Scam letter(s) from Galina to Anderas (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello! Thank that has answered my letter. Well, what we shall get acquainted? Only, unfortunately, at me now is not present much
Time. It is necessary to prepare for the report. I now, at work. But all certainly not so is bad. At me very amicable
Collective. Only in it is few men, unfortunately. Our girls now drink tea. And I have a little
Free minutes. Also I shall try to tell about myself slightly. I from Russia, live in city of Cheboksary, Republic of Chuvashia,
Small and lovely enough city. To me 26 years my birthday, it April , 14.
I was
It is married, but has divorced one and a half year ago. My husband was the good person. Now it lives with other woman, and I still so
Also could not find to itself the man. May be to that I communicate a little. And there may be to that I such whimsical. And
All I search to myself for prince on a white horse. But if it is fair, ridiculous in it certainly a little. Tell to me, please, about
To itself. Well? I shall be very glad to learn about you more. About your work, a post and formation. About your rest. If now
At you the woman? If is not present, why you are lonely? The more you will tell about yourself, the better for our dialogue and it is possible
The further friendship. I shall try to be with you frank. But also you from me nothing hide. Well? Well, all I should
To finish. Write, well?
I shall wait.
Letter 2
Greetings Andreas! It is good, that has answered. I waited the answer. I wanted, that you have written more about yourself. You have hobby? My it
Aquarian fishes. It is a lot of efforts they do not deliver, and very beautiful. And in general calm. I know, that Russian and western
People very different. At you all in another way. All way of life. Since the childhood you were brought up not as we. I in general
Has grown in Soviet Union. And to get used by capitalism after socialism it was very difficult. And very much many, even the majority
Poor citizens and could not find itself in new democratic Russia. In capitalism. In fact earlier all was in another way.
In 1994 I have left school and have acted in college. At studying 5 years I have finished university. My speciality - the teacher. Then I was arranged on
Work at a defensive factory in a department of the documentation. I cannot tell that made this factory. I allowed
Subscription about nondisclosure of the state secret. To us did not pay wages for seven months! But I have worked there not
For a long time. Only one year. The factory died from absence of financing. Even now it practically does not work. I left from a factory and could be arranged with the barman. It is difficult for me to write in English,
Too for a long time I learned it. If what that words are not clear to you, you do not take offence, well? It is necessary for me to continue
Work. I shall write next time. Write, I shall wait, well?
Letter 3
HI Andreas! To receive your letters will soon enter at me a good habit. Thanks for warm words. Girls of the girlfriend from work send the regards to you. I'm fine. Only today has a little frozen, at a stop while waited the bus. But
It was already warmed. It is glad, that at you all ??. Tonight I go to sports a hall. I am engaged in aerobics. Very much tones up
Organism. And, in general, in the evenings I am free. In sports a hall I go three times to a week. To me
Very much it is pleasant. It would be desirable to go to pool, but I am afraid to catch a cold. Tell to me please about the house. In it
Cosy I live modestly enough. But all the most necessary at me is. Sometimes I like to dream up on kitchen. But not
Frequently. As I live one, a lot of meal it is not necessary to me. Quickly, that that I shall prepare also for all. Very much I love visitors. But they
Come, to my big regret not frequently. Itself I do not know, how it has turned out. There are at me two close girlfriends Natasha and
???, with them also I communicate. They married girls and at them are children. I like when they come on a visit. And now I have decided,
That it is necessary to arrange urgently private life, while I still young.Write more soon. All so long!
Letter 4

Well, hi!Well truth, that we have begun to communicate. It is pleasant for me. At me never was the foreign friend. But, on
My sight, all of you men identical.
Be though the african, though the hindu or a American. And your girls others? I read. That they very independent of men. And
Even may bring an action for an indecent sight or still something. Also name it harassment. So it is amusing. They at you
Ridiculous. And yet do not want to leave years up to 40 in marriage. They are borrowed with the career and other important affairs, and with men
Communicate only for ***. Yes? And still I have read, that the man may invite the woman in restaurant or in cafe to lunch or
Supper and to pay only half of account, and second half will be payed by the girl herself?! It is the truth? Or, for example, at cinema go,
And the girl too buys to itself the ticket itself. It is valid so, yes? I shall look forward to hearing very much. Tell, please, about
It, well?
Your Russian girlfriend
Letter 5
Hello, road Andreas! How your affairs, how at you mood? At me all is good. Time of a lunch break has now come. Has decided to write to you the letter. Yesterday went to be engaged to a sports hall so it is tired, that since morning of fur-trees has risen from bed, even thought to not go on work, but from work you will not get to anywhere and at the same time the letter to you to write it would be desirable. I so would not like to be full, therefore I look after myself.
After training took a hot bath. My best girlfriend Olya. has then come (she lives in the next entrance. We have got acquainted with it one year ago when she there has moved. I went from shop and saw as she moved. I have approached to it and we
Have begun to talk. So I have got acquainted with it). We with it so long spoke, that I have gone to bed late. By the way, I to it told about you. She was glad, that I have found to myself the friend on correspondence. And how you have lead the evening? And in general, write
Andreas As you will spend time, write to me about weather in your country. Whole! Galina.
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