My tears run on cheeks with happiness and love to you. How your mood? I to think, that at you all is good. I to want it is very strong. I shall ask the god, that you were healthy and is happy. I the christian and frequently to go in church. It is very important for me. You to visit church? What you to ask the god? I always to ask him that at all all was good everyone were healthy. I to know, that he to hear me and to do only kindly to the people. Each man in the world should live well and happily, regardless of the fact that to make bad. You agree with me? I to want to know your point of view on this question. Well, I to want to tell you, that my heart began to beat more often, when I to think of you!!!! I to want to feel you, your gentle sight, yours a smile, your hands. I so to require in heat and care and I to think, that I to ask not so much. I to search pure love and romanticism in the elations. I to love when all is beautiful, perfectly, is gentle and it is romantic!!! Desire to have the favourite man beside, feeling care and constant support in difficult minute, that I want from you! I should trust the man with which I all life. To trust his each word, gesture, sight, smile. In the world now so there is a lot of meanness and deceit, that is necessary very closely to concern to people, which to surround you.
I to not speak you, that is necessary to concern about mistrust to everyone, the man is simply necessary to know so that to be completely sure in him. I to know you it is not long, but I can tell, that you very honour and open and it very much to involve me and to give me to trust, that I that I can love and to be favourite!!! She to dream, that I, at last, should be not one. I so to want to be divided with you pleasure personally, when I to see your eyes and smile that I am glad. I to want to see your pleasure and to divide it with you. I to want to know what to do you happy? And I shall try, that everything, that I to make was the present happiness for you. Please give me chance to make it!!! Give me chance to feel by the favourite and fond woman. I wait for your beautiful letter and I promise, that I shall think of you each minute.Honey, unfortunately at me time in the Internet was finished. Only yours Marina
Letter 5
Hi my love! I have received your letter, it is full of warm-heartedness and sympathies to me. I think that for that time that we with you are copied we very much pulled together and between us
The feeling has appeared, I think that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you has taken a place in my heart. You on always will stay in my heart. Now it is beaten so frequently and only for the sake of you. It was filled with love with each your letter. It shivers from each your warm word, from that love with which your letters are filled. My heart now belongs only to you, my love. I am very happy, that you at me are.
I for a long time did not test such fine feelings as now and to this I am obliged only to you. Only with you I again might feel such fine feeling as love. And I have grown fond of you on always!!! I shall love you up to the end of my life!!!! I thank the god for that that it has presented persons with such feeling as love. The love radically may change persons. And I feel it. Representing you I can and cry and laugh at happiness. I can sit and think hours of us with you, my long-awaited!!! I dream, how we with you meet and thrown each other in embraces. I pay with happiness, that we together. We have more whom it is not necessary, we live only the friend for the friend. We are full of desire to make each other a lot of pleasant. Such my dreams.At work I became slightly absent-minded also my girlfriends speak that I not the. They are surprised, that I began to smile and be pleased frequently. I became not a lot of absent-minded, because my ideas only about you, my love!!!
There would be no minute that I did not think of you. You have taken a huge place in my life. Everyone see, that to me there is also I am not ashamed it. I am proud, that we have found each other and to me the hunt to shout it on all planet what all heard about my pleasure and were pleased with me. Yes, I love you!!!!! My love to you sincere and pure as morning dew after a rain. My love huge and she wishes from you only reciprocity. And you consider this carefully, please!!!!!!!!!!
I talked about it to mum and she speaks that it well, she is glad to me and thinks that I shall be happy. She approves us and wishes only the most good. She has told, that to me, that probably it is bad to love persons and to not be with him beside. I have decided to check up her and have asked, she might release me from herself. She very long thought and has told, that I now adult and should think of it itself. She has told, that I should make all make happy of you and to be happy itself. But I know, she experiences for me and it is correct iioio that she my native mother and each mother thinks of the child. But I told to her, that you very good and careful person and she have calmed down.
My life, I think that we should meet, we should see each other look in eyes because through the Internet emotions are lost and it is difficult to understand each other. You understand me? Every day I was more and I grieve without you more. You are necessary for me and as I think that I am necessary for you. So it is bad, that between us distance, but it not a handicap to two people loving each other. You with me agree my love?
The person flies even on the moon because it is interesting to him that there. And it is important for two loving people to be in a place and to be happy!!!!!!!!!! How you think my lovely on the account of it??? We should give each other only love and that that is interconnected to it. We became frank with you and I think that you want to learn about my ****** experience. In Russia all men only dream to drag you in bed and to do with you only that that him a hunt, they do not know a word love and they as animals only and dream to satisfy the force, but I do not want it, I do not want to be given the first comer that he has taken pleasure. The love it something from above she is given to the person to learn happiness in this life, to learn spiritual mood, and some men represent her only as ***, I think that it not correctly and I hope that you with me agree. I to want to have *** only with loved by the man. I to be given him completely both a body and soul. We together learn all depths of pleasure. Our passion will be poured out for limits of flat love and we shall enjoy the friend the friend all life up to last moment of our existence. *** it first of all spiritual pleasure when man loves the woman and they answer each other mutual merge of bodies, and then already receive physical satisfaction. I hope, what I am right, mine Baby???
Today at me day off and we with the girlfriend walked on city, went shopping also I waited for the moment that you will write to me the letter and I have waited him. I feel that our hearts are beaten in one rhythm, and you feel it? You feel as I you I like???
I wait for your letter, whether it is important for me to know you share my ideas. Forever yours Marina !!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 6
Hi my love, my happiness, my life!!! How are you doing today?
How your work?
Honey, I might not write you long... I understand, you probably madly wait my letter...
I too very much worried and worried.. But I had no an opportunity to write to you...
I think it will not influence our feelings. okI love you and you know it....
my heart and mind only listens to you!!!! Your thoughts and ideas are very, very important to me and whatever I do in this life of ours, I first need your approval, okay? Know that we think as one always!! You are perfect for me, Mind, Body and Soul. I will be experiencing, appreciating and loving you for the rest of my life. When we are together, we will both know in our hearts and mind that we are a true match. Truthfully, I don't know how our relations developed so quickly. I surmise perhaps we already knew in our heart and mind what we needed to be extremely happy. We, I guess had this image in our minds, but never did not know who or where this individual was or from where he or she may come from or what he or she may look like; all I know is, I'm here, you are here and we are together and everything is so right. I know that family is the basic unit of social organization in all human societies and we are putting ours together from different parts of the globe and when all is said and done; we will be together in the same place. We will be able to look into each others eyes, our lips will touch, our arms will ever so gently and eagerly wrap around the other with tears of joy and happiness filling our eyes and cheeks of a desire never ever felt more devine then our moment of truth in each others arms. we shall be together, I very much want it and you want it.
I do not want to lose minutes and not seconds... I very soon want to be with you together!!!
I today today would like to be with you.....To me it is sad and lonely without you....
I love you and my feelings to you every day raise with speed of light!!!!
My heart in your strong hands and only you the owner of my heart!!!
I very much would like to be in your embraces faster.
My night are very lonely without you....
I all night dream and I reflect on you...
And me it becomes very sad when I feel that it simply dream...
Today I all night laid and looked at stars and dreamed...
My dreams were boundless... They began from simple walks on your city and came to an end at mad night make love!!!
I have not found the person loved and understanding me here (except for my mum)
But you have changed me and my life....
You have let know to me that such love...
And I now can not put into the pleasure in a word...
My feelings so are strong to you...
In me hurricane of passion and love to you has woken up!!
Please write to me faster that I did not worry...
You see your letters force me to smile and force my eyes to shine similarly to fire...
I love you!!!! I need in you!! I miss.......... Your angel Marina
Letter 7
Hello my Love, my most Dearest Man in my life how are you doing today? How your mood? Pleasure to read your letters. I today as soon as has woken up then have gone on work and till now I think of you. You do not leave my head.
I have not sustained and have taken a few money to the Internet of cafe from the girlfriend. I already have many times borrowed from her money. Lovely. My girlfriend understands my situation.
She very much supports me. Loved, I so want to communicate with you much.. Than more I find out you that to me it would be desirable more and more and to know about you more... You my happiness and my soul and only dialogue with you brings to me so a lot of pleasure... But unfortunately I can not do it much...
Though to me it would like in to communicate with you in a mode of real time. Mine dear, I want to find out all global questions which interest me. Why, we live? How you understand a word life?
What there is a love? Honey. I so want to know about that much as you treat to me though I see under your letters that you treat to me as to the wife and as to the most loved person. As though you are more before than nobody loved anybody. Whether it is real?
Yes, certainly mine Dear I understand that it really more and more, that our friendship has passed in love crossing so quickly all borders and barriers. And I am happy that I have found which persons so long waited also which have understood all my problems and all my pleasures. We should divide our problems and our happy minutes, though we yet together. Each time when I read your letters my soul opens as on solar mornings petals flowers are opened. I am similar to a flower to color and I smell sweet as different aromas. Honey. When I look at our relations I recollect the novel william Shekspir < Romeo and Juliet >. Yes, this was very much pure love... Lovely, I understand a reality and I understand that our love same pure. Honey. I am very lonely without you, I am similar to
a lonely bush which hardly survive in hot desert. I would like each day to wake up in your hot embraces and to feel your body, to feel yours of caress and kisses. I love you and I think that our relations is our destiny. Distance I think it a trifle for the present love, we are in different parts of the globe. But we feel one and too the feeling which can overcome all and we shall be together!
Unfortunately at me time was finished to write to you. I do not know when I shall write to you.. But I shall try to check a mail. I hope I recieve from you soon pleasant letter which will please me and will inspire me.
I love you and very much I miss.. I shall dream of you... You my water and I want to blossom as now... Only yours for ever Flower Marina
Letter 8
Hi my love, my fine future husband My honey I on you very much missed and very much grieved.
My lovely I it is very strong you I like. I adore you.....
My sweet I very much want to be fast with you. I do not dream About this day when we shall be together. I ask the god that he has more soon approached this day, day when at me and at you will begin Happy life and we shall be without mind from each other. Honey, you want this day? I each night dream of it.
I present myself as we meet For the first time, when we search each other in crowd eyes. We feel Affinity each other, our hearts are beaten promptly from that that we very much Close we are. And when we find each other eyes, we is prompt We run on a meeting and my eyes are full tears, these are tears of happiness. We are thrown Each other in embraces and our lips merge in a long and deep kiss.....
My sweet I wait for our meeting as the schoolgirl, expecting the first appointment. I can not live without you, I do not want to look at the sky because you are not present with me beside....
Lovely I all life waited such love which I test only to you.
You my destiny and you my angel sent to me by the god from heavens.
I now understand, That I only waited for you and that the love may be such strong and covering. My love to you does not give me normally to sleep, normally is, is normal itself a message.
The love to you does me without mind. I can am quiet shout in the street where full to people, That I you love and that my life it you.
And I am created only for you my honey!!!!!!!!!
My ideas do not cease to think of you, my head is hammered by dreams of you and mine Actions only for you. For the sake of you I am ready on everything, my love. For the sake of you it is ready On all barrier which life creates to us. For the sake of our love if it is necessary, I am ready to give the life. I shall be patient and I shall wait for you.
I shall wait You as morning. I shall wait for you as the sun.
I shall wait for you all life. I know that the god on our party and he helps us.
The god has made for me most Dear gift in my life and it you my love.
I shall devote all life Only to you. I am intended for you.
I a key for your lock. I am simple I can not It is more to live without you.
I want to see off with you my days, want to be with you in happiness and in mountain.
I want to divide with you both pleasure and crying. My native if you will laugh, I shall be pleased together with you and if you will grieve I I shall cry for you...
You understand me my love?
I awfully want you, I want to kiss your body, I want to be given you entirely.
I know that we may not To live without each other. We are necessary each other as the sun is necessary for day as stars are necessary for night....
I understand, that for our meeting it is necessary not only time, but also our aspiration, our desire And our hunt each other. Honey I very much want our meeting, our connection and our happiness. I know that my love to you will live eternally and will not be lost when. Our love will not steal who, Because I shall not allow to make it to whom. Our love can live and then when we shall be Very much far apart as now, but it so is painful for me. My native, I not iron The woman, it is not tolerant when feelings should be transferred the through these letters.
For the person It is peculiar when he likes other person to feel him, to touch him, to know that this The person beside and any minute to have an opportunity to be near to him. You agree with me? Even a tree Dries up when beside there is no other tree. It for a long time is incorporated by a nature in us, in alive organisms, That the love on the present is strong then when she has two half and is than that one, the whole. My love, you understand, that I very much want to be with you beside, together. All my desires not looking On anything only also repeat that we should be together... You want it, my dear? I want to cast in the lot with your destiny faster and to begin with you to single whole.
Only then We can achieve all that we want, my honey. The god appreciates that that two loving persons connect With each other the lifes and he always helps them. And it is not important for me where we shall meet you.
My love if you want to come to me and to visit our country I only shall be happy to this,And if you want to invite me to yourself it too happiness for me.
But our meeting should be held And it is very fast my love because if us to not meet that it will be suicide as for me And for you.
I do not want to lose such pure, gentle and sincere our love.
There is no our love it Means and is not present me and you.
You understand me my honey? I understand, that our meeting demands many victims and time. . We should trust each other because the trust is very important thing between two people,When at them attitudes are under construction. We should not hide from each other anything, we should trust Each other, because between us should not be uniform lies.
I so hate this word,Because on light so it is a lot of people which tell lies or hurt other person to the Lies. I hate such people, I am ready to **** them.....
My love, I think that I have clearly written all in this letter. Please, re-read him some times And you will understand my feelings to you, my desire to be together and that that I want for you only happiness.
My honey, is very a pity to me, but I do not have time to write to you further, it has left.
My love, I shall miss very much on you and to wait from you for the letter.
Remember that I very strongly love you and I can not without you......
I am strong, strong whole you in your gentle lips and let this kiss accompanies with you
Within today and the next days...... Your love and your bride Marina!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 9
Hi my most loved person on the Earth !!! My love!!!!!!!! I have not sustained I have come just to write to you about my feelings!
how are you?When I have seen you for the first time I have understood, that you that person about which
I dreamed all life. You that The knight on a white horse. Yours eyes
Have pierced me up to depth of my soul. I as if the bird who has escaped from a cage .
You have forced to beat my heart more often, Which lives one you.
I so would like to appear with you Beside to feel your heat and to overlook
With you about all on light. Everyone Night lies down to sleep I thinks only about
To you also I can not fall asleep. Us divide Thousand kilometers, but I feel
Your presence, you, as if The angel - keeper who preserves me.
When I do not receive your answer, something Breaks at me in a ****** and it seems to me,
That the ground leaves at me from under legs. All my life was grey and boring,
While I have not found that who have changed mine Life, has brought happy minutes of my life.
I waited for you the whole eternity and at last There was this MIRACLE!!! I am grateful for this miracle
To destiny which has helped us to find each other In this huge world. I can not wait for our meeting any more.
I very much want to visit you in the near future.You may help me with it? I think that we may start very happy life at you on the
native land. What you will tell about it? I so dream of our meeting, me most of all
On light it would be desirable to meet you. For the sake of You I am ready to offer everything to be
Only with you. I would like to fall asleep in yours Strong embraces and to feel sweet taste of yours
Lips and each morning to wake up with I think, that Beside that the man without which my life
Simply does not represent sense.Now my time is limited and consequently it is time to me to finish
this letter. I very much ask you that you wrote to me. Good-bye my love!!!
Hotly I shall kiss you!!! I love you!!! Your Marina
Letter 10
Hi my love! I write you the letter and I send you a huge and ardent kiss.
Honey, I have received your letter and am very happy to read it.
How your affairs? How mood? Whether all at you in the order my soul, my destiny?
I very much miss on you and I grieve from that that I have no an opportunity frequently to read
Your sweet letters and to write to you the same beautiful answers....
You do not imagine what happiness for me to write to you. With each letter
You to me all become closer also my love to you grow more and more and more...
Any more so it is terrible to me to look at a card of the world and to think, that us divide 1000
And 1000 kilometers. You for me became the native person with which to me not are terrible
Any problems, I want to live with you all life, want to devote the love only
To you that she warmed you and preserved when to you poorly. My husband, I ask the god
That he has made us happy and when did not force us to suffer as I now
I grieve from that that we may not be faster together. I want to be with you in mountain and misfortune.
I believe that our love will stand any tests. And when we shall be together,
Any more on the ground it will not be more strong than our love at anybody. I am right, my kid?
Your letters help me to live and be pleased to this. You know, that I live for the sake of you,
I was born on light for you. My heart for a long time in your hands. It is beaten for you.
My half, I thank the god for that that he has presented me of you and has given me love to you.
My dear, you know, that when I lie down to sleep, I fall asleep dreaming about you, about that that
We together and when I wake up, I think that for one day we became shorter with you
Separation. I believe, that when - that we with you shall meet also our sights will meet, you will see
In my opinion love, and tears - with happiness and pleasure, that we together. Then I a cheek to touch
To your person, gently I shall kiss and more we when not to leave and who can not us
To divide. You share my words, my dear, you want that all so were?
My feelings to you every day flash a huge flame a fire of my soul not
Will go out never because I love you and while I shall be alive, my love will live too.
My honey, as though I wanted to make these words aloud, holding you for hands. Probably you think,
That I to read novels, but it not so. I am surprised to this. Earlier I was not such and
Is not skilful to speak such words. About poets speak, that they were visited by a muse, I my muse am you.
My gentle, it is very a pity to me to finish this letter, but at me time was finished.
I shall wait for you very much and your new letter.
I very much love you, please, remember it!!!! Your loving Marina

Letter 11
Greetings my love, my future sweet husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read your letter and I am very glad, that you have written to me.
How your health? How you have lead day? You thought about me?
So you do not suffice me here. At me all time of idea
Only about you and all my desires it only you. I of you
Very strongly I like also to me it is very a pity, that we not together.
I very much miss you, without your words, at me drip
Tears from eyes when I think of us with you. I pay
Because I can not live without you, my tenderness.
My head is hammered by ideas only about you, about mine
Handsome man!!!!! At work I can not concentrate, therefore
That before my eyes only your image, your beautiful
Eyes, your gentle hair, your strong body...
My dear, at me heart can not without you. My heart
Young and gentle, sensitive to all. I have grown fond of you
All soul and all heart. If you will injure this heart,
That I can not live in this world more and I can not more
To grow fond of whom - that, because you and only you my most
The big love in my life and as I love you, I whom not
Liked. You became my beacon in my way. You have made me
The happiest in this world, you have presented me a lot of happiness.
And I want to give you a lot of happiness and each second. I wish
To be yours the main person in life, your assistant and
Your desired woman.
My sweet, we should try to reunite the friend with
The friend that it would do not cost to us. For the sake of you I shall bypass all terrestrial
Sphere on foot. I want to go to you and to know, that with everyone past
In meter, I all is closer and closer to you. You want it? If yes,
That I today shall go to a way. I shall run to you and to not stop
For one second. I shall cross through the seas and oceans only to be
Near to you and to feel your heat. And if I iiaeaio in a way,
People will tell about me, that what not clever, was lost for the sake of love.
But I am ready for the sake of us with you to make not possible(probable), my future husband.
My love to you is huge and very strong as a nuclear bomb.
My prince, I you see already wrote to you, that at my best friend. he is ready to help us. he will try to make all quickly
And it is good. My husband, I wants to arrive to you and to kiss you all life.
Let's start movement each other, because under a laying stone
Water does not flow. We should aspire to each other and then the god
Will help us. I know, that he on our party and I pray for it.
If I had opportunity and means I not would began to ask
At you the help, and all would make and has arrived to you, my fruit.
But you know, that I earn very little though I work very much
Much very much I try. Why in Russia a standard of living so low? I
Executed these people which think out different laws at us. People
Very much work also their work here so it is a little estimated.
My loved if you have opportunity to approach our hearts
And on always to connect them enable me to arrive to you and I shall thank
You the life love and a fidelity to you. Lovely, I can not
It is more to sit on a place. My soul is torn to you and my heart is poured
Hot blood from distance of us with you. You understand me?
Let's not wait for a miracle, and we shall create this miracle. And this miracle
Will consist in our happy and long life with you!!!!!!!!
My mister, I hope, that all have clearly written.
It is very a pity to me, that my time comes to an end.
I shall write to you later, my future husband.
I give you the most gentle kisses and!!!!!!!!!
Your loving Marina
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