Scam letter(s) from Natalia Volkova to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello. I am pleased to see your letter. It is pleasant for me to know that you want to findout me better and that you search for the same relations as I. I hope that our acquaintance willbe interesting and will change all our life. In this letter I want to tell to you not much aboutmyself that you could to understand what I the girl. To me of only 25 years and I very young.But age when did not play for me a role. I search for the man which will be more senior me andI am not afraid to build with him the relation. But all over again we should find out each otherbetter. I very well know English and I can freely speak in this language. I was born and live allin one city. My city very beautiful and him the name Nizhni Novgorod. I live together with mymum and the sister in to small apartment. My sister still to study, but is fast she to stop studyalso wants to go to work. I work in a kindergarten as the tutor. I very much like my workbecause I very strongly love children! I was never married and I have no what children. But Ivery much want to find the man and to have children from him. I really love children and I wantto have the. I want to try to build serious relations with you and that create happy family. I Ishall be very pleased, if you as will want it just as me. In this letter I only want to show youwhat I the girl but if you are ready to find out me better, then write to me and I shall tell to youmore about myself. Also it will be pleasant for me to find out you better And to see your photos.Now I shall finish the letter and if you really be interested in me then I wait for your answer.
Yours Natasha.
P.S. Send me your foto pls.
Letter 2
Hello Patrice! How are you doing? I hope that at you all perfectly. Thanks for a prompt reply. Ivery much want with you to get acquainted and consequently I want to find out about you more.I very well am able to prepare, as I was learned by my mum. I am sure that you can to try mydishes and they will like you. Now I want to tell to you slightly about my city. It is near toMoscow. But in comparison with Moscow our city not such big. Nizhni Novgorod - ancient citywith fine architectural constructions. Not simply separate monuments, and the whole streetsstoring memory of a history of our city. I hope that to you interestingly to find out about my citymore. At us it is a lot of rivers and it is sometimes simply surprising to leave for a wood and tomake small walk. It will be interesting to me to find out something about your country and city.Also I think that you want to find out about my hobbies and a hobby. I like to go in for sportsand try to hold a figure in the form. As I know that men are involved with harmonous girls. Andstill I read romantic books. I work in a kindergarten and at me not enough time to communicatewith you. But I shall always answer to try to you as soon as possible. I work 6 days in a week.My day begins in 6.30 mornings as I should be on work already at 7.00 o'clock. Now I need togo, but I shall look forward to hearing from you and I shall try to tell to you about myself evenmore that you could understand what I the person. I shall wait for your fast reply. Yours
Letter 3
Hello Patrice, How are you doing? I am glad to see your letter againbecause your letter is filled with honesty and kindness. You very goodand attractive person!!! I am glad that our acquaintance every day allmoves ahead. I am glad to know that you also are interested in me andI see your attitude to me, it is pleasant for me that you seriouslyconcern to our acquaintance. I shall tell to you about the day, he wasvery bad for me. My day has not developed since the morning when Iwent for work and passed street, the machine passing past has pouredover me water, but was farther even worse when I have run to be intime on the bus and to go for work I has broken shoes, I have beenvery much afflicted with it. How has passed your day? The attitudebetween the man and the woman are very important. The person shouldgive the woman all love and care, he should do so that his woman wasthe happiest on the Earth. I very much want to speak about love. I alot of time dreamed, as we sit at a fireplace. Candles burn soft,pleasant light. Wood of fire cracks in a fireplace a little. We lookagainst each other and all our ideas concerning love. I always try tocontinue traditions of my family. If you have any questions, I alwayswith pleasure shall answer them. Each yours I expect the letterimpatiently. Do not leave me during long time. I shall look forward to hearing from you tomorrow
Sincerely yours Natasha.
Letter 4

Hello Patrice, How are you doing? At us good weather. What weather at you?I am glad, that you so have quickly written to me the letter, you theremarkable person. Leaving from a house I almost became blind!; It isvery very bright! I during long time did not see the sun so it is sopleasant! Mood at thinking simply excellent!!! Also a good case ofthis day - your letter. I see that you the fair and serious person whowill support a difficult minute. I see that you the fair and seriousperson who will support a difficult minute. Probably you that personwith which I can connect the life up to the end. I as well as yousearch for the person for serious attitudes and creations of goodfamily. Around of me it is a lot of girlfriends and friends, but therewould be no person which me liked. The majority of men search only forsex that search you? I do not want to play game. If your intentionsare really absolutely serious that I think that at us all to turnout!!! I still shall tell about myself; I have finished 11 classes andI wanted at once go to work and thought that I shall not go furtherstudies also I all the summer long worked in small shop to me paid alittle, and in other place of me did not take to work because for methere was no high formation, but soon I began to mature and hasrealized that to me is necessary go further studies, and mum spoke toomost and I has acted in university where I only thought of study and Ihave finished university perfectly well. I wanted to ask youthat I named you loved in The letters; I think that it will bepleasant for you. On it I finish the letter and I wait with the big impatience of your answer!!! Yours Natasha.
Letter 5
Hi my friend Patrice! I am glad to see your letter again!My friend, you are valid to me is nice also to me pleasantly with you to communicate!You know, I never hide the eyes and the lips. Because I such what is!I have nothing to hide. I want, that you have found out me true. Probably I could ****** you,But we are still poorly familiar with you for such has put...:)))Why I have not found the love in Russia...??? You know, in Russia absolutely other men. They like to drinkAlcoholic drinks, in every possible way to scoff at girls and not seldom lift hands... I hope that you not such?Well and if I shall find love in other country, I certainly shall make everything to be near to him!Patrice and why you do not find the wife in the country? Really it so is difficult for you?You such interesting the man, cultural, are able to communicate with girls, and all the same one...??? Why?It is very interesting to me to communicate with you... You like me!Now I shall stop, but I with impatience shall wait your prompt reply!
Yours faithfully Natasha.
Letter 6
Hello dear Patrice, I am very glad to receive your letter, you havewritten such beautiful and romantic letter. I love you every day allmore strongly, does not pass also minute that I did not think of youand about us, can even is stronger, than you think. To me it is lonely without the man, but now I have you, your letters of me are warmedvery much, I want to be with you and to arrive to you. What do youthink of it? Loved I'm fine, I live only love to you now and I waitfor ours with you of a meeting. I would like to spend all time onlywith you not important where, the main thing that you was a number, itwill be good me with you everywhere, I shall go with you there whereyou will want. I dream of our meeting, about our first sight eachother in eyes, about our embraces, the first kiss, the first supper atthe candles, the first night of love. I want to be with you and likelyif I only could fly as a bird, in same second would arrive to you tobe with you beside, to love you, to look after you, to treat you. Toprepare you for a breakfast in the morning and a dinner in theafternoon, to prepare evening I peep. I would do all as you would wantit, we could not rise hours from a pastel and make love, if only youwere now near to me. I hope that at you all well and you feelperfectly!!!!! It certainly all is good, but unfortunately I still hasnot enough time and I should gather for work already. Know only one -I LOVE YOU, it is important for me, that you were fair with me. I loveyou and I wait for your new letters!!!! With love and tenderness yours
Letter 7
HI my love Patrice, How yours affairs? How has passed your day? I was gladto receive your letter today, I always suffer a little and I worryreading your new letters. You have presented me love and I now verymuch and is very happy!!! I am grateful to the God that have met you,it is a gift of my destiny. You for me a huge part of happiness andpleasure, care and heat, I have made a correct choice that have chosenyou, my dream it to wake up near to you each solar morning and tospeak: Good morning my love Patrice. I want to look after you, to preparevarious I peep, I would want that we were the friend before the friendsincerely. I shall be glad to prepare for the diversified meal whichyou will want. Tell please about what you you dream? I want all yourdreams to transform in a reality. Now I would like to tell on theaccount of my parents. They have transferred you huge greetings!!!They are very glad for us. My mum has told that she will be very happyif we probably in the future become spouses. I shall hope very muchfor it!!! How at you an affair on work? I hope that with you all welland you feel yourself the happiest person. I shall tell to you franklyand fairly, that I from you without mind, I strongly love you. I amvery glad that we have found each other and we are copied now. You atonce have seemed to me thus the man about which I dreamed. I shall behappy together with you dear Patrice. Earlier I to you concerned as to thefriend, after feeling came to me and I on the present have learned youwell and have grown fond of you. You as do our love hot and passionatefor ever. You which angel I waited all life. To me delivers greatpleasure to write to you every day, to learn from you that that new.You my most favourite person and I want to be only with you, anybodyfrom men is not necessary for me except for you dear Patrice. I with thebig impatience shall wait for your answer dear Patrice, I hope thataffairs go at you perfectly and you feel happy. I am glad that wealready have found each other, us only it are necessary to meet tostrengthen the feelings and I hope that our meeting will be fast!!! Ivery much love you and I miss. I want to be with you, to lay under awarm blanket near to you, to feel your smell, your breath, your hotbody and heart fragile so strongly as mine. I want to walk with you onthe nature, to enjoy each minute lead with you beside. I would wantthat you always were joyful also happy. Anybody in a life it is notnecessary to me except for you any more. I love you more lives and Ivalue you as whom all over the world. I hardly can think now when hasmet you, I am overflown with feelings to you and to our meeting whichI so strongly wait. But I think, we should be patient, and wait forthe moment of our meeting not looking on anything. I love you and ishappy that we could to find each other for thousand kilometers. Ithink, in it there is a Divine carrying out, that so happened. I withthe big impatience shall wait for your answer dear Patrice. I am glad thatwe already have found each other, us only it are necessary to meet tostrengthen the feelings and I hope that our meeting will be fast!!! Ivery much love you and I miss. YOU FOREVER Natasha.
Letter 8
Hi loved Patrice! I am glad, that you have answered me! How you?My angel, forgive me please once again, well? I did not want you as - or to offend!Simply I more recently have found you and I do not want so quickly to lose! I at all do not want you to lose never!Because I very much love you and I want to be only with you! I want it very much!Dear, and on the account of your help... I am not ready yet you to answer. Give about it tomorrow we shall speak by phone, well?I very much miss on you, my lovely... And me it is very sad without you!My angel, I shall wait your prompt reply! Also I hope, that you will answer me by phone tomorrow.
With love for ever, yours Natasha.
Letter 9
Hi my love Patrice! I am glad to see your letter! How you? I'm fine!My angel, I have asked for you your photos! Why you have not sent me them!I still wait your photos! My angel, I very much love you and I want to be only with you!My angel, I shall call to you tonight. I want to hear your voice, my lovely! I love it!Now I shall stop, but I with impatience shall wait yours the answer with photos and evening, whenI shall call to you! With love for ever, yours Natasha.
Letter 10
Hi loved Patrice!
Why you yesterday again were gone? Why did not answer my messages?
My lovely, I was very glad to hear yesterday your voice though and not all understood, that you speak.)))I very much love you, I miss and I want to be only with you! Dear, what concerning your help?You are ready me to help, that I have arrived to you or we shall wait, while I shall save this money?How many approximately there is a trip to you? I at present have approximately 300 dollars.Only answer me fairly if you do not play my feelings, well?
I with impatience shall wait your answer, my lovely!
With love for ever, yours Natasha.
Letter 11
Hi my love Patrice! Why you not in a chat? There it would be easier to communicate!My angel, I am glad, that you do not play with me because my feelings are strong to you!I love you and I want to be only with you! But when we shall be together?I should save not sufficing sum for a long time. You will help me, my lovely?I with impatience shall wait your answer! And I want that you have gone to a chat!
With love for ever, yours Natasha.
Letter 12
Hi my the most favourite person on the ground! I am happy to see your letter again! How you?My angel, I am happy, that you are ready me to help, that I could arrive to you. I very much love youAlso I want to be more likely with you! My angel, I have found out, that we in city have western union. Dear, and it is safe for sendingMoney through the western union? Never simply I heard about it... I so am happy, that we with you soon shall together...I every day dream of it, that you meet me at the airport with a bouquet of red roses, strong embrace and kiss me...I love it, I want it very much! I cannot live without you!My angel, you asked me my information:Natalya Volkova, Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod, st. Sovetskaya 55 app. 15.Loved, and what it will be necessary for me to receive money? I hope you to me will explain in the following letter.My love as soon as I shall receive money, I shall go at once to embassy both to start to do the visa and to order tickets.And absolutely soon I already shall at you! I so love you and I want to be faster with you!Dear, now it is time to me to finish my letter, but I with impatience shall wait your answer!
With love for ever, yours Natasha. I love you...
I miss you... I kiss you!!!
Letter 13
Hi loved Patrice!
My love, I so is happy, that soon we with you shall together! I love you!My angel when you can help me and what is necessary for you for this purpose from me?Write to me, well? I with impatience wait our sweet meeting! I love you and very much I miss!My angel, now I shall stop, but I with impatience shall wait your letter!With love for ever, your Russian bride Natasha.
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